Want to Know the Power of Thought?


thinkingAccording to Spiritism, thought has power, it has consequences. How is this possible? In the book, In the Domain of Mediumship (Life in the Spirit World), inspired by Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there are some explanations.

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You WIll Win – a message from Emmanuel



Emmanuel, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier’s spirit mentor wrote a list of what it takes to win in our short life here on earth. The list in on page 63 in the book, Spiritual Wisdom: Missive of Hope, published in English in 2015.




You Will Win

Do not be discouraged.

Persist a little longer.

Do not cultivate pessimism.

Focus on the good to be accomplished.

Forget the suggestions from destructive fear.

March forward, even across the shadow of your own mistakes.

Advance even if amidst tears.

Work continually.

Edify always.

Do not allow the frost of disenchantment to numb your heart.

Do not be susceptible to difficulties.

Convince yourself that victory is a daily achievement.

Do not give up patience.

Do not believe in accomplishments without efforts.

Apply silence to insults.

Oblivion to evils.

Forgiveness to offenses.

Recall that aggressors are infirm individuals.

Do not allow unbalanced companions to destroy your work or snuff your hope.

Do not belittle the duties your conscience demands of you.

If you have made a mistake somewhere along the way, readjust your perspectives and seek the right way.

Count neither successes nor failures.

Study with the intention of learning.

Do not turn yourself against anyone.

Do not dramatize trials or difficulties.

Maintain the habit of praying so there might be light in your inner life.

Safeguard yourself in God and persevere in the work He has entrusted upon you.

Love always, doing for others the very best within your possibilities.

Act with assistance.

Attend without attachment.

And in this manner you shall win.

If we posses unwavering faith all of the above is possible. I know this is extremely hard to 7Tenets-Front-smallaccomplish. I am not there yet, but as Emmanuel said, make readjustments as you go. Don’t dwell on past errors but look ahead to future accomplishments.

Remember you are not alone. The spirit world is always around us, watching and attempting to help us, even when we don’t realize it. Learn to identify the signals that are sent from beyond. My book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, with help you decipher the hints and events that push and pull us forward to fulfill our destiny.


Free on Kindle – 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life – Aug 1 to Aug 2

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written a book which explains to you via my own experiences and others how the seven tenets of Spiritism affect our daily lives.  The book is now on Amazon kindle for free. In paperback it is $7.99.

7 Tenets of Spiritism will show you the winds and currents that move you along your life, mostly unseen and unnoticed, but they are present and benevolent spirits are part of your life. Download it free at Amazon here.

7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life
What are the seven tenets? They are the essential fluid and air in which we swim, walk and run in our daily lives. The seven tenets explain why your life is the way it is and how by realizing the Divine Force that surrounds us is a force for love, you can surmount any obstacle and withstand any ill wind.

Not only survive but prosper. For that is why we are here on earth. To learn, to improve, and to gain experiences. To place in the bottom of your heart that love, understanding, caring and serving are the tools we should use to solve every situation.

Sounds easy but in practice it’s difficult. Everyday life swirls constantly around us, as if we live in an eye of a hurricane, and every misstep buffets our emotions. Life is a constant hardship for many. We need to rise above the terrain and visualize the road ahead. From the ground it looks rough and rocky, but from on-high the path appears smooth and the destination closer.
I explore each of the seven tenets and how they have personally affected me and those around me. How they will alter your view of your life and change your outlook and priorities. Giving yourself the seven tenets could be the best present of your life.

The 7 Tenets of Spiritism:
1. We are Immortal Souls
2. God and Jesus Love Us
3. We have Multiple Lives
4. During our Lives We Pay for Past Debts and Accumulate New Experiences
5. We Live and Learn in Close Family Groups
6. Our Destiny is Mostly Predetermined
7. We are Assisted in our Lives by Unseen Spirit Forces

7Tenets-small3DDownload the Kindle edition of the book for free on Aug. 1st and Aug. 2nd only.

Click on 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, and change your outlook on life now.

How We Progress

moralrelativismOne of the worrying aspects of our culture today is the advance of moral relativism. Moral relativism is the view that moral judgments are true or false only relative to some particular standpoint (for instance, that of a culture or a historical period) and that no standpoint is uniquely privileged over all others.( Definition of Moral Relativism)

This philosophy lends people the crutch to rationalize bad behavior. There are a set of Divine Laws that are placed into our conscience and those are the rules we should follow. If one culture has a history of female circumcision, that doesn’t make it right to mutilated a person’s body against their will. Or take the example of China, in the past where they would bind women’s feet. Again, it violated the easily deciphered rule to not do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to you.

While I was disheartened about this phenomenon in our world today, I came across Question 780, in The Spirits Book:

Question 780 – Does moral progress always follow intellectual progress?

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

“It is a consequence of the latter, but does not always follow it immediately”

– How can intellectual progress lead to moral progress?
“By making man comprehend good and evil: he can then choose between. The development of free-will follows the development of the intelligence and increases the responsibility of human action.”

One can almost imagine this answer to be indicative of our times. While we are intellectually and technically progressing at a great rate, the collective morals of our society have seen no corresponding collective forward movement.

Within the arena of philosophy and morals, we are undergoing a decoupling or an unraveling of formally accepted morals. This is a necessary step, to remove provisions against homosexuality or same-sex marriage for instance, which is contrary to the loving Doctrine of Spiritism. This seemingly chaotic swirl of worldwide disagreement of what is fundamentally right or wrong will not last forever, but will coalesce as more advanced spirits come into the world and the lack of spirituality in a background of rampant materialism will be an unbearable state.

One can see the seeds germinating today. While there is an increasing amount of people not actively involved in organized religion, there is a growing legion of souls seeking spiritual fulfillment. They may not know exactly what they are looking for, but they are certain that key elements are missing in the ritual of dressing up and going to church every Sunday. Spiritism is Explore-Small-front-coverwaiting to be discovered. The answers are present and sooner or later each seeker will find them.

Discover what the spirit realm has in mind for us and why we are on earth. Read about your personal journey to become a pure spirit and how you are guided in that endeavor with Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Chico Xavier – The Most Important Man in the 20th Century

160px-Chico_Xavier_1968Many people do not know about Chico Xavier, full name of Francisco C. Xavier. He revived the pursuit of the Spiritist doctrine by the world, after organized religion did their best to squash it. Through Chico, the Spirit Realm has fully revealed what life is actually like after death and precisely how the process of multiple lives functions. You may not hear his name on every street corner, but later in the 21st century you will.  Read More

Why We Need to Study Spiritism

collegecampusMany of us, me included, always look for the shortcut. What used to be called, before the advent of the internet, the Reader’s Digest version. We want a quick summary of the facts without bothering to dive into the details. At first glance Spiritism fits nicely into category. After all, the Doctrine can be summed up by the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Live that creed and extend your love and affection for all creatures and you would make great strides in your current life.

There are two main arguments against this approach:

1. Not reading the Allan Kardec books and the available literature by Chico Xavier and others in English, supplies us with only a surface understanding of the importance of living moment by moment how we should comport ourselves. Hence, when we encounter difficult situations we rationalize away the right path and embark on the easy road. Studying fortifies our mind to deter us from making the wrong short-term decision. We tend to forget what has been presented to us in Spiritist literature, that we shall reap a hundredfold what we will suffer through when we do the right thing.

2. Being aware of living in the Spiritist universe under the command of the Spirituality heightens7Tenets-small3D one sense of the warning signs and the subtle interventions that take place, more often than you think. I pursue this topic in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Suffice it to say, once you come to the full realization of your status, your entire outlook changes. The highs, while nice, are tempered by the knowledge of the superior levels awaiting you and the lows become more manageable with the understanding that whatever you are experiencing is one more assigned task or debt which may be checked off the list.

To those who deeply comprehend why we are here and the part we must play, there is a serenity of being which is a great comfort. The quest for a larger purpose in life is a hole than most of us feel. Spiritism fills that void and displays the target of self and worldwide improvement ahead of us.

jesus-sermon-on-the-mountWhile reading and pouring over books isn’t as exciting as communicating with the loved ones who have passed on or others residing in the spirit realm, until we reach the state of mind to correctly locate ourselves in relation to the general universe our ability to adequately understand what is presented to us from the other side is hindered and may be prone to miscommunication. Spirits tend to communicate with those on the same level, hence to raise the content of the messages, you must first climb the steep hill of knowledge.

Reincarnation – The Trials of the Middle Class

HappyFamilyThe spirit world promoted the rise and spread of Western Civilization for many reasons, but one of them was the creation of the middle class. Those warriors, who willingly show up to work every day, fulfill their tasks, attempting to live a decent life, not complaining and contributing their all, treating each other honestly and participating in the civil and spiritual lives of their community is a significant example presented to us by the spirit world. Why is this important? Because this is the future. When humanity is a collection of more good than evil, social divisions will gradually fade. Leaders will be in their position for merit only and nations will be at peace. We shall all be middle class. Read More.

The Next Wave of Information from the Spirit World


Leon Denis

earthAllan Kardec codified the 3rd Revelation from the Spirit of Truth, in the 1850’s. He wrote a total of five books and launched a monthly magazine. Others after him, such as Leon Denis, born 1846, died in 1927, wrote books and contributed to the growth of Spiritist literature and philosophy.

In 1910, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was born and by the 1930’s he was psychographing books dictated to him by spirits. His spirit mentor and guide was Emmanuel. Chico died in 2002 after presenting more than 400 books from the spirit world to us.

Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier

Throughout most of Chico’s adult life Emmanuel was at his side. He coordinated activities, providing assistance and filling the role of a full-time spiritual care-taker for Chico. Emmanuel was a central character in several of the books that he personally dictated to Chico. Emmanuel was a Roman Senator during the time of Christ. His Roman name was Publius Lentulus. He was in Palestine and actually met Jesus. According to Emmanuel, Jesus asked him to join him, but Emmanuel declined, whereupon Jesus told him you will be with me now or in 2000 years.

Emmanuel later reincarnated as a slave, who died as a Christian in the Roman Circus (the story is recounted in the book, Fifty Years After), then as Father Damien in Spain (he is part of the story in the book Renunciation). In one of his existences he was a professor at the Sorbonne (a prestigious university in Paris).

Chico told many of his assistants that the plan in the spiritual world, after Chico passes onto a



better life, is to have Emmanuel incarnate in Brazil and Chico would then become Emmanuel’s spirit mentor. Chico once told Emmanuel that he didn’t realize how hard it was to work under the orders of his spiritual guide and Emmanuel retorted that Chico didn’t realize how hard it was to manage incarnates.

From what I have heard from various sources is that Emmanuel was born in the Sao Paulo area around 2000 and that he would become a teacher. Others have reported that he would become the President of Brazil. I have heard, through the linguistic prowess of my Portuguese speaking wife, many variations and suppositions of Emmanuel’s planned trajectory.

Be that as may, the core facts remain, a veteran from the spirit world, who has written historical novels detailing actual events from his and other’s previous lives, and oversaw the production of the greatest amount of communication from the spirit world in Earth’s history is here and growing up.

What new revelations will appear? How much more of the daily life in the spiritual plane will be exposed to humankind? I am not sure of the content or the extent, but I am sure that it will be Explore-Small-front-coversignificant.

To read a more about what has been presented to us about life in the spiritual plane and different spheres of influence to date, you may find my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, interesting.

The Lower Zone – Not Hell and Not Heaven

umbra-scene“The Lower Zone”, we have all been there, between lifetimes at one epoch or another. It’s a place where not horrible and not spiritual people go to after they leave their body. It’s meant to be a temporary location, a way station, for those who haven’t yet made up their minds to follow the ways of love, charity, fraternity, and honesty. When one finally realizes the benefits of the golden rule, and the overriding love of God, then the door is unlocked and you are assisted out and up to a higher level. A celestial city. Read More.

Prophecies – Why Does the Spirit World Send Us Visions of the Future

couple-hikeWe all want to know the future. If we had our way we would get a display of the events that will occur to us every day and be secure in our knowledge of the future. But what would happen if on that screen it says at three p.m. you will die today? Your first act would be to change all of your plans, some may lie in bed waiting, and others flee to the farthest ends of the earth. Whatever the case, your normal routine and trajectory would be altered and the sequence of events that would have led to your death would have to change to in order to come to the same end or it could result in a different finish.

This is why we aren’t allowed intimate knowledge of our future. With certainty, people would opt out of the difficult lesson. For example, if I was told the stock I was planning to buy wasn’t goingmedium-crystalball to go up by 100% like I hoped, but in fact would drop by 50%, I wouldn’t buy it. But I would miss the hard experience of learning how to handle monetary loss with dignity that was assigned to me. Not walking into financial disaster would actually be worse than participating in it and deriving the valuable wisdom that I would attain. Wisdom which would assist me in my quest to become a better spirit.

To learn, to improve our character is what earth is all about. We are periodically sent to this rigorous campus, this plant of atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs and are educated in the process. If the spirit world told us the answers to the tests before we started the class, we would learn nothing.

But, like good teachers everywhere, the broad concepts and the consequences of not performing are presented up front. Desired end states are telegraphed, as well as alerting which subjects and assignments are critical.

Prophecies sent by the spirit world are no different. Some are meant to spur us on in search of the promised reward while others are meant as a warning. Each one serves a distinct purpose, which may not be apparent at first.

earth-with-handsFrom the first utterings of medicine men or women in primitive tribes to various religious figures the spirit realm has been in constant communication with the human race. Many messages may be difficult to analyze but all will leave some little nugget of truth. Either as a caution or a carrot to motivate us to work harder, more importantly there is no rule that what is said must occur. It is up to us to either stir ourselves to action or wait passively for the outcome.

Keep in mind; future events previously planned by the spirit world are malleable. While the overall target, such as moving the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration is set, the exact method to achieve it is dynamic.

For instance, the great Brazilian medium, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was originally tasked withChicoXavier producing fifty books of Spiritist literature written by spirits, that number increased as the spirit world gauged the impact and reach of Chico’s books. Chico was also told to lessen his workload in some areas to concentrate on psychographing books. Hence, as factors change the plan is modified. Just like in our world.

Regard prophecies as possibilities given the current trajectory of events at the present time. Heed the warnings and take constructive action to alleviate what may have been done wrong in the past and in no circumstances violate your conscience even if you think it is for the greater good. Don’t worry about apocalyptic predictions, if you have led a good life, you will be fine as you pass over to the other side, no matter what the circumstances are when you died.

You are immortal, leaving the earth is nothing more than packing your bags to go home. All you have to worry about while on earth is to stay focused on improving your spiritual side and Explore-Small-front-coverhelping others. Anything which detracts from that goal are extra bags that should be discarded.

Discover what the spirit world has planned for us in the future and how they guide us to that destination, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, in which I have researched Spiritist literature to present to you the answers to your questions about why you are here and where are you and the human race headed toward.


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