The Apocalypse – According to Spiritism

Apocalypse-backgroundFor Christians the Apocalypse is a series of calamitous events. Disasters that would affect the entire planet. But according to Spiritism, the earth will change, yes, disasters will occur, but overall our planet will transform gradually. Learn how the process will work and what we are heading toward.

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8 Things to Keep in Mind Concerning Spirits – from Allan Kardec

Spirits_of_December_by_KatjaFaithAllan Kardec wrote about a young medium who was fooled by an inferior spirit. He listed eight salient points to keep in the front of your mind when dealing with the “Other Side”. Allan Kardec knew that spirits come in many levels, hence we should all be weary when dealing with the unknown. Read more.

How My Wife’s NDE Made Me a Spiritist

SpiritismMy wife’s NDE (Near Death Experience) and other paranormal events in her life set the stage for my conversion to Spiritism. Her NDE caused her to foretell events that had a profound effect on my previous belief that we had complete free will and control of our lives. This is the story of how I thought I lived a life of freewill and discovered I was deposited on earth with a plan to navigate. Read More.

Also you can read about my personal journey discovering the forces the spirit world surrounds us with in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

The Problem is the Solution

victoryAs you go through life you recognize the trials you have suffered through. When you are in the middle of a tiring and difficult episode, you wish your problem would go away. You desire a solution.

What we don’t realize is that the very hardship we must live through is the solution. Each trial in life is there for a reason. The spirit realm with our cooperation in planning, lays out our blueprint, with each hurdle marked for us for a specific reason. Either we must learn a valuable lesson or pay for our past wrongs.

The circumstances that we curse and moan about are the gifts that we begged for when we were in the spirit world, so we could ascend.

The payoff for rising higher in the hierarchy of spirits is worth any temporary suffering on earth.

7Tenets-Front-smallRecognize the gift that has been given to you and learn to live with the flow of the spirit world. I have written about the forces that move us along, guide us, challenge us, and protect us in our daily life in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, through my own life examples and stories from others.

Your Destiny

fate-destinyFate, Destiny, Determinism – None of That – You are Just Going to the School of Earth

Attempting to determine what is fate and what is freewill is difficult when exploring Spiritism. This article explains the areas of your life that must occur and the areas where you have a choice.

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St. Louis Discussing Predestination

St-LouisIn the recent publication, Spiritist Review – Journal of Psychological Studies – 1858, by the United States Spiritist Council, which is the compilation of all of Allan Kardec’s Spiritist Review magazines for the year 1858, there is a series of questions for the spirit of the French King, known as St. Louis. He was Louis IX, who reigned as King of France from 1226 until 1270.

You will also read passages from him in some of Allan Kardec’s books.

On this occasion a mediums group wished to understand how could some people die in a tragic accident, such as a ship sinking, while others live:

“1. When there is an imminent danger threatening someone, it is a spirit who guides the danger and, when avoided, is it another spirit who deviates them?

– On incarnating, the spirit chooses a trial; once chosen, a kind of destiny is created which cannot be conjured, once the spirit is submitted to that. I speak about the physical trials. The spirit, keeping his free will regarding good and bad, is always free to withstand or reject the trial. When seeing someone abating, a good spirit may come to help but cannot influence so as to dominate their will. A malevolent spirit, that is inferior, showing and exaggerating about the physical dangers, may shock and scare but yet the will of the incarnated spirit is not less free of any hurdle.

2. When a person is faced by an imminent accident it seems to  me that the free will is worth nothing. I then ask if it is an evil spirit who provokes such an accident, to which he is some sort of cause and, in case the danger is avoided, if a good spirit came to help him.

– Good or bad thoughts, according to their nature. The accident is marked on the individual’s destiny. When your life is endangered it is a sign that you desired that, so that you can deviate from bad and become better. When you escape from danger, still under its influence, you think more or less strongly. pending on the more or less strong action of the good spirits about becoming a better person. Under the influence of bad spirits (I say bad referring to the wickedness which still exists in them) you equally think that you will escape other dangers and again you will give in to the unstoppable passions. [2015, pp. 120-121]

How many times have we seen this phenomena, whereby a person escapes a potentially harmful situation. yet learns nothing. We all have had friends like this. Let this be an important marker for you, when you have a close call, don’t minimize the lesson, take it to heart and fully absorb the intended lesson.

The other information provided by St. Louis is the inability to avoid our physical trials. Only our conduct and attitude throughout the trial is cordoned-off for our free-will. All else will happen, because we signed up for it before we began our current life.


Therefore, enjoy the ride during these times, you bought the ticket, stood in7Tenets-small3D line and now you have to stay on until the end!

To understand more about the forces that affect you in your daily life, I suggest you read, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, in which I detail my personal experiences and how the spirit world guides our lives.

James’ NDE – Interpreted by Spiritism

James had a full life review, with a council determining if he should stay or return. He also found out that indeed, he did have a life plan. Read More.

A letter in English from Chico Xavier to his Friend

160px-Chico_Xavier_1968On May 26, 50 years ago, Chico Xavier visited the USA for the first time. Here’s one of his letters to his friend Nair in Brazil:

The YouTube reading of the letter is in English and Chico wrote the letter in English.

From the description on YouTube:

Published on Aug 27, 2013

In his trip to USA in 1966, Chico Xavier wrote in English a very touching letter to his friend Nair in Pedro Leopodo, Brazil. The letter is a true lesson of brotherhood, kindness, affection, obedience to the Higher Spirits. The letter was published in The Spiritist Magazine, issue 22 – Jul-Sep 2013

Joseph Mery – A 19th century French writer who believe he lived during the reign of Augustus, the Emperor of Rome.

joseph mery

Joseph Mery

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Mery was writer of stories, satires, and plays. He lived in France, and was born in 1797 and died in 1866.He was an acquaintance of Alexandre Dumas, who wrote the Count of Monte Cristo, and many other famous works.

Joseph Mery believed he lived in the time of Augustus, at the height of the Roman Empire.  Read more.

Keeping the Same Gender Over Multiple Lives

By the Spirit Andre Luiz

By the Spirit Andre Luiz

In The Spirits Book, we are told that spirit can be reincarnated as either sex. But we aren’t told if spirits alternate or stay the same sex in life after life.  In the books by Francisco C. Xavier, we learned that families tend to reincarnate and spirits of one sex tend to remain in that gender.

Higher spirits, lose their gender, for after countless years of lives and experiences they have balanced the characteristics of both sexes.

Hence, it appears that changing gender is a slow evolving process for many spirits. But, in the book Action and Reaction, one of the Andre Luiz series of books, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, we learn of other reasons why spirits are sent back to earth in a different gender than the one they had last time.

Silas, who is Andre’s mentor talks about the alteration of gender for a spirit from one life to another:

“Considering that, in essence, sex is the sum of the passive and positive qualities of the person’s mental field, it is natural for the predominantly female spirit to linger for centuriesAdam-Eve on the evolutionary pathway as woman; likewise, the predominately male spirit will tarry for a long time in the experiences of man. However, on many occasions, when the man tyrannizes the woman, denying her rights and committing abuses in the name of his supposed superiority, he distorts himself to the point that, unconscious and imbalanced, he is led by the agents of the Divine Law to a pain-filled reincarnation in a woman’s body so that, in extreme inner discomfort, he may learn to venerate woman as his sister and companion, daughter and mother before God. The same applies to the offensive woman, who, after dragging the man into lust and criminality, creates for herself a terrible mental alienation that she takes with her after the grave, thereby requiring internment in man’s body so that, in the webs of her unhappy emotions, she may construct within her the respect she owes to man before the Lord.” [Action and Reaction, 2010, p. 205]

Therefore, for those who take advantage of their sex to harm the other will spend time in the same type of body as their previous victims. It is the corollary of the Golden Rule, that is used to teach us our wrongs, “Others will do unto you, as you have done unto them”.


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