Message from the Spirit of Truth – Paris, 1860

In Allan Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, there is a message from the Spirit of Truth, Chapter VI, The Consoling Christ, Section 5, The Coming of the Spirit of Truth.

The Spirit of Truth is the promised consoler mentioned in the New Testament;

Spirit-of-Truth_200px“If you love me, keep my commandments.  And I will pray to my Father and he will send you another consoler so that he may remain with you forever: The Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him. But as for you, you will know him because he will remain  with you and will be among you. But the consoler, who is the Holy Spirit, whom my Father will send in my name,, will teach you all things and will enable you to remember everything that I have said to you” (John. 14:15-17,26)

The Spirit of Truth wrote the following message to us; via a medium in Paris in 1860;

“I have come, as I once came amongst the wayward children of Israel, to bring the truth and dissipate the darkness. Listen to me. Spiritism, as my word of old, must remind disbelievers that above them reign the immutable truth; the good God, the great God who makes the plant germinate and raises the tides. I have revealed the divine Doctrine, and like a reaper, I have gathered into sheaves the good scattered amid humankind and have said, ‘Come unto me, all you who suffer!’

cedartreeHowever, ungrateful men and women have strayed from the straight and broad way that leads to the kingdom of my Father, and have become lost on the bitter path of impiety. My Father does not want to annihilate the human race; he wants you, through the help you give to one another – both the living and the dead, that is, dead according to the flesh, since death does not exist – to succor one another, and for the voice of the prophets and apostles no longer to be heard, but instead, the voice of those who have departed from the earth, proclaiming to you, ‘Pray and believe! For death is resurrection and life is the chosen trial during which your cultivated virtues must grow and develop like cedar.’

O frail humans, who are aware of the darkness of your minds, do not stray from the beacon that divine clemency has placed in your hands to light your way and lead you, as lost children, back to the bosom of your Father.

I am too moved with compassion for your miseries, your great frailty, not to extend a sure hand to those wayward unfortunates who, seeing heaven, fall into the abysses of error. Believe, love and meditate upon the things that are being revealed to you. Do not mix tares with the good seed, utopias with the truth.

bookofTruthO Spiritists! Love one another; this is the first teaching. Educate yourselves; this is the second. All truths are found in Christianity. The errors that have become rooted within it are of human origin; and here, beyond the grave – which you believed was nothingness – voices cry out to you: ‘Brothers and sisters! Nothing perishes. Jesus Christ is the victor over evil; be victors over impiety.” [The Gospel According to Spiritism, Allan Kardec, pp 129-131]

When the Spirit of Truth, tells us not to mix tares (weeds) with the good seed and utopias with the truth; we are being told to be true to the Spiritist Doctrine, do not adulterate it to make the Doctrine easier and more comfortable for people to understand and accept. Yes, you may interpret it in order to explain it, but don’t promise any easy exit for those seeking heaven. Only through living Spiritism, can we hope to achieve any progress in our quest to become better souls.





To Suffer Well or Badly – According to the Spirit Lacordaire (Harve, 1863)

In Allan Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, there is an interesting section, Chapter V, Blessed are the afflicted, Section 18, To Suffer Well or Badly. He writes;

lacordaire_gr“When Christ said, ‘Blessed are the afflicted, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.’ he was not referring to those who suffer in general, since everyone on the earth suffers, whether upon the throne or upon straw, But alas! Few suffer well. Few understand that only trials that are borne well can lead them to the Kingdom of God. Discouragement is a fault. God refuses you consolation because you lack courage. Prayer is a support for the soul, but it is not enough. It must be based on a living faith in God’s goodness. You have often been told that God does not put heavy burdens on weak shoulders. The burden is proportional to the strength, just as the reward will be proportional to the resignation and courage. The reward will be greater than the affliction is painful. However, one must merit the regard, and that is why life is full of tribulation.” [Allan Kardec, The Gospel According to Spiritism, p. 109]

I wish I knew this when I was much younger, I wouldn’t have wasted my time whining and complaining to anyone who would listen about all of my “supposed” troubles. After all, why be discouraged, it is negative thinking and does nothing to solve whatever hole you have been placed in. Beside, when you are seeking assistance, who wishes to help anyone who is pessimistic. We have enough dark clouds in our life without inviting other peoples bad feelings. But, to help a person who is happy, even just yourself, is another matter. We enjoy partaking in solving problems when we feel positive vibrations and expect victory at the end.

Lacordaire is correct, to suffer well is a good habit to have, not only for us, but for everyone around us.

According to Wikipedia, Lacordaire is Jean-Baptiste Henri-Dominique Lacordaire (12 May 1802 – 21 November 1861), often styled Henri-Dominique Lacordaire,  he was a French ecclesiastic, preacher, journalist and political activist. He re-established the Dominican Order in post-Revolutionary France. Link to Wikipedia on Lacordaire.

I will leave you with one of Lacordaire quotes; “It is not genius, nor glory, nor love that reflects the greatness of the human soul; it is kindness.”

Michael Joseph’s NDE – Interpreted by Spiritism

near-deathMichael Joseph had one of the most complete NDE’s that I have seen. He was able to retain many memories from his experience. His revelations of the spirit world are fascinating. He tells of glimpses of Heavens and a Hell. He reveals how we are all plugged into the universe. I take the reader through Michael’s experiences and relate what the Spirit world is actually doing. Read More.

Reincarnation – Existing Family Bonds are Strengthen through Multiple Lives

HappyFamilyPeople wonder do we have many families, mothers, fathers, and so on as we travel through multiple lives. How do we manage having a menagerie of relatives while in the spirit world? The answer is we don’t; read on and find out why. Read More.

Socrates – Preparing the Way for Christianity and Spiritism

Socratesv1More that 400 years before Christ, there was a man in the cradle of Western Civilization that was preaching the doctrine of Christ and Spiritism. It was Socrates in Athens.

Allan Kardec in the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, lays out the philosophy of Socrates as recorded by Plato. The basic doctrine of Socrates is very similar to what Jesus preached and Spiritism codified. Which should not be surprising, since all had their headwaters in the same place; the spirit world. Read More.

How Allan Kardec Organized “The Spirits Book” and his other books

Kardec-JesusAllan Kardec was the codifier and the Spirit of Truth supplied the initiative for the third revelation, but do you wish to know how exactly Allan Kardec worked with the Spirit world and published his books? The process he used is explained in this article. Read More.

David G.’s ADC (After Death Communication) – Spiritism Explains What Occured

afterdeath1David G. had an After Death Communication (ADC) experience which illustrates how the Spirit World communicates with us and the power they have to speak directly to our minds. I take the reader through David’s experiences and relate what the Spirit world is actually doing. Read More.

Go to the NDE – Spiritism page, where there are more NDE stories interpreted by Spiritism.

Announcing a New Section – NDE Stories and their Interpretation with a Spiritist Lens

nde-1There are many NDE (near death experiences) stories around the internet. I thought it may be useful for people if I took some of the more interesting recollections and provided what they mean seen through the context of the Spiritist Doctrine. Please note, these are my interpretations, and other Spiritists may have different or even better explanations. Explore the New Section.

There will always be Managers and Workers – And all should be treated with Respect

managersIn the book, Hail Christ!, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, and inspired by the spirit Emmanuel, which takes place in the years 200-250 AD, a Christian is talking about the need for equal treatment of all people. The listener asks, “How can every person be equal?” The answer given is full of insights as to how the Spiritual Realm operates and how the earth will eventually evolve;

“My son, I’m not referring to equality through violence. That would put the good and the bad, the just and the unjust on the same level. I am alluding to the need for fraternity and civility. I see life as a huge machine, whose living parts – us – should all function harmoniously. Some people are born for tasks that are very different from our own, just as there are those who see the commonworkers pathway differently than we see it. If we are aware of the fact that our spirits live on earth countless times, we change the course of our work from life to life, just as the primary school student of reading and writing ascends, little by little, to the highest degrees of education. Consequently, we cannot see how it would be possible to equalize the classes because it would be impractical. Personal effort and it consequent merit are natural boundaries between souls, here and in the hereafter. Hierarchy will always exist as the inevitable mainstay of order. Each tree produces according to its kind, and each one deserves more of less appreciation according to the quality of its production. We can perhaps achieve the necessary balance in our understanding by replacing the words ‘master’ and ‘slaves’ with ‘overseers’ and ‘workers'”. [Francisco C. Xavier, Hail Christ!, 2012, pp 200-201]

Hence, all souls are on the path to ascend, but all are not on the same level at any one point in time. Therefore, those which have superior experience and knowledge have the duty to lead those who have not yet attained the required degree. Nevertheless, all should be treated with love and respect.

Nossa-lar-lectureNotice how the explanation includes the thought that personal merit exists here and in the hereafter. This telegraphs what we already know about the Spiritual society, that it is led by a meritocracy. Spirits who are in power, are in those positions because they deserve to be.The Spirit world is guided by a Fraternal Socialist order, where all goods are provided by God and directed by his chosen servants for the benefit of all.

Which is unlike here on earth, where there is not a flawless entity in charge, but merely humans who are the politicians that run the governments which proclaim their love for the workers, but merely use their constituents ignorance to grasp onto power and wealth. Or even worse, the leaders are woefully lacking in the knowledge of how to effectively govern and thereby assist to destroy society by squandering hard built resources on impossible dreams. All the while effectively limiting the very classes they profess to love, to miss the opportunity to accumulate the valuable lessons, those appointed as ‘workers’, were put here on earth to learn.

Why Did the Romans Hate the Christians?


Nero using Christians as Human Torches

We learn as children that the Romans fed the Christians to the lions. This seemed normal to us, after all the Christians were good and the Romans bad. We thought they must have not wanted to be good. The truth is more complicated. Why would the Romans try to stamp out the Christians? After all, they absorbed many religions, and were quite tolerant of almost every sect. But the Christians, along with the Druids, were different, for both they engaged in a centuries long struggle of extermination. Read More.


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