Reincarnation – Existing Family Bonds are Strengthen through Multiple Lives

HappyFamilyPeople wonder do we have many families, mothers, fathers, and so on as we travel through multiple lives. How do we manage having a menagerie of relatives while in the spirit world? The answer is we don’t; read on and find out why. Read More.

Love and Wisdom in Balance in the Spirit World

beyondTheVeilThe universe is driven by love, but for love to have purpose and direction wisdom is required. To attain wisdom, one must have experience, knowledge, compassion, and harmony within yourself.

The Reverend Owen’s mother, who communicated to him in his book, which is a collection of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, in The Lowlands of Heaven section, talks about the synergy of love and wisdom, and its importance in the spirit realm. She tells us:

“One of those things which matter here is that due proportion be meted out between wisdom and love. These are not contrary the one from the other, but are two great phases of one great principle. For love is to wisdom as the tree is to the leaves, and if love actuate and wisdom breathe, then the fruit is healthy and sound.”[1]

She gives an example of when she and four other souls were given a task to journey to a colony and render assistance. First they went to a college where they wanted to inquire about how they should approach the problem.

The spirit group met the Principal of the College. We are told that in his physical life, he had been a diplomat of great ability, but he was not famous. In the spirit world, he was of great countenance; his benevolence and love gave him a glow that would mark him as a high spirit.

He quickly set the small troop at ease. The group explained to him about their mission. After listening for a while, he told them:

“Well, my dear pupils – for so you are good enough to become for a little time – what you have told me is very interesting, and also very general in the work in which you are now engaged. Now, if I were to solve your perplexities you would go back to your work with light hearts, but you would probably find that the solution, when it came to work out, would not be without many flaws in the working, for just those points which are necessary to remember are those little things which can best be learned by experience; and experience is the only thing which can show you how great these little things are. Come, therefore, with me, and I will teach you what is necessary for you to learn in a better way.”[2]

Whereupon, he lead them on a tour of the gardens. With airy conversation he described the scenery around them, until they crossed a small stream and entered a small Egyptian temple. He instructed the small coterie to sit on benches. Carved on the floor beneath their feet and in the middle of the room was an intricate map. Full of lines and symbols. He then said to them:

“Now, this is a plan of my house and these grounds through which I have led you. Here is markedconcert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0 this little place in which we sit. We have come, as you will see, a considerable distance from the gate where I met you, and you were all talking so much of the pretty things you saw as you came that not one of you gave heed to the direction in which you came. It will be good practice, therefore, and not altogether lacking in pleasure, for you to find your way back again to me, and when you arrive, I shall perhaps be able to give you some help by way of instruction on the difficulties you have stated to me.”[3]

Vale Owen’s mother tell us that when he left, the group looked at each other and all laughed at their combined foolishness. No one had a clue why he had taken them on such a random route through the gardens. Further proof, that when we pass over to the less dense life, we are the same obtuse souls who miss most of the events swirling around us. Oblivious to all except what we focus on as we travel through our daily routine. Thankfully our sense of self depreciating humor survives the separation of the spirit from the physical body.

The group inspected the map. It was full of lines and intersections. They weren’t sure what line led to where. They did see the entire estate was enclosed by a large circular path. They determined if they walked continually outwards, they would meet the circular path. From there they could arrive at their destination by walking along the outer footpath until they encounter the gate where the Principal waited for the group.

The five took off and journeyed a considerable distance. They knew they weren’t able to pick the most efficient route, but they did gain their destination. The Principal congratulated them on their achievement and proceeded to appraise them of the lesson they acquired:

“First of all, the thing is to make sure of the direction you wish to go; and then the next thing is to take, not the path which seems the shortest, but the one which seems surest to lead you right in the end. That path will not always be the quickest, and may lead you to the borderland where infinity shades off from the realm you know. Still, beyond the border line you are the better able to see both the extent and also the limitation of the estate you are negotiating, and it is only a matter of steadfastness and patience, and the goal you desire is quite sure to be won.”[4]

Within his explanation, one can detect how the spirit world constructs the plans for our lives. We are assemblylinenot built and trained as if we came off an assembly line. Each of us is crafted, with love and care. Our ascent to become a pure spirit is not a straight line, but a complex and spiraling marathon, where we test and enlarge our personal boundaries.

Next he expounds upon the importance of analyzing the whole unit

“Also, from just beyond the boundary between the local and the infinite, you are able to see that, although it contains within itself paths winding and many, and valleys and groves from which you cannot see very far away, yet that, viewed as a whole, it is perfectly symmetrical – a true circle in fact, which for all the seeming maze and medley within, yet, as a circle, contains within itself a perfect geometrical entity, simple in itself, considered as a unit from the larger, wider point of view; perplexing when passing through its paths inside the boundary line.”[5]

Only by stepping out of the problem, can one grasp it and place it in the correct context. Plus, by identifying the object, the principles of its operation and the scope of its reach may be deduced. The wise spirit explains what this means:

“Also, you noted that, as you followed that curve on its outer side, you were able only to see a little portion of it at one time. Still, knowing that, from its shape, it would lead to the place you sought, you were content to follow on in faith based on reasoned conclusions, and true enough, here you are and prove by your presence that your reasoning was, at least in the main, sound.”[6]

Understanding the whole allows certainty when analyzing the parts. This is how we are looked upon by our spirit benefactors. They know us, they know where we are going, where we have been, and they peer into our strengths and weaknesses to place the next level of achievement or to remove a self-inflicted blemish. All built to propel us to perfection, each in our own little way.

earth-with-handsOne hears a similar method of analysis in the books by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. Where, in his role to support spirits and incarnates he chances upon numerous in need. In many cases, when Andre sees a soul in distress he wishes to immediately provide comfort and assistance. Invariably, he is told to slow down and analyze the problem. To take the time to learn what has brought the poor soul to their current state and carefully question if any support would actually provide benefit.

The goal of the spirit realm is to lead us to love, a love guided by wisdom. Wisdom is only accumulated by a series of incidents and hard knocks, coupled with our capacity to learn from the skirmishes we must live through in life after life. Hence, our need to not only be born one time in a physical body, where we are the most vulnerable to emotion and pain, but to come back time after time, until the lesson sinks in.

Love and wisdom are what made possible the plan for our lives on earth. Higher spirits, well grounded in knowledge and fraternity for all help fashion our destinies. Someday, when we have accumulated enough acumen, we too, shall play an integral part in people’s lives.

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written about the constant guidance and love that we walk in every day in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are not cast off onto a strange planet with an uncertain future without support. We are watched over and subtlety pushed forward to finish our assigned trials. Whereupon, if we have tried with all of our might and treated most people with respect and honor, we shall enter that narrow gate to heaven.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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Death Bed Agony – It Actually Serves a Purpose

Tombe_Allan_KardecWe have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. But we are told, this is the absolute wrong course to take. The last minutes are important and should not be curtailed.

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a chapter about two families and their complicated relationships between themselves and discarnate spirits. There is one scene, where a young lady who in the despair of a bad love affair, ran out in traffic and was severely injured. She was dying a slow death in a hospital bed. During the end of her suffering, which went on for days, this passage was in the book. It was not part of the story, but a message to all of us;


Fortunate inhabitants of earth! When you pass by the beds of those who are going through a prolonged death, banish from your mind the idea of hastening it!

Around those mangled bodies and behind those sealed lips, benefactors from the spirit planedeathbed are taking measures, performing noble tasks, saying prayers or holding our friendly arms.

Until now, you have not known the value of a few minutes of reconsideration for earthly travelers who, before returning to the shelter of the home, aspire to evaluate the paths they have trod.

If you do not feel capable of offering them a word of consolation or the support of a prayer, just let them be! … Their tears are pearls of hope with which the lights of other dawns moisten their faces! … Those groans coming from their chests and reaching their lips, as if they were sobs imprisoned inside the heart, are nearly always songs of joy before the immortality that shines on them from the Beyond!

Comrades of the world – you whose sight is still limited by the cage of flesh – in the name of your dearest sentiments offer consolation and silence, sympathy and veneration to those who are approaching he grave! They are not the tormented mummies that your eyes see, destined for the tombstone that will decay into dust … They are children of heaven, preparing to return to their homeland, about to cross the river of Truth, whose banks you, too shall reach one day!…

***” [Sex and Destiny, Francisco C. Xavier, 2013, p. 266]

A very explicit message from the Spirit world, one that we should analyze and take to heart. I have never seen a message like that before in a book written by Andre Luiz, although I have not read all of his books, since there are still some that have not been translated into English.

However, a recurring theme in his books is the amount of work the spirit world does for us, not only KindleCoverin our daily life, but the extra care during our last days. Andre Luiz emphasizes our obligation, during these times, if we are present, to think clear, positive thoughts, do not dwell of past wrongs by the person in need and to silently pray for the persons transition into heaven.

If you would like to read more about the spirit world and why we are here and what is waiting for us, read 51 Disclosures from Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation.


Scientist find evidence of Life on Earth more than 4.1 billion years ago

regenerativeWorldIn an article on the website Chron, by Seth Borenstein, the link to the article is here. By examining rocks, it is believed that life may have commenced 300 million years earlier than previously thought.

“Researchers examined tiny grains of the mineral zircon from western Australia’s Jack Hills and chemically dated them to when Earth was barely 400 million years old. Inside one of the 160 some grains they found what they call a “chemo-fossil” or a certain mix of carbon isotopes, according to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Think of it as “the gooey remains of biotic life or anything more complicated,” said study co-author Mark Harrison, a UCLA geochemistry professor.

There are different types of carbon with different weights. This carbon residue had a higher percentage of the lighter type of carbon, which is what scientists usually find in remnants of life, the same as if your finger decayed, Harrison said. There are rare cases where this particular carbon signature wouldn’t be from life, but they are exceedingly unusual and only in certain situations.” []

Finding the “gooey remains of biotic life” was predicted in the book, On the Way to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel, and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. The book was published in 1939 and revealed to us how the spirit realm formed the earth and guided humankind to the present day. Emmanuel tells us:

“We have previously stated that a layer of gelatinous matter had enveloped the earth in its innermost contours. This amorphous, viscous matter was the sacred storehouse of the seeds of life. Protoplasm was the embryo of all of the earth’s living bodies, and as that unshaped matter covered the solidified crust of the planet, the condensation of the mass soon gave rise to the appearance of the nucleus, thereby initiating the first manifestations of living beings.

Earth’s first inhabitants on the material plane were the albuminous cells, the amoebas and all of the isolated and free unicellular organisms, which multiplied prodigiously in the tepid temperature of the oceans.” [On the Way to the Light, Chico Xavier, 2011 – in English, p. 26]

Spiritism lets us know that evolution did indeed occur on our planet. Life was not created in 6 days and  animals weren’t created directly by God in an instant. The evolution of plants and animals was a gradual process. What our scientist don’t yet realize is that the process has been guided by the spirit world. In certain times, like the seeding of the planet and in manipulation of DNA, certain species Explore-Small-front-coverwere promoted and others allowed to decay. All according to plans created, and modified over time, by our spirit guides.

If you wish to learn more about how we are all immortal souls, who are on earth to learn and to, one day, become pure spirits, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

Socrates – Preparing the Way for Christianity and Spiritism

Socratesv1More that 400 years before Christ, there was a man in the cradle of Western Civilization that was preaching the doctrine of Christ and Spiritism. It was Socrates in Athens.

Allan Kardec in the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, lays out the philosophy of Socrates as recorded by Plato. The basic doctrine of Socrates is very similar to what Jesus preached and Spiritism codified. Which should not be surprising, since all had their headwaters in the same place; the spirit world. Read More.

All of us are Inspiration Mediums – Spirits constantly talk to us

The Mediums Book

The Mediums Book

According to Allan Kardec’s book, The Book on Mediums, we are all “Inspirational Mediums” (White Crow Books, 2010, p. 201). All of us are influenced by the good and ignorant spirits (spirits who are not yet ascended and therefore still influenced by bad thoughts and actions) around us. Allan Kardec explains;

“Inspiration comes to us all, from Spirits who influence, for good or evil, in every circumstance of our lives, and in every resolution we make, and it may therefore be truly said that, in this respect, every-one is a medium, for there is no one who has not about him his familiar spirits, who do their utmost to suggest salutary or pernicious counsels to those with whom they are connected; a truth which, were we duly penetrated with its reality and importance, would frequently lead us to oppose a more effectual resistance to the suggestions of evil, by seeking the inspiration of our guardian-angel in our moments of uncertainty as to what we should say or do. At such times, we should invoke that watchful guardian with fervor and confidence, as a Providentially-appointed friend; and, if we did so, we should often be astonished at the new ideas which would arise in our minds, as though by enchantment, whether for the taking of an important decision, or for the accomplishing of our special work.” (pp. 201-202)

We all have had moments of inspiration, flashes of brilliance, which provides some key piece of knowledge that we have been searching for; these sparks are caused by spirits, who chose to influence us. Use the gems given to us, but first filter the idea through your conscience and instinct (see how your conscience and instinct are the accumulation of your past lives) to determine the validity of the suggestion.

Allan Kardec goes on to say that people of genius are mediums without being aware of it. These people have the innate sense to call superior spirits to provide the assistance they seek. Allan Kardec completes the section on inspirational mediums with this communication from the Spirit world;

What is the primal cause of inspiration?inspiration

“The communication of his thoughts by a spirit”

Is inspiration confined to the revelation of great things?

“No; it often has reference to the most commonplace circumstances of your daily life. for instance, you may have thought of going somewhere, but a secret voice tells you not to go, because there is danger in the way; or it tells you to do something which you have not thought of doing; this is inspiration. There are very few people who are not more or less ‘inspired’ in this way, at certain moment.” (p 203)

We are constantly guided on our path by the spirit world. To see how we are enveloped by the7Tenets-small3D spirit realm read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.


The Mothers of Chico Xavier – Mothers hearing from children in the spirit world

mothers-of-chico-xavierThere is a wonderful movie, The Mothers Chico Xavier, the link to YouTube, for the full version, with English subtitles, is here.

The movie is about three mothers who have all lost children. They find their life transformed after receiving messages, via Chico Xavier, from their children who reside in the spirit world.

I am sure you will enjoy it!

What does the Titanic – James Dean – Leonardo DiCaprio Have in Common?

leonardo_dicaprio-060I know you are thinking, “That’s easy Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the movie Titanic, the James Dean connection is a bit harder to figure out.”

I will tell you the answer, a book was inspired by the spirit world and published in 2001, in Brazil. The book is in Portuguese. Julio Cesar de Sa Roriz was the medium who wrote the book as directed by spirits. The name of the book is Oh, James! Na Poeira do Tempo. Here is a link to the book. A literal translation of Na Poeira do Tempo, is “In the dust of time”.

I haven’t read the book, since I am not proficient in Portuguese, but my wife did. As she read it sheOh-James---Na-Poeira-do-Tempo-1png would tell me parts of the book. It opens with a boy, who has a wealthy father and mother boarding the Titanic. This boy is a budding magician, who detects a person robbing other passengers. The boy finds a necklace, the robber has dropped.

The boy’s parents have business dealings with a couple in a lower class. The couple have a daughter. Sound somewhat familiar? Except the sexes of the young couple are reversed in the actual movie.  There is much more background on the various characters and their thinking at the time of their passage on the Titanic. All unknowing that disaster lies before them.

I won’t go into detail, but only tell you that the boy, who dies in the disaster, later reincarnates as James Dean. His spirit guides tries to help him, while at the same time the life before his life as a boy on the Titanic is revealed. He was a pirate who caused the deaths of many people.

As most of us know James Dean died an early death, in a car accident. James was then reincarnated as an actor. The story of not only the past lives of James Dean but of the other souls that intersected his life is fascinating.

The movie Titanic was released in 1997, so many will say the book simply rearranged the movie’s story and added some twists. There is no defense against by those who don’t believe in the spirit world. Nothing I or others could convince them otherwise.

I do believe, because the narrative follows what I have seen in other Spiritist literature. The major difference is that people are exposed. In other books, people’s identity are not revealed. For instance, Andre Luiz, the spirit author of many books psychographed by Chico Xavier is an assumed name. The spirit world wished to protect his descendants. I can only think that given the nature of the public life of an actor that an exception was made. There may be other reasons.

KindleCoverI would love to read an English translation of the book!

If you are interested in other fascinating revelations from Spiritism, please read my book, 51 Disclosures from Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation.



What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism: 12 NDE’s are Explained and Explored (NDEs Explained by Spiritism)

NDE-1-SmallCoverI have just launched a new book. I tell the untold story behind each persons perception of what occurred during their NDE:

What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism: 12 NDE’s are Explained and Explored (NDEs Explained by Spiritism)

Here is the Introduction:

Why are we interested in Near Death Experiences (NDE)? With the advent of the internet, social media allows masses of people to more efficiently pool together shared experiences than at any other time in history. What was once an isolated phenomenon is now a common occurrence. Whereas, in times past a simple farmer or a rich landowner who would be able to pull back from death, their story, if they chose to tell it, would be a solitary happenstance. Easily explained away or believed. It made no difference, since the significance of the account would be eventually dismissed as an outlying data point.

The recent improvement in the speed and efficiency of human communication in conjunction with modern medical methods of assisting the human body to recover after trauma has supported the explosion of accounts. And as the interpretations of each individual who returned became widely known and disseminated, others choose to finally reveal their own personal story.

Therefore a small bookshelf of NDEs is now becoming a library. Recollections from every country, culture, language and age group now reside in the great internet cloud. A mountain of data, which can no longer be wished away or ignored. The parallels and common themes from all corners of the world preclude everyone’s account to be merely mass hysteria. NDEs aren’t in the territory of alien encounters. Doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, smart and not-so-smart people are reporting in. Telling us similar refrains, with the added mystery of some NDEs where the person either saw or is told of events that they could not have possibly known in their current state. Taken as a whole, the only conclusion is that something must be going on.

Hence, interested researchers are beginning to seek an explanation. For most, the objective is to prove that these are the common side effects of a brain winding down. The equivalent of a policeman telling the crowd to move on, there’s nothing to see here. But, controlled experiments have a way of determining their own truth. With facts and figures, certain conclusions must be either discarded or entertained.

To read more go to the Amazon page and click on the “Look Inside” icon.


Research – Memories May be Passed Down Through Generations via DNA

dna2There is an article which states that researches have found DNA to be able to transmit memories from one generation to another. The article is on the web site, Soul Surfing World News, and is located here.

The first paragraph of the article tells us the most important information:

“New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. During the tests they learned that that mice can pass on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences – in this case a fear of the smell of cherry blossom – to subsequent generations.”

For years, decades, after DNA was discovered, most scientists believed that up to 98% of DNA wasDNA just filler, useless information which was only part of the DNA structure. Since reading through Spiritist literature I believed that our DNA holds events that will trigger certain trials for us at specific age ranges, now it seems what is stored in our DNA is expanded.

The Spiritist Doctrine tells us that we (well, a good portion of us) take part in the process to select our bodies and our trials for our next life. Not only do we determine the complete diagram of our bodies, but we also plan in advance afflictions that await us. Andre Luiz talks to a spirit who works in the Reincarnation Planning Center in the heavenly city Nosso Lar. He points out the extent of our future planning:

“Here is the plan for the future reincarnation of a friend of mine. Do you see some dark spots from the descending colon to the sigmoid loop? This indicates that he will suffer from a large ulcer in this area as soon as he becomes an adult. Nevertheless, he has chosen it.”[i]

This statement goes against what most medical researchers believe. It is commonly held that most diseases are caused by external factors, although it is acknowledged that stress and other mental states could contribute to future difficulties. While other illnesses, such as cancer, are triggered by either different types of environmental influences, cells going rogue, or simple hereditary.

What is not known, is that deep in our DNA, there are events waiting to occur. We are not just born and grow because of our DNA, it controls our physical destiny. Some of our trials have been implanted within us, waiting until the right moment to surface.

Now, it may have been proven (we won’t know until the experiment can be reproduced) that memories may also be encoded into future generations by DNA. Hence, we bring with us our spirit memories, fuzzy as those may be, our conscience (which is encoded in all of us), plus predilections (which may make up part of our “instinct”), either positive or negative, from past generations. Which strengthens the concept of the spirit realm guiding the human race throughout history. As we are herded into certain grand events, such as a World War, we retain an attitude toward that event and thereby build upon learning how to avoid or welcome future occasions based upon the feelings of a past generation.

All of which serves to make the manipulation of the human race to acquire the knowledge of the collective trials assigned to us easier and more efficient. Not only do we learn individually, but mass trials filter down to subsequent generations to set up the next great lecture. Truly, the spirit realm KindleCoverhas this all figured out.

If you wish to explore more revelations about the spirit world, to find out the future of the earth, what portion of the world we perceive as humans and more, read my book, 51 Disclosures from Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation.

[[i]] Xavier, F.C., Missionaries of the Light, EDICEI, p. 179



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