Reincarnation – The Trials of the Middle Class

HappyFamilyThe spirit world promoted the rise and spread of Western Civilization for many reasons, but one of them was the creation of the middle class. Those warriors, who willingly show up to work every day, fulfill their tasks, attempting to live a decent life, not complaining and contributing their all, treating each other honestly and participating in the civil and spiritual lives of their community is a significant example presented to us by the spirit world. Why is this important? Because this is the future. When humanity is a collection of more good than evil, social divisions will gradually fade. Leaders will be in their position for merit only and nations will be at peace. We shall all be middle class. Read More.

The Future of the Earth as Foretold by Spiritism

earth-with-handsEveryone is interested in the future. Well, it has all been mapped out. The endgame is known, the timing on how we get there is still a mystery, but it will come. All has been told to us in Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book and in books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. This article will take you through the major prophecies and what we can expect and how they will affect us.

Read More: The Future of the Earth as Foretold by Spiritism

The Future Churches of Christianity

episcopal-churchIn the book Missionaries of the Light, inspired by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, there is a passage commenting on the future uses of Churches.

In the book, Andre Luiz is attending a Spiritist center, located in a home in Rio de Janeiro. Andre’s mentor, Alexandre, comments on using a home as a religious gathering point;

“You mustn’t forget that great lessons by the Master himself were given in family settings. The first visible institution of Christianity was Simon Peter’s humble home in Capernaum. One of our Lord’s first manifestations in the presence of people was the multiplication of family joys at a wedding party in the comfort of the home. Jesus often visited the homes of confessed sinners, switching on new lights in their hearts. The last meeting with the disciples took place in a home setting. The first center for Christian service in Jerusalem was in the simple house of Peter.” [Missionaries of the Light, 2009, p. 87]

In Alexandre’s comments, he is attempting to remind all of us that our faith is important, not where we demonstrated it. The home is a sacred piece of earth, a place where children are raised and family are loved and looked after. It is the actual living as a Spiritist that is vital, not the outward expression of faith.

Next he goes on to tell us what will be the future of Churches, when we drop our need to worship God publicly and learn to practice our worship as our daily mode of living.

“In the future of humankind the material churches of Christianity will become church-schools, church-orphanages and church-hospitals, where the leaders of the faith will not only convey words ofJesusCharity interpretation, but where children will find support and instruction; the youth, the preparation needed for achievements worthy of character and sentiment; the sick, health-giving remedies; the ignorant, learning; the elderly, support and hope. Evangelical Spiritism is the great restorer of the loving and hardworking apostolic churches of the past. Its faithful followers will be valuable helpers in transforming theological ministries into schools of spirituality, and stone cathedrals into welcoming homes of Jesus.” [Missionaries of the Light, 2009, p. 87]

Hence, there shall come a day, when the organized religions will turn their focus on providing services to their community, rather than mainly facilitating religious events. For, while religious ceremony can certainly be comforting to many, the act of charity and fraternity takes precedence.


Great Lecture about Spiritism and Chico Xavier

geraldo-olderIf you watch one video lecture on Spiritism, this is the one to learn about the inside world of Chico Xavier. Geraldo Lemos Neto gives his exclusive knowledge about the history of Chico Xavier (Francisco C. Xavier). He also relates his perspective of what Chico learned and the story behind the stories of the books psychographedgeraldo-with-chico by Chico. The video is in English. If you want to skip the introduction fast forward to minute 6:45.

Link to the YouTube video


Interesting points in the video:

Time: 52:54 – At the funeral of his step-mother, who he loved very much, he saw the house disappear, replaced by the universe, then balls of light came down and approached his step-mother. They transformed into angels, and all of the angels kissed his step-mother on her forehead.  Next, his step-mother transformed herself into an angel, waved good-bye and left.

Time: 59.44 – Chico promised to psychograph 100 books, which he finished when he was about 60. He wanted to retire, his spirit guide, Emmanuel, told him that he had bad news for Chico, Jesus had decreed that Chico will spend the rest of his life writing more books. Chico eventually wrote 469 books. This goes to show you that in heaven as well as on earth, the reward for good work is more work. You need to listen to the end of this part, because it is very funny.

Time: 1:14:10 – Emmanuel materialized during a medium ship session. He was about 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall. He had a lighted torch in one hand and the book The Gospel According to Spiritist in the other hand. He told them them this would be the last meeting that materialism would occur. That Chico needs to focus all of his energies on writing.

Time: 1:22:06 – Chico would buy many books and magazines, his police escort wanted to know how he had time to read it all. Chico said he didn’t need to read the book or magazine, he only needed to put his hand on the cover. Chico didn’t understand how this power worked.

Time: 1:33:17 – Chico could also read minds. Chico would respond to people before they asked him questions. Geraldo told about the time he and his wife drove for 5 hours to get to Chico’s house. When they met Chico, he told them about their conversation in the car.

Time: 1:44:39 – In the mid-1980′s Chico predicted that Brazil would find oil. At that time, Brazil had to import all of their oil. Chico predicted that Brazil would find oil more than 5000 meters under the sea. Geraldo said everyone laughed inside, they didn’t believe him. Of course now it is true.




Reincarnation – Trials of the Poor

working_poorIf you are one of those hardworking, honest and humble persons who watches carefully what they spend and deals with the world as you would want them to deal with you; bless you! For you are proceeding through your life and you had intended, your plan is working. In addition, if you are able to instill in your family a notion of God and the spiritual duty of all, then you are learning the lessons that you desired.

Learn about the trials of the poor, because after all I bet that the vast majority of us has lived as an extremely poor person in one of our lives.  Read more.

Videos on Learning Spiritism

LearnSpiritismThere is a series of videos on understanding Spiritism. The speaker is Revista Auta de Souza, he speaks English very well. He starts the first video about God, the next about Jesus, and the third about Allan Kardec. Please check him out.

Link to Learn Spiritism Class 1

Reincarnation – The Trials of the Rich

richesYou may not believe this, but the rich have the most difficult trials. If our growth as a spirit depends on our making the correct choices, then for the wealthy, there is a magnitude more decisions that must be made. For with wealth, comes options.

Read More.

How is a Spirit Prepared for Birth

spiritWhat happens at the moment of concept and while the fetus is in the womb. Depending on the past life and the importance of the mission the amount of assistance given by the Spirit world differs. The process is describe in the book Between Heaven and Earth, dictated by Andre Luiz to Francisco C. Xavier.

But there is much more that the mere coupling of a Spirit to a fetus than you think.

Read More


How to Improve Your Family’s Spiritual Health

familyGet the family together one night a week, the same night and at the same time, each week. Take The Spirits Books, or any of the books on Spiritism and read, taking turns, paragraphs of the section you will study that night. Take at least 30 minutes. Have a family prayer afterwards. It will serve as an introduction to Spiritism for the children and let them know the importance of God in their lives.

The Importance of the Family According to Spiritism

familyThe importance of the family for the Spirit world can’t be overstated. Let’s begin with three passages from Kardec’s The Spirit’s Book;

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

695. Is marriage, that is to say, the permanent union of two beings, contrary to the law of nature?
“It is a progress arrived at by the human race.”
696. What would be the effect, upon human society, of the abolition of marriage?
“A return to the life of the beast.”
775. What would be the effect upon society of the relaxation of family ties?
“A relapse into selfishness” (The Spirits Book, Kardec).

Notice the short answers to the questions, as if they needed no further explanations and the truth was staring at you in the face. Only the first question requires a modifier. The question stated “the permanent union of two beings”, which was the custom and laws of that day (1850’s), whereby divorce was extremely rare. This situation led many couples into years of unhappiness. A further statement in The Spirit’s Book, qualifies it;

940. Is not the lack of sympathy between persons destined to live together also a source of sorrow, and one that is all the more bitter because it poisons an entire existence?
“Very bitter it is, undoubtedly; but it is usually a misfortune of your own causing. In the first place, your laws are at fault; for how can you suppose that those who dislike one another can be intended by God to live together?” (The Spirits Book, Kardec)

According to the Spirit world, not all marriages are perfect unions, since they are the product of people’s free choices and may be one of the many lessons we must learn in our lifetimes. Therefore, people are allowed to withdraw from a bad marriage, but how and when that is accomplished might incur debt which may have to be repaid later.
A successful family is made up of two kindred spirits. According to Spiritism, when spirits reincarnate, they could return as male or female.

202. Does a spirit, when existing in the spirit-world prefer to be incarnated as a man or a woman?

“That point in regard to which a spirit is indifferent, and which is always decided in view of the trials which he has to undergo in his new corporeal life.” (The Spirits Book, Kardec)

gay-familyTherefore, the sexual combination of a couple is not important; what is vital is the affinity of the spirits and their love for each other. A partnership which allows souls that see in each other the possibility to improve themselves beyond what they could achieve alone and to assist their partner in the same quest. In the book Missionaries of the Light, a spirit instructor discusses marriage and love on earth;

Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier

“Love on those lower planes is like gold lost in a large quantity of ore, demanding391041-gay-family great efforts and laborious processes to reveal itself to the experts. But among those humans, who do in fact are proceeding toward their elevation, the sexual union is much different. It entails the sublime exchange of perispiritual energies, symbolizing divine nourishment for the mind and heart, and creative power not only for children of the flesh but also for generous deeds and achievements of the soul for life eternal”(Missionaries of the Light, p. 199).



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