Jealously – Covering the White Light with a Dark Gray Cloud

jealousy_965822In the book Liberation, by Chico Xavier, our beloved spirit author Andre Luiz, was impressed by the work of a medium, Dona Isaura Silva. When she was working, she display beautiful radiations. When she finished the sessions, she was surrounded by a dark gray substance.

Andre wished to know how could she change so quickly. Sidonio, the team leader for the medium group explained;

“The poor thing is caught up in a veritable tempest of malignant fluids sent by low order spirits, whom she has inadvertently tuned in to through the dark wires of jealousy. As long as she is under our direct influence, particularly during spiritual endeavors of a collective nature, in which she acts as a receiving valve for the assistants’ energies, she is happy and in a good mood. A medium is always a source that both gives and receives during his or her work involving the two realms. When Isaura’s work ends, however, she falls back into her unfortunate condition.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 205]

Isaura, who is a wonderful medium, has allowed herself to be guided by a base emotion. She has let jealousy permeate her being. So much so, when she sleeps, she immediately goes out and searches for low spirits who encourage her in her low passions.

Andre asks if there is anything they can do to help her. He is told;

“Our sister is a precious coworker with appreciable and invaluable qualities, but she has not let go of her jealousy regarding her husband. It is through that breach that violent vibrations of anger get in, causing her to lose excellent opportunities to serve and grow spiritually. Today she had one of her worse days, completely handling herself over to such inner flagellation. She needs our help tonight because whenever a servant, awakened to the good, endures a wave of inferior vibrations throughout the day, he or she is setting up a visit with the beings and forces that populate the night.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 206]

Therefore, controlling your emotions is extremely important. By losing your temper or dwelling on negative thoughts you are opening yourself up to bad influences. The hole you are digging will have many inferior spirits help you to make it deeper.

Do we all have a set expiration date?

Tomasz Alen KoperaIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an abbreviated discussion about our preplanned death date. The dialogue is as follows;

“Pedro mentioned the theory, defended by some religious thinkers, that holds that the date forsex+destiny the spirit’s discarnation is predetermined, to which Felix replied:

“We shouldn’t totally discredit religious teachings. There are plans and occasions that are foreseen with relative accuracy regarding the death of the physical vehicle; however, the interested parties usually change them, thereby improving or worsening their situation. Time is like the credit that a bank loans or takes away, depending on the acts and attitudes of the debtor. So, we have to remember that the consciousness is free to think and act in both the physical and spirit realms, even if it is chained to the consequences of a blameworthy past.”

And smiling, he concluded;

“Every day is a day to create one’s destiny or reconstruct it since we are all responsible consciousnesses.” [Sex and Destiny, 2013, pp. 296-297]

There you have it, our deeds, our thoughts and steps forwards and backwards may determine our date to return.


Spiritist – Faith may be increased indefinitely

Nossa-lar-lectureIn the book, Liberation, by Chico Xavier, inspired by Andre Luiz, there is a Spiritist meeting, where all participants are working in harmony. Andre asks if anything could affect the superb functioning of the group.

Andre’s team leader, Sidonio, tells Andre;

“Yes, considered collectively, they are all together right now under this friendly roof and are seeking our spiritualizing company. But that is for only six out of the 168 hours of the week. While here with us, they are enveloped in gentle radiations of peace and joy, of good cheer and hope as they register our edifying vibrations, of which we’d love for them to be sure and permanent bearers, taking them into the daily realm of the human struggle. However, as soon as they are only a little ways from these doors, they accept or send out thousands of subtle thoughts that are much different from the ones we had suggested to them; thoughts that conflict with our work plan; thoughts, which, born from the minds of incarnates and discarnates, flog us mercilessly. Very few understand that faith is a blessing that can be increased indefinitely.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 201]

Hence, being a Spiritist isn’t a part-time job. Spiritism is a Doctrine, a way of life to follow. To be an effective Spiritist, one must continue to work on not just our outward appearance, but most importantly our thoughts. This isn’t easy and takes practice and constant reinforcement. Every little improvement is a small victory.

Why is this important? Andre’s team leader further explains;

“Furthermore, when this or that brother or sister displays an advanced ability to serve thelibertação-3d common good on behalf of the realm of light during sleep, they are usually visited immediately by bad spirits that are interested in extending the realm of darkness. They break down their convictions and newly born purposes with unwholesome insinuations if their minds are not supported appropriately by an intense desire to progress, redeem themselves and press forward.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 201]

We are on a planet of atonement so we may learn to swim in an ocean of temptation. By learning how to stay on course, no matter what other thoughts enter our minds, we are preparing ourselves for advancement.

Family Problems? There is a Reason

familyproblemsAre you experiencing problems with some of your family and have no reason why? You have tried everything and they still just don’t like you? Or worse, are they are nice to you and you can’t help yourself but to reject them? There is a reason, and as part of your trials on earth, you have been reborn with past adversaries, it may have been a rival, a person who assaulted you, or a myriad of reasons for that indistinct feeling of revulsion.

Read more.

Amy – A Young Woman who May Have Attempted Suicide

mother_nature__s_garden_by_jesus_at_art-d5givmhAmy was married and a mother of a four-year old at the time she experienced her NDE. She had chronic pain since she was seventeen, due to fibromyalgia. Amy had been taking low doses of the medicine prescribed to her and still had side effects. She knew, if she took more than what she had been using, the results would be unpredictable. Feeling that she had nothing to lose she followed her doctors exact prescription and took the full dose of medicine to lessen her pain. She quickly fell into a coma. Read More.

Why are People Burdened with Disabilities?

Mary-mother-of-jesusSeeing poor souls in misshapen bodies, or those with other types of severe disabilities is one of the main reasons why many people question the existence of God. How could God be so cruel? Unfortunately, some spirits must go through these types of trials. Find out the reasons in this article. Read More.


The Impressions of a Spiritist right after Physical Death

workers-ofpthe-life-eternalIn the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, dictated by Andre Luiz, and psychographed by Chico Xavier, Andre Luiz is given permission to ask questions to Dimas, who had just passed away.

Dimas was an untiring medium, who worked for the good of incarnates and discarnates. Hence, Andre was part of a spirit team who was sent to help Dimas disconnect from his physical life.  It is worth noting, that one of the main obstacles, was the desire of his family for him to recover and once more be part of their life. The thoughts emanating from Dimas’ wife and children kept him tied to earth. The spirit team had to resort to the camouflage of making Dimas appear to recover, so his family would leave the spirit team a few hours of peace to begin the process to bring Dimas over to the spirit realm.

Upon his death, Dimas was placed in a coffin. Next, the coffin was taken to the cemetery, where the funeral procession included at least twenty discarnates, including the newly departed. At the cemetery, where the coffin containing the remains Dimas is being buried. Andre asks his director if he can pose some questions to Dimas.  The Director gives his permission to explore more what it feels like to be newly dead.

Andre turns to Dimas, now a spirit and asks;

“Are you still experiencing any physical pain?”, I began.

“I still have a clear impression of the body I have just left behind,” he responded politely. “But I have noticed that, in wishing to remain close to my own loved ones and to continue on where I had been for so many years, I relive all the suffering that I endured. However, when I resign myself to accepting the higher designs, I immediately feel lighter and comforted. Despite the short amount of time that I have been awake, I have already been able to make such an observation.”

“And what about the five senses?” I continued.

“They are in perfect working order.”

“Do you feel hunger?”

“I actually can tell that my stomach is empty and I would be glad if I had something to eat, but this physical desire is neither uncomfortable nor torturing.

“And thirst?”

“Yes, although I do not suffer because of it.”

As usual Andre poses the questions we would all like to know. There are an enormous number of gems of information in each one of Andre’s books. I encourage our readers to discover more

The book - Nossa Lar

Nossa Lar

about the spirit world by reading the books of Andre Luiz, starting with Nosso Lar, his story of his death and eventual rescue from the Lower Zone (or Umbra) to his time at the celestial city of Nosso Lar.



Emanuel Swedenborg – Advance Man for Allan Kardec

emanuel-SwedenborgMany know about Allan Kardec and his The Spirits Book, which started the Spiritist movement and laid out the doctrine of Spiritism. But, did you know the Spirit World prepared the way for Allan Kardec? Just as Socrates and John the Baptist led the way for Jesus Christ. The same process was implemented for Kardec, and his name was Emmanuel Swedenborg and what he wrote at the time caused a major scandal. Read More.

Past Life Entanglements – How the Spirit World Works to Sort Out Our Redemption

relationshipIn an earlier post, I wrote about a judge and how the high spirit in charge of the team that Andre Luiz was a member, worked to convince the judge to release an innocent person. The story is in the book, Liberation, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and inspired by , Andre Luiz.

To recall, what I wrote before, the judge converses with Andre’s team leader, while the judge is asleep and is in spirit form. Gubio, the team leader, is explaining to the judge that a person helibertação-3d convicted of a crime is innocent and the case should be reopened. The judge had already taken in the defendants daughter, trying to help her, knowing that he should do more to help the poor souls that he daily comes across in his chamber.

The judge agrees to help and Gubio then proceeds to let him know exactly why he should assist Jorge, the innocent man, and his daughter.

“During the last century, you owned a large amount of land and you prided yourself for your position as a master of dozens of slaves. Most of them have reincarnated and make up your group of legal assistants. You owe assistance and care, help and understanding to all of them. However, not all your former slaves fall into the same group with regards to your spirit. Some have stood out in your life drama and are back on your path to make a special impact on you. Jorge, for instance, was one of your slaves, although he was born under the same roof that marked your first cries at birth. He may have been your slave according to earthly codes, but he was your brother according to divine laws, in spite of having been born of a different mother. You never forgave him for such closeness, considered in your home as an insult to the family name, You both became fathers and your son of then and now sexually abused his daughter of then and now, and faced with such bitterness, with utmost scorn for a slave’s sad home, you took condemnable measures that culminated in unspeakable despair for the Jorge of back then, who, aimless and half-crazy, not only took the life of your son, who had invaded his home, but also his own life by committing suicide under dramatic circumstances. However, neither death nor suffering can erase the afflictions of responsibility, which only a renewed opportunity for reconciliation can remedy. Now here you are, once again in the presence of Jorge, whom you have hated needlessly, and the young woman, whom you have promised to look after as your daughter. Work, my volunteer1friend! Take advantage of the years left to you because Alencar (the judge’s son) and your ward will be attracted to the blessings of marriage. Work while you still can. All the good that you do will work on your own behalf, for there is no other pathway to God other than constructive understanding, active goodness and redemptive forgiveness. Jorge, humiliated and disillusioned, has erased his deplorable wrong by having to endure unspeakable moral suffering during a few years of undeserved condemnation and torturous  imprisonment, with widowhood, infirmities and privations of all sorts.” [Liberation, 2013, pp. 177-178]

One can only stand in awe of the analysis and planning to bring all of these souls together at Logisticsjust the right times and in the perfect manner to reconnect the various threads of lives. Then to tie in the prerequisite trials on earth for each individual, demonstrates the wisdom and power of the spirit world.

Death Bed Agony – It may not be what it seems

We have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. But we are told, this is the absolute wrong course to take. The last minutes are important and should not be curtailed.

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a plot about two families and their complicated relationships between themselves and discarnate spirits. There is one scene, where a young lady who in the despair of a bad love affair, ran out in traffic and was severely injured. She was dying a slow death in a hospital bed. During the end of her suffering, which went on for days, this passage was in the book. It was not part of the story, but a message to all of us;


Fortunate inhabitants of earth! When you pass by the beds of those who are going through a prolonged death, banish from your mind the idea of hastening it!

Around those mangled bodies and behind those sealed lips, benefactors from the spirit planedeathbed are taking measures, performing noble tasks, saying prayers or holding our friendly arms.

Until now, you have not known the value of a few minutes of reconsideration for earthly travelers who, before returning to the shelter of the home, aspire to evaluate the paths they have trod.

If you do not feel capable of offering them a word of consolation or the support of a prayer, just let them be! … Their tears are pearls of hope with which the lights of other dawns moisten their faces! … Those groans coming from their chests and reaching their lips, as if they were sobs imprisoned inside the heart, are nearly always songs of joy before the immortality that shines on them from the Beyond!

Comrades of the world – you whose sight is still limited by the cage of flesh – in the name of your dearest sentiments offer consolation and silence, sympathy and veneration to those who are approaching he grave! They are not the tormented mummies that your eyes see, destined for the tombstone that will decay into dust … They are children of heaven, preparing to return to their homeland, about to cross the river of Truth, whose banks you, too shall reach one day!…

***” [Sex and Destiny, Francisco C. Xavier, 2013, p. 266]

A very explicit message from the Spirit world, one that we should analyze and take to heart. I have never seen a message like that before in a book written by Andre Luiz, although I have not read all of his books, since there are still some that have not been translated into English.

However, a recurring theme in his books is the amount of work the spirit world does for us, not only in our daily life, but the extra care during our last days. Andre Luiz emphasizes our obligation, during these times, if we are present, to think clear, positive thoughts, do not dwell of past wrongs by the person in need and to silently pray for the persons transition into heaven.



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