Do we all have a set expiration date?

Tomasz Alen KoperaIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an abbreviated discussion about our preplanned death date. The dialogue is as follows;

“Pedro mentioned the theory, defended by some religious thinkers, that holds that the date forsex+destiny the spirit’s discarnation is predetermined, to which Felix replied:

“We shouldn’t totally discredit religious teachings. There are plans and occasions that are foreseen with relative accuracy regarding the death of the physical vehicle; however, the interested parties usually change them, thereby improving or worsening their situation. Time is like the credit that a bank loans or takes away, depending on the acts and attitudes of the debtor. So, we have to remember that the consciousness is free to think and act in both the physical and spirit realms, even if it is chained to the consequences of a blameworthy past.”

And smiling, he concluded;

“Every day is a day to create one’s destiny or reconstruct it since we are all responsible consciousnesses.” [Sex and Destiny, 2013, pp. 296-297]

There you have it, our deeds, our thoughts and steps forwards and backwards may determine our date to return.


Success Rate of Spirits Modifying their Negative Tendencies

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the spirit Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is an institute, Almas Irmas, “Fraternal Souls” in English, which assists spirits which have spent time in their own purgatory. Almas Irmas specializes helping spirits with criminal and obsessive history concerning their sexual behavior. At any one time, the institute will have between five and six thousand souls in residence.[2013, p. 289]

Just to be clear, the Spirit world is not a prude, they advocate equality for all humans, whether heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or transgender. What you must not do, is hurt people with your sexual behavior. The interesting point to consider; I have read about this attitude from the 1850’s, when The Spirits Book was published to 1963, when Sex and Destiny was first published. Well before our present day mode of thinking.

Therefore, the spirits attending the institute, must have performed deeds they were extremely ashamed of and diligently desired to change their conduct.

Here are their success rates (in %’s)

  • 18% – Successfully conquered their tendencies.
  • 22% – Grew spiritually, but did not completely change their behavior.
  • 26% – Barely grew spiritually or changed their behavior.
  • 34% – Actually grew worse and incurred more spiritual debts, which must be repaid.

An illustration of the difficultly of coping with physical life and modifying your underlying instincts, even after years of training in the spirit world.

Family Problems? There is a Reason

familyproblemsAre you experiencing problems with some of your family and have no reason why? You have tried everything and they still just don’t like you? Or worse, are they are nice to you and you can’t help yourself but to reject them? There is a reason, and as part of your trials on earth, you have been reborn with past adversaries, it may have been a rival, a person who assaulted you, or a myriad of reasons for that indistinct feeling of revulsion.

Read more.

Death Bed Agony – It may not be what it seems

We have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. But we are told, this is the absolute wrong course to take. The last minutes are important and should not be curtailed.

sex+destinyIn the book, Sex and Destiny, by the Spirit Andre Luiz, and psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a plot about two families and their complicated relationships between themselves and discarnate spirits. There is one scene, where a young lady who in the despair of a bad love affair, ran out in traffic and was severely injured. She was dying a slow death in a hospital bed. During the end of her suffering, which went on for days, this passage was in the book. It was not part of the story, but a message to all of us;


Fortunate inhabitants of earth! When you pass by the beds of those who are going through a prolonged death, banish from your mind the idea of hastening it!

Around those mangled bodies and behind those sealed lips, benefactors from the spirit planedeathbed are taking measures, performing noble tasks, saying prayers or holding our friendly arms.

Until now, you have not known the value of a few minutes of reconsideration for earthly travelers who, before returning to the shelter of the home, aspire to evaluate the paths they have trod.

If you do not feel capable of offering them a word of consolation or the support of a prayer, just let them be! … Their tears are pearls of hope with which the lights of other dawns moisten their faces! … Those groans coming from their chests and reaching their lips, as if they were sobs imprisoned inside the heart, are nearly always songs of joy before the immortality that shines on them from the Beyond!

Comrades of the world – you whose sight is still limited by the cage of flesh – in the name of your dearest sentiments offer consolation and silence, sympathy and veneration to those who are approaching he grave! They are not the tormented mummies that your eyes see, destined for the tombstone that will decay into dust … They are children of heaven, preparing to return to their homeland, about to cross the river of Truth, whose banks you, too shall reach one day!…

***” [Sex and Destiny, Francisco C. Xavier, 2013, p. 266]

A very explicit message from the Spirit world, one that we should analyze and take to heart. I have never seen a message like that before in a book written by Andre Luiz, although I have not read all of his books, since there are still some that have not been translated into English.

However, a recurring theme in his books is the amount of work the spirit world does for us, not only in our daily life, but the extra care during our last days. Andre Luiz emphasizes our obligation, during these times, if we are present, to think clear, positive thoughts, do not dwell of past wrongs by the person in need and to silently pray for the persons transition into heaven.


Feeling sorry for yourself for being poor? It may be a good thing!

There are certainly advantages to possessing money. The ability to work at what you desire, buy needed materials goods, be more charitable, all quite reasonable and no impediment for being a good Spiritist. On the other hand, part of our experiences to improve ourselves is how we react to varied circumstances. One of them is living a materialistically simple life.

givingPassesIn the book, The Messengers, by the Spirit author Andre Luiz, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a Spiritual center in Brazil, run by a widowed mother and three children, two girls and one boy. After her husband’s death, life was difficult, and the added hardship of maintaining the Spiritual outpost was not easy to manage. The mother, Isabel, tried to explain the situation and that they should be grateful for what they have, the middle girl responded that the whole family should be grateful to God for what they have. Then Isabel said;

“You’re so right,” Isabel answered with a bright smile,”We should never complain, but be grateful for whatever our destiny gives us. And, you know, Mary, you probably wouldn’t understand the situation this clearly if you always had everything you wanted all the time.” [The Messengers, p 156]

How true! If we get everything we ever want, how will we ever learn about disappointments? How will we learn the value of a good earned by hard labor? Where will our pride be in ourselves if we don’t exert for what we desire? Required lessons for all of us.

The girl asked, “Mom, what’s your understanding of being poor?”

Isabel remained calm, “I think that times of difficulty can be one of the best opportunities we have to acquire good spiritual qualities. A rich person may have a very important job to do on Earth, but I really think the working people, besides their regular missions in life, are freer and happier. In tough times, it is much easier to find true friends, to realize Providence’s assistance, to see the beauty and to feel happiness in simple things. Of course, when I’m talking about the poor. I realize there are those who are very lazy or ungrateful. I’m talking about the hardworking poor of this world.” [The Messengers, pp. 156-157]

How many of us, have looked at the people who are living a simpler life, who have somehowtinyhouse escaped from the treadmill of incurring great debt to maintain a lifestyle that is expected of us, and not thought, couldn’t this be a better way of life? Instead of working to live, driven by an ever-increasing demand for material possessions, try to downsize, put your paying job in perspective, and think about your spiritual health.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. Whom am I to write this, after all I am still working a 9-5 job. I am attempting to not buy anything on credit, pay-off what bills I do have and attempting to break the habit of buying things to reward myself. Not enough, but little baby steps are possible, if you keep at it.


The Spirit World Encourages Scientific Advances

Promotion of Scientific Advances

moleculesThe goal of Spiritism is to bring together Religion, Philosophy and Science. Science is one of the legs to bring the world into a higher Spiritual sphere. Encouraging Science is one of the reasons the Spirit realm created Western Civilization. They fully understood that without a culture of freedom of speech, governments elected by the people and economic freedom the foundation to innovate would be severely diminished. Without the ownership of ideas and the willpower to see concepts to fruition, the ability of our society to create scientific breakthroughs would be handicapped. The Spirit world is guiding us to be a more innovative society. During the Medieval period, Emmanuel cites Roger Bacon as one of the important figures in setting the scene to prepare Europe for the Renaissance. Roger Bacon was an English philosopher and Franciscan Friar who was an early advocate of the modern scientific method (Wikipedia – Bacon, 2013). Emmanuel lamented the role of the Catholic Church in retarding progress;

The Church, however, prohibited examination and free opinion, thereby harming the evolutionary boom, especially in the case of medicine, which disregarding the close observation of all the facts, surrendered to magic, causing serious harm to society (Xavier, 2011, p. 163).

The Spirit world has actively contributed to our technological advancement. In order to generate the necessary leap forward in our intellectual progress, the Spirit world arranged the reincarnation of brilliant minds to assist our progress. Emmanuel describes how events were manipulated in the past;

The 18th century began with equally renewing struggles, but high order spirits of Philosophy and Science – who reincarnated chiefly in France – would fight against the errors of society and politics (Xavier, 2011, p. 180).

This was followed up in the 19th century by another push to advance Western Civilization. Emmanuel writes not only about Allen Kardec but the support that was planned for him in bringing new ideas to the world;

On his mission of enlightenment and consolation, however, Allen Kardec would be



accompanied by a plethora of companions and collaborators, whose regenerative work would manifest not only in matters of a doctrinal nature, but in every area of intellectual activity of the 19th century. Science in those days made large strides that would lead to the heights of the 20th century (Xavier, 2011, p. 193).

Our Spiritual guides do not want us to wallow in a static society where knowledge never changes or is difficult to distribute under fear of discovery. Maintaining the atmosphere for enabling and protecting individuals, whether via formal legal processes (i.e. a patent system) or the acknowledgement and celebration of new discoveries constitute a significant measure of a successful society.

The Perfect Process to Weed out Imperfection

(The Spirit’s Realm Brilliant Method to make us Productive Spirits)

bureaucratWhat is the process to turn our raw souls into production spirits? How are we molded, scolded, and cajoled into conformance, while retaining our personal identity? Well, God waits patiently for his natural laws to perform their magic. We are actually strapped in a ride that never stops and provides twists and turns, and enough g-force to transform our spirit into an intelligent and productive member of God’s children. Read more

Seara Fraterna – Spiritual Center in Rio de Janeiro

searaFraternaWe were able to visit a Spiritual Center, while in Rio de Janeiro. They started in January, 1954 in a person’s house. They were able to rent a location in 1972, and ten years later they bought the building pictured below.

The place was full of the most wonderful people. They have a well-rounded organization. The spiritual center provides the following services;

1. Study of Spiritism – Organized study groups, plus a talk almost every night on a different subject.

2. Passes – After the talks and even at specific times during the day, people are able to have passes (where a Spiritist transfers energy to your body to assist your physical, mental and spiritual health)

3. Mediumship – Mediums meet to help incarnates (meaning we who are in the physical world) and discarnates (spirits).

4. Mental Hygiene – This is a service for those people who need help in their personal life. The center provides passes, mediumship, nutrition for the body and soul. They will map out a plan to enable a person to get back to harmony.

5. Juvenile Education – They have classes for children on Saturdays.

6. Assistance for the Needy – They collect food and distribute it to the less fortunate.

There are more services they perform, but the above are a good indication of the breadth of work accomplished in the name of Spiritism. Their website (in Portuguese) is

It was wonderful to see the number of people at the Center. It is difficult to describe the caring atmosphere, where all are welcome, where preconceptions are absent and your spiritual health is all that is important. Truly they are providing the vision for Spiritual Centers for the rest of the world.


Why We Must Go Through Multiple Trials on Earth

reincarnation1Reincarnation is an accepted process for Spiritists. The need to atone for your sins in the next life is well-known. But there are other reasons for re-birth as well, the spirit Andre Luiz delves deeper into the need for varied experiences and sheds light on the complexities in our learning here on earth in two of his books, Missionaries of the Light and Workers of the Life Eternal, both psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. Read More.

A Succession of Lives II – Souria-Omar

Memoirs of a SuicideIn the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a group of recovering suicides are being introduced to their mentors, who will help them prepare for their next reincarnation. One more mentor is introduced and a compilation of his previous lives is given;

“On my left is Souria-Omar, an ancient master of initiation in Alexandria, and then a philosopher in Greece, right after the coming of Socrates, when undying torch-lights began to be lit for the people, until then deprived of the sublime knowledge, which was



kept secret and available only for learning and use by sages and scholars. Like the eminent precursor (meaning Socrates, who preceded Christ) of the Great Master, he taught the Secret Doctrine to disciples coming from the humblest social classes, to the disinherited and the unfortunate. In the benevolent shade of stately oak trees or the poetic amenity of the plantains, he enabled then to absorb teachings filled with divine magnificence, transporting then to lofty thoughts about the eternal God, Creator of all things, that unknown God whose image was absent from the collection of deities on the stone altars of ancient Hellas… Later, he reincarnated in Judea, attracted by the figure of the incomparable Master of masters, practicing benevolent, humble acts as he followed the luminous footsteps of the heavenly Shepard! In old age, he witness the Jerusalem persecution right after the stoning of Stephen. Stoic, strengthened by an unbreakable faith, he suffered a long martyrdom in the Pharisees Woe_Unto_You_Scribes_and_Pharisees_525sinister darkness of an ancient dungeon; afflicted by blindness, he had been considered to be a learned person, and therefore dangerous to Pharisaic interests.  Tortured with beating and dreadful mutilations , he succumbed, ignored by society and unacknowledged by his own family, but glorified by the Sublime Master for whose love he endured everything with humility, love and gratitude.” [Yvonne A. Pereira, Memoirs of a Suicide, p. 454]

One can only stand in awe of spirits like Souria-Omar. I have no doubt, that if I were tortured, I would quickly renounce whatever they wanted me to and adopt the state religion like a fanatic!



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