The Doctrine of Guardian Angels – A Spirit Communication from St. Augustine and St. Louis

guardianangel2In the book, The Spiritist Review, Journal of Psychological Studies of 1859, published in 2015 by the US Spiritist Council, there is a communication regarding guardian angels from spirits who signed themselves St. Augustine and St. Louis.

Allan Kardec put the communication into one of his monthly periodicals in 1859, so I guess I should take his word that even if the spirits weren’t who they said they were, the sentiment is correct. Also, the tone of the message and the wording is similar to communications from high spirits I have listened to while at medium meetings.

By the way, for those diving deeper into the available Spiritist literature in English, the two books released in 2015, The Spiritist Review of 1858 and the next book, The Spiritist Review of 1859 are fascinating. You can find both books on Amazon or at the United States Spiritist Council.

In the Chapter titled, The Guardian Angels on page 35, the message is revealed:

“There is a doctrine that should convert the most incredulous for its enchantment and kindness. This is related to the subject concerning guardian angels. Just think about the fact that you have near you beings who are your superiors, who are there to counsel you, to sustain you, to help you to escalate the difficult mountain of righteousness; who are more certain and dedicated friends than the most intimate relationships that you can establish on Earth; isn’t that a consoling idea? Those beings are following God’s orders. It was God who placed them by your side. They are there out of love for God, thus accomplishing a beautiful and tough mission. Yes, they will be with you wherever you go. The dungeons, the hospitals, the places of mockery, the solitude, nothing separates you from those friends that you don’t see but whose kind impulse your soul feels, hearing their wise advices.”

“Had you know this reality better, how many times would that help you at moments of crises! How many times would that save you from the hands of bad spirits! However, on the great day this angel of goodness may tell you: “Haven’t I told you? And you did not do it. Haven’t I shown you the abyss? And you fell into that. Haven’t I made you hear the voice of truth in your conscience? Nevertheless, you followed the advices of lie.” Ah! Interrogate your guardian angels; establish with them this fond intimacy that reigns among the best of friends. Think not of hiding anything from them since theirs is God’s eyes and you cannot deceive them. Think of the future and endeavor to advance in this life. thus your trials will be shorter and your existences happier. Go people, courage! Cast away your prejudices and hidden thoughts, once for all. Take the new path that opens up before you. March on; march on, since you have guides that you must follow. The target cannot frustrate you for the target is God Himself.”

“To those who think it is impossible for elevate spirits to attach themselves to such a laboriousBeautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768 and constant task, we say that we influence your souls even by being millions of miles away from you. To us, space is nothing and even living in another world, our spirits keep the bonds with yours. We enjoy faculties that you cannot understand but be assured that God has not imposed on us a burden beyond our strength and that God did not abandon you without friends and support on Earth. Each guardian angel has his own protégé who it watches like a father over the son. It is happy when sees the child following the good path and suffers when its advices are neglected.”

“Don’t be afraid of bothering us with your questions. On the contrary, be always in touch with us, since you will then be stronger and happier. What makes all people mediums are these communications between each person with their familiar spirit – mediums who are ignored today but who will manifest later, spreading like a boundless ocean to keep incredulity and ignorance away. You don’t know the work that you accomplish by doing so. It is the works of Christ which God imposes on you. Why would God have given you intelligence and Science but to share with your brothers and sisters and make them advance in the path of the eternal venture and happiness?”

St. Louis and St. Augustine

I hope this helps you feel comforted and loved. When you are at your loneliest or at the bottom in the BookCover-Reincarnationmiddle of a hard trial, think of your guardian angel and pray for strength and guidance. Demonstrate your sense of purpose and your willingness to learn and I guarantee you events will start breaking your way.

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What death really is (by Andrew J. Davis)

death-risingThere is a great article covering the late American medium, Andrew J. Davis. Ademir Xavier, who is the founder of the Spiritist Knowledge blog begins his article:

“Andrew Jackson Davis (1826 – 1910) was a prominent American medium (1), regarded as “John the Baptist” of Spiritualism. We present an interesting text (2) by him below (extracted from his book “The Temple”), a report of his sights at the instant of death of a person.”

Ademir then extracts a passage on death from the book. Read the entire article here.

If you would like to explore more about other people’s near death experiences and what the spiritNDE-1-SmallCover world communicates to them and why, read my book, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences.

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Or you can view the YouTube version.


Beyond Goodbye – An Article on CNN about Near Death Experiences

out-of-bodyThere is an article on people’s out of body and near death experiences on the CNN web site. You can read it here.

It is wonderful to see this type of information making out to the mainstream more and more.

The article starts with the subtitle:

“Some people not only share their life but their moment of death with loved ones. Are these ‘shared-death experiences’ real or a mirage?”

Then it begins with a shared death experience:

“William Peters was working as a volunteer in a hospice when he had a strange encounter with a dying man that changed his life.

The man’s name was Ron, and he was a former Merchant Marine who was afflicted with stomachnear-death cancer. Peters says he would spend up to three hours a day at Ron’s bedside, talking to and reading adventure stories to him because few family or friends visited.

When Peters plopped by Ron’s beside around lunch one day, the frail man was semi-conscious. Peters read passages from Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” as the frail man struggled to hang on. What happened next, Peters says, was inexplicable.

Peters says he felt a force jerk his spirit upward, out of his body. He floated above Ron’s bedside, looking down at the dying man. Then he glanced next to him to discover Ron floating alongside him, looking at the same scene below.

“He looked at me and he gave me this happy, contented look as if he was telling me, ‘Check this out. Here we are,’ ’’ Peters says.

Peters says he then felt his spirit drop into his body again. The experience was over in a flash. Ron died soon afterward, but Peters’ questions about that day lingered. He didn’t know what to call that moment but he eventually learned that it wasn’t unique. Peters had a “shared-death experience.”

Please read the entire article, it supplies one more data point to tell us we are not alone and in fact are guided by a Supreme Intelligence.

NDE-1-SmallfrontCoverTo understand what the spirit world is trying to communicate to us during people’s NDE’s please read my book about 12 cases where I fully explain the reasons for people reporting what they experienced. My book is, What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences – According to Spiritism: 12 NDE’s are Explained and Explored (NDEs Explained by Spiritism). You will see how people change their life and attitudes after they discover the full extent of the Spirituality.

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Survey of Writings about Reincarnation in Jewish and Christian Texts

reincarnation7I came across an interesting article, where the author, Abbot George Burke, lays out the reasons why a modern-day Christian may believe in reincarnation. The title of the article is May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?

It surveys writings from Old Testament, New Testament, and other sourcesBookCover-Reincarnation illustrating the belief in ancient times that we are reborn many times.

If you wish to understand the entire process of reincarnation, how we actively plan for it while in the spirit world, how we are guided by our mentors while in the physical world and what is our ultimate goal, please read The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


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Incarnation – Necessary for the Progression of the Spirit

guardianangel2In Allan Kardec’s book, Genesis, Chapter XI, section 24, on page 223, there is a discussion of “Spiritual Genesis”. Allan Kardec lays out the map required to ascend in the spirit hierarchy in an easy to understand prose.

First he touches on the subject of why we must be reincarnated:

“24. The incarnate spirit’s obligation to provide for the sustenance of its body, its safety and well-being constraints it to apply it faculties in the search to exercise and develop such facilities. Thus, its union with matter is useful for its evolution and that is why incarnation is a necessity. Furthermore, by mean of the intelligent labor that it performs upon matter to its own advantage, it concurs in the physical transformation and progress of the globe that it inhabits. Its laboring for its own progress is how it contributes to the Creator’s work as an unsuspecting agent.”

What Allan Kardec is telling us, that a primitive spirit, must first learn how to feed and fend for itself.cavemen By doing so, the young spirit is taking society forward, as groups gather together to form tribal units to better supply the small community food and protection. At the same time, a basic division of labor appears. As we take toddlers to play with other young friends to begin the process of socialization, so does the spirit world set immature spirits on the ground to learn the basic rules.

Next, Allan Kardec reviews the process for advancement:

Genesis“25.  The spirit’s incarnation, however, is neither constant nor perpetual: it is only transitory. Upon leaving one body behind, it does not take another immediately. During a shorter or longer length of time, it lives the spirit life, which is its normal life. Hence, the amount of time spent during its different incarnations is very small compared with the time its spends in the state of a free spirit.

     During the interval between its incarnations, the spirit also progresses in the sense that it uses for its advancement the knowledge and experience it acquired during its corporeal life. It examines what it did during its earthy stay, reviews what it learned, recognizes its wrongs, draws up its plans and makes resolutions by which it hopes to be guided in a new existence as it tries to do better. It is in this way that each life is a step forward on the path of progress, a sort of a practical schooling.”

Now we are told that each life on a planet, in a physical body is meant to instruct us. That we, with ourclassroom-elementary spirit mentors figure out our lesson plan. Each life is a series of events designed to impart specific areas of improvement in which we recognize deficiencies which must be corrected.

We are on earth to be taught and to teach others who cross our path. Our horrible and depressing times we experience are nothing more than an entry on a lesson plan. Allan Kardec explains that life isn’t there to torture us, but to uplift us.

“26. Incarnation is therefore not normally a punishment for the spirit, as some might think, but a condition inherent to the unevolved state of the spirit and a means of progressing.

As the spirit progresses morally, it dematerializes; that is, by freeing itself from the influence of matter, it purifies itself. Its life become more spiritualized and its abilities and perceptions broaden; its happiness is a result of the progress it has accomplished, However, since it acts in virtue of its free will, it can, through negligence or ill will, delay its advancement. Consequently, it prolongs the duration of its material incarnations, which then become a punishment, since due to its own fault it remains in the lower ranks and must start the same task all over again. It thus depends on the spirit itself to shorten – through its own efforts at the self-purification – the extent of the period of incarnations. [p. 224]”

Just as we tell our children, our ultimate success or failure is entirely up to us. Our dedication and attitude in life directly affects our progress in the spirit realm. Only by our free will decisions in 7Tenets-Front-smallpredetermined episodes in our life can we accumulate the knowledge we desire to gain and demonstrate our newly found attributes.

Life is a series of classes, and we are shuttled from one room to another by the machinations of the spirit world. Discover for yourself how to live serenely with this knowledge and guidance that envelopes all of us, by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.



The Future of the Earth as Foretold by Spiritism

earth-with-handsEveryone is interested in the future. Well, it has all been mapped out. The endgame is known, the timing on how we get there is still a mystery, but it will come. All has been told to us in Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book and in books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. This article will take you through the major prophecies and what we can expect and how they will affect us.

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