Nosso Lar – The Story of Dr. Andre Luiz

The book - Nossa Lar

Nosso Lar

“Nosso Lar”, which means “Our Home” in English, is a movie based on a book that was psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by the Spirit Andre Luiz. It is his first book. He tells his story of death, his time between heaven and hell, and his entry into the city “Nosso Lar”. The city he comes to inhabit is a city for spirits, where they learn and work, and some return to earth to continue on their path to growth.

The link below is a link to YouTube where you can watch the entire movie, with English subtitles. Don’t forget, you have to turn on captioning. The original link went to the full movie, but now it costs $3.99 to see on YouTube. Well worth it!

Nosso Lar – The movie

Your Mind directly Affects your Body

ChakrasIn the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, by Francisco C. Xavier, the effects of passes are discussed. Read closely what is said:

“Passes are a transfusion of energies that alter the cellular field. You know that nowadays, even in human science, the atom is no longer the indivisible building block of matter; that behind it, there are lines of force agglutinating the subatomic principles; and that behind these principles lies the determining mental life … Everything derives from the mind in the sanctuary of nature. If we would renew our thoughts, everything would change for us. In magnetic assistance, emission and reception entwined, helping needy patients so that they can help themselves. The re-energized mind revitalizes the microscope lives that serve it in the temple of the body, erecting valuable reconstructions. As we can see, passes are an important contribution for those who know how to receive them with respect and trust that they entail.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p. 157]

Our minds, through the force of our thoughts, has the ability to move around matter. When wemind-reading2 receive supplemental energy, we are able to use it to heal ourselves. Within our physical minds and our spirit lies very complex machinery, which unbeknownst to us is capable of focusing energy on the areas of our body that require attention.

Our “spacesuits” that we must use while incarnated on earth are truly magnificent.

The Spiritist Case for Reincarnation

reincarnation10Many religions believe in reincarnation, but why does Spiritism believe in it? Spiritism considers the early Christians also professed knowledge about our souls reincarnating, but this belief dissipated over the centuries after Christ. Spiritism renews the teachings of Christ and supplements them with the revelations promised to us. Read More.

Faith Increases Your Ability to Heal when you are Given Passes

faithIn the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier and inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz, there is a passage where Andre and his team members are watching incarnates receive passes and other help from the spirit world inside a Spiritist Center.

One of the teams members pointed out that the people getting passes didn’t seem to improve at all. The spirit Assistant told the group what was happening:

“They lack faith.” explained the Assistant.

“So, faith is essential for them to register the assistance they need?”

“Yes, indeed! In photography we need the photographic plate to hold the image, and with In the Realmselectricity we need a wire that can conduct the current. Regarding spiritual assistance, it is essential that the patient display a certain “favorable tension.” This tension derives from faith. Of course, we are not referring to religious fanaticism or blind ignorance, but the attitude of inner assurance, with reverence and submission to the Divine Laws, in whose wisdom and love we seek support. Without introspection and respect, we cannot fixate the imponderable resources that work on our behalf, because scorn and hardness of heart can be compared to thick layers of ice on the temple of the soul.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p.155]

Hence we must be in the right state to allow ourselves to absorb the vital fluids so we may heal and be brought back into balance. Everything flows from remaining calm in the knowledge that God loves us and the trails we are having to survive are the training we require.

I know this is really tough sometimes! I have to remind myself of this almost everyday when I start to complain about some minor inconvenience.



YouTube Presentation – How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth

YouTube-DestinyThere is now posted on YouTube the presentation on How the Spirit World Guides the Destiny of the Earth.

Beginning in the remotest ages with primitive tribes there has been a recurring theme of our destiny being guided by supreme powers. The Old and New Testaments actually tell of events being managed by God. Allan Kardec published the Spirits Book which for the first time started to reveal the extent the Hand of God plays into our past, present, and future activities. The books psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier expose some of the exact processes by which we are directed.

This presentation collects together and describes the tools by which the Spirit world pushes and pulls the levers and sets the dials to manipulate the human race to achieve their desired results.

See the presentation on YouTube.

Read the article.

A Peek at Spirit Culture

Beautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768In the books by Francisco C. Xavier and in the movie Nosso Lar, we usually read or see spirits clothed in simple light-colored tunics. Clothes seem to be utilitarian.

In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, a Andre Luiz book, psychographed by Francisco Xavier, there is a discussion on thoughts and how they mold the form spirits adopt. When a spirit tells the group:

“Art, as well as science, is much richer in our sphere than in the circle of incarnates, andIn the Realms through art, education is processed more efficiently as far as beauty and culture are concerned. Thus, as we cannot conceive of a dignified  and noble earthly society composed solely of men and women in complete nudity – even with fine tattoos – it is necessary to remember that individuals in our community, despite having a vehicle prodigiously sculpted by mental powers, do not disparage fine clothing with which we express different emotions and distinct manners.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p. 97]

I sometimes forget that the culture of the spirit realm must be extremely complex and advanced. When I read passages, such as the above, I visualize social gatherings where each wearable article has a meaning, and the attire of individuals changes throughout the span of the party.

How do Elevated Spirits Perceive Our World?

How does the Spirit World perceive our planet? In the book Renunciation, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel to Francisco Xavier, a woman spirit (Alcyone) has decided to return to earth to assist her love, who has not progressed. She currently resides in a different part of the galaxy, Sirius, where she is asking for transport back to Earth, to be physically reincarnated once more. She enters the room to be transported and an official says;

“Who is the traveler who is going to the Dark Realms?”

“Alcyone. She has offered her services for further work among incarnate spirits on Earth.”

“What?” he asked, taken aback. “Alycone is going to drink the bitter cup of renunciation again?”

The “Dark Realms” is not a marketer’s idea of a description for an attractive vacation spot. It is as if we are given a choice of where we would like to go on vacation, the travel agent would say, “Would you like to go to Brazil, visit Rio de Janeiro, or to Afghanistan, visit the destroyed monuments and be kidnapped by the Taliban”. We have been tagged as an undesirable location by those who know of us and have no wish to visit. At least we know where we stand in the Universal order, low on the totem pole.

This should give us an incentive to improve ourselves.

To learn about the levels of Worlds in the Spirit Kingdom, read Allan Kardec’s The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 3.


Prophecies & Mediumship, a lecture by Geraldo

geraldo-with-chicoThere is another lecture, in English, at the Spiritist Society of Baltimore, about Prophecies and Mediumship by Geraldo Lemos Neto.

The lecture on YouTube is placed here.

It covers the prophecies concerning the future of the world and the United States. And goes into the transition time of the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration.


7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life

7Tenets-Front-smallI have written a book which explains to you via my own experiences and others how the seven tenets of Spiritism affect our daily lives.  The book is now on Amazon kindle for $2.99.

It will show you the winds and currents that move you along your life, mostly unseen and unnoticed, but they are present and benevolent spirits are part of your life. Buy it at Amazon here.

7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life
What are the seven tenets? They are the essential fluid and air in which we swim, walk and run in our daily lives. The seven tenets explain why your life is the way it is and how by realizing the Divine Force that surrounds us is a force for love, you can surmount any obstacle and withstand any ill wind.

Not only survive but prosper. For that is why we are here on earth. To learn, to improve, and to gain experiences. To place in the bottom of your heart that love, understanding, caring and serving are the tools we should use to solve every situation.

Sounds easy but in practice it’s difficult. Everyday life swirls constantly around us, as if we live in an eye of a hurricane, and every misstep buffets our emotions. Life is a constant hardship for many. We need to rise above the terrain and visualize the road ahead. From the ground it looks rough and rocky, but from on-high the path appears smooth and the destination closer.
I explore each of the seven tenets and how they have personally affected me and those around me. How they will alter your view of your life and change your outlook and priorities. Giving yourself the seven tenets could be the best present of your life.

The 7 Tenets of Spiritism:
1. We are Immortal Souls
2. God and Jesus Love Us
3. We have Multiple Lives
4. During our Lives We Pay for Past Debts and Accumulate New Experiences
5. We Live and Learn in Close Family Groups
6. Our Destiny is Mostly Predetermined
7. We are Assisted in our Lives by Unseen Spirit Forces

The Novels of Emmanuel and Reincarnation

geraldo-olderThere is a great presentation, arranged by the Spiritist Society of Virgina, on the Novels of Emmanuel. The story of his family, from his book, Two Thousand Years Ago, down to the time of Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier’s life.  It is a fascinating lecture on how so many lives are intertwined and how even during missions paying for past deeds still occur.

The link for YouTube is here.

I know you will be enthralled with what you learn.


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