Mediumship has been brought to us for a Purpose

In the RealmsThe spirit realm has given our present time the gift of Mediumship for a purpose. In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, by Francisco C. Xavier, Aulus, a spirit in charge of a team in which Andre Luiz is a member tells us:

“The mediumistic phenomenon is not new. Only the way it manifests is new because the priesthood of various creeds has been stagnated for many centuries in the displays of outward worship. Most notably, Christianity, which should be thePSYCHIC-readings largest and simplest of the schools of faith, has long been crystallized in the superficiality of its churches. Thus, it was necessary to free its principles for benefits of the world, which nowadays, from a scientific point of view, is bathed in the light of a new era. That is why the planet’s unseen Government decided that mediumship should be brought from the clergy into the public square so that the notion of eternity, through the survival of the soul, would awaken the anesthetized mind of the populace.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p. 163]

Hence, the spirit world wishes to send us the information that we are immortal souls who are on a path to perfection. This realization that karma is real and means that no one escapes the damages they have done or doesn’t benefit from the good they have accomplished is most probably the major lever that will be used to bring back in balance people’s materialistic tendencies with their spiritual needs.

Why Did Christianity Grow?

JesusCharityThere is an interesting article at The Gospel Coalition about why Christianity grew. It holds some lessons for Spiritism. After all, one of the tenets of Spiritism is to return to the days when Christian churches served its members.

Here is the list:

“1. Christianity drew from the worldly, accommodated religious communities of the time. It is hardest to find converts among the serious religious, easiest to get them from those who are most secular or nominal in their commitment.

2. Christianity probably drew its converts, in large part, from the upper class. Privileged classes tend to be the most skeptical about God and most unaffiliated. Thus there are more of them to be won to new religions. If, that is, they are dissatisfied with what they have found in the world.

3. Christianity spread because the Christians cared for each other in times of sickness and disease. Their communal compassion both staved off death and served as an example to outsiders of the transforming power of the Christian faith.

4. The first Christians also cared for outsiders, which won them a hearing with unbelievers.

5. Women were honored in Christianity. Baby girls were not killed. Females of all ages were to be protected. Husbands, not just wives, were expected to be chaste.

6. Christians had more babies than non-Christians, and abortions were considered anathema. The early Christians simply out-birthed the pagans.

7. Christianity grew when it remained an “open network” with connections into the lives of non-Christians.

8. Christians were over-represented in cities, which made them more influential than their numbers because culture tends to flow from cities to the countryside.

9. Christianity gave much needed dignity to human beings. They welcomed strangers, provided community, and offered a refuge from a brutal world.

10. Christian martyrs galvanized and inspired the faith of the early Christians.

11. Christianity in the first few centuries required great sacrifice and entailed a significant stigma. This process of sacrifice and stigma scared off free-riders and made Christianity a more virulent, vibrant faith.

12. Membership in the church was “expensive” and a “bargain” at the same time. That is, following Christ cost you something, but by becoming a Christian you also gained physical support, relational attachments, and shared emotional satisfaction with other believers.

13. Christianity promised rewards to its followers, the reward of being virtuous and the reward of eternal life.” [location of article]

Food for thought. I particularly like the last two. Isn’t this is what Spiritism is all about. The Doctrine could be considered “expensive” because it entails the de-prioritization of your material side while the “bargain” is supplying you a foundation to handle life’s vicissitudes with greater understanding, since you realize the process by which we are assigned each life. The reward is to know how to climb the path to become a pure spirit

To Suffer Well or Badly – According to the Spirit Lacordaire (Harve, 1863)

In Allan Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, there is an interesting section, Chapter V, Blessed are the afflicted, Section 18, To Suffer Well or Badly. He writes;

lacordaire_gr“When Christ said, ‘Blessed are the afflicted, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.’ he was not referring to those who suffer in general, since everyone on the earth suffers, whether upon the throne or upon straw, But alas! Few suffer well. Few understand that only trials that are borne well can lead them to the Kingdom of God. Discouragement is a fault. God refuses you consolation because you lack courage. Prayer is a support for the soul, but it is not enough. It must be based on a living faith in God’s goodness. You have often been told that God does not put heavy burdens on weak shoulders. The burden is proportional to the strength, just as the reward will be proportional to the resignation and courage. The reward will be greater than the affliction is painful. However, one must merit the regard, and that is why life is full of tribulation.” [Allan Kardec, The Gospel According to Spiritism, p. 109]

I wish I knew this when I was much younger, I wouldn’t have wasted my time whining and complaining to anyone who would listen about all of my “supposed” troubles. After all, why be discouraged, it is negative thinking and does nothing to solve whatever hole you have been placed in. Beside, when you are seeking assistance, who wishes to help anyone who is pessimistic. We have enough dark clouds in our life without inviting other peoples bad feelings. But, to help a person who is happy, even just yourself, is another matter. We enjoy partaking in solving problems when we feel positive vibrations and expect victory at the end.

Lacordaire is correct, to suffer well is a good habit to have, not only for us, but for everyone around us.

According to Wikipedia, Lacordaire is Jean-Baptiste Henri-Dominique Lacordaire (12 May 1802 – 21 November 1861), often styled Henri-Dominique Lacordaire,  he was a French ecclesiastic, preacher, journalist and political activist. He re-established the Dominican Order in post-Revolutionary France. Link to Wikipedia on Lacordaire.

I will leave you with one of Lacordaire quotes; “It is not genius, nor glory, nor love that reflects the greatness of the human soul; it is kindness.”

Article in the Atlantic Magazine – The Science of Near Death

near-deathThe entire concept that the soul lives on after death is starting to find traction in the scientific and cultural arenas. The fact of so much is unexplainable is helping to thrust the possibility that there may be some truth to the concept of a spirit world and a Divine Intelligence.

The link to the article is here.  I hope you enjoy it!

Message from the Spirit of Truth – Paris, 1860

In Allan Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, there is a message from the Spirit of Truth, Chapter VI, The Consoling Christ, Section 5, The Coming of the Spirit of Truth.

The Spirit of Truth is the promised consoler mentioned in the New Testament;

Spirit-of-Truth_200px“If you love me, keep my commandments.  And I will pray to my Father and he will send you another consoler so that he may remain with you forever: The Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him. But as for you, you will know him because he will remain  with you and will be among you. But the consoler, who is the Holy Spirit, whom my Father will send in my name,, will teach you all things and will enable you to remember everything that I have said to you” (John. 14:15-17,26)

The Spirit of Truth wrote the following message to us; via a medium in Paris in 1860;

“I have come, as I once came amongst the wayward children of Israel, to bring the truth and dissipate the darkness. Listen to me. Spiritism, as my word of old, must remind disbelievers that above them reign the immutable truth; the good God, the great God who makes the plant germinate and raises the tides. I have revealed the divine Doctrine, and like a reaper, I have gathered into sheaves the good scattered amid humankind and have said, ‘Come unto me, all you who suffer!’

cedartreeHowever, ungrateful men and women have strayed from the straight and broad way that leads to the kingdom of my Father, and have become lost on the bitter path of impiety. My Father does not want to annihilate the human race; he wants you, through the help you give to one another – both the living and the dead, that is, dead according to the flesh, since death does not exist – to succor one another, and for the voice of the prophets and apostles no longer to be heard, but instead, the voice of those who have departed from the earth, proclaiming to you, ‘Pray and believe! For death is resurrection and life is the chosen trial during which your cultivated virtues must grow and develop like cedar.’

O frail humans, who are aware of the darkness of your minds, do not stray from the beacon that divine clemency has placed in your hands to light your way and lead you, as lost children, back to the bosom of your Father.

I am too moved with compassion for your miseries, your great frailty, not to extend a sure hand to those wayward unfortunates who, seeing heaven, fall into the abysses of error. Believe, love and meditate upon the things that are being revealed to you. Do not mix tares with the good seed, utopias with the truth.

bookofTruthO Spiritists! Love one another; this is the first teaching. Educate yourselves; this is the second. All truths are found in Christianity. The errors that have become rooted within it are of human origin; and here, beyond the grave – which you believed was nothingness – voices cry out to you: ‘Brothers and sisters! Nothing perishes. Jesus Christ is the victor over evil; be victors over impiety.” [The Gospel According to Spiritism, Allan Kardec, pp 129-131]

When the Spirit of Truth, tells us not to mix tares (weeds) with the good seed and utopias with the truth; we are being told to be true to the Spiritist Doctrine, do not adulterate it to make the Doctrine easier and more comfortable for people to understand and accept. Yes, you may interpret it in order to explain it, but don’t promise any easy exit for those seeking heaven. Only through living Spiritism, can we hope to achieve any progress in our quest to become better souls.





Someday there will be Psychic Surgery

psychicsurgeryIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, a team of spirits is helping a confused spirit, who is tied to the household of his granddaughter. One member of the team applies magnetic passes to assist the old spirit to regain his memory. The object of the passes is to reestablish his memory connections so the team may determine what is keeping him in the house in a stupor like state.

One of the team members ask how can the old spirit begin to spontaneously regain his ability to retrieve his memory. The team leader answers:

“Yes, of course. The memory may be compared to a sensitive plate, which , when struck by light, stores forever the images collected by the spirit during the course of its innumerableOpticalDisk learning experiences. Each one of our soul’s particular lifetimes is an added experience that is preserved in the prodigious archive of images, which. even though superimposed on one another, never become jumbled up. During endeavors of assistance like this one, we need to search the mental archives in order to produce certain types of vibrations, not only yo attract the presence of spirits that are connected to this suffering brother but also to unveil the hidden fibers of his mind that keep him bound to his afflictions and unseen wounds.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p.85]

I am going off on a little tangent here, before I get to Psychic surgery. Bear in mind this book was published in Portuguese in 1954. Computers had core memory which is basically magnetic cores wired to be either on or off.  Memory was very expensive. Personal computers weren’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye at the time.

Now, how does an optical disk work, there is a single layer, but there is also a dual layer optical disk that stores data superimposed on the top of one another. Dual layer discs have two reflective layers sandwiched between the label side and plastic side instead of one. The first of these layers is semi-transparent, so the laser can change its focal length and read through it to the next layer.

When the concept to light storing information to a plate is described in the book, that is exactly how data is written to an optical disk.

Now back to Psychic surgery; the team leader further explains:

“The mind, just like any other part of the body, can and must endure interventions in order mindwavesto become rebalanced. Someday, human science will develop psychic surgery, just as today it is developing its surgical techniques with the needs of the physical body in mind. In the grand future, doctors will unravel a mental labyrinth with the same ease with which they can now remove an inflamed appendix.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p.85]

Therefore, hopefully one day, relief may be coming to mentally disturbed individuals. Although I also hope this is never used for nefarious purposes.

Don’t be Worried About the Death of Faith – This is a Transition Period – According to Leon Denis

LeonDenis_ApostoloDo you worry, as do I, about the level of materialism in our culture? And question how can this ever change. According to Leon Denis, when a new religious doctrine is revealed, at first there is an abundance of faith, next human nature takes over and the numerous negations takes its toll. Faith is gradually replaced by disbelief in anything of a higher power. Hence, faith is replaced by materialism. Only when materialism has exposed its powerlessness to maintain social order does the door open again to faith and the rejection of materialism.

Leon Denis wrote about this in a book, Life and Destiny,  published in the year 1919. If he thought he was in the midst of materialism in the early years of the 1900’s, he would be amazed at our current level. Not only does a sizable portion of people profess no faith, but those who have faith are marginalized by society.

But don’t give up hope, for Leon Denis writes about the lack of faith:

“And the inevitable result has been discord and discontent in the human family. Out of this discontent has come a crisis; in spite of all appearances of the death of faith, faith is not dead, but is being transformed and renewed. The doubt of today prepares the path for the conviction of tomorrow. An intelligent faith will govern the future and permeate all races.” [Life and Destiny, Leon Denis, p 32]

In the years following the end of World War I, materialism gained strength, given the moral emptiness of the powers that promoted the Great War. After the debacle of World War II, where one would think a renewed faith would be present with the breakdown of society; but that vacuum was not filled with faith in God, but faith in government benevolence. While many programs are indeed started with good intentions, the effect has been to diminish our personal responsibility toward others, since we believe all is taken care of by nameless bureaucrats. Therefore, the majority turn their focus on their own material desires. Desires manipulated by our consumer culture.

The problem is that crass materialism does not promote self-discipline and without it people allow themselves to be influenced by those promising an illusion of comfort. When all believe in taking and not giving, no society can survive for long. Therefore, at sometime in the future, a majority shall realize that a balance between faith, self-discipline and materialism is required. Hopefully, without a cataclysmic event that forces a painful abrupt change.

What is a Spirit? – According to Spiritism

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

What is a Spirit – According to Spiritism – We are spirits. The vast majority of our existence will be as a spirit. Our time in physical bodies are meant as periods of training or missions to help other spirits. Learn what we really are when we live in the other world. Read More.

There is a Reason that Jesus said to Make Peace with your Enemies

humility“Be reconciled as quickly as possible with your adversary, while you are with him on the way so that he does not hand you over to the judge, and so that the judge does not hand you over to the Minister of Justice, so that you may not be imprisoned. Verily, I say to you that you will not leave there as long as you have not paid the last farthing.” (Mt. 5:25-26)

Is Jesus saying that just in this world make a deal before you go before the judge? And if he was why would he tell you that you had to pay the last farthing (cent)? He is saying that the enemies you make in this life will pursue you to the next, so you better clean up your mistakes while you can.

The Gospel According to Spiritism, tells us;

vengance“In their hatred, vengeful spirits often pursue beyond the grave those against whom they harbor rancor; thus the proverb that states; ‘The beast dead, the venom is dead’ is erroneous when applied to human beings. An evil awaits the one against whom it wishes evil to be imprisoned in the body and less free in order to more easily torment it, striking it in  its interests of dearest affections, In this fact, one can see the cause of most case of obsession, especially those that display a certain gravity such as subjugation and possession. Obsessed and possessed persons are therefore almost always victims of a prior revenge which they probably caused by their own conduct.” [Gospel According to Spiritism, Chap X, No. 6, p. 171]

Hence, let us learn rapidly to forgive and not to encourage vengeance. Lest the chaos and hatred we start could haunt us for many lifetimes and severely retard out progress. This is also why Jesus said, so many times in so many ways, that we should forgive.

Now you know that forgiveness not only allows our physical bodies to remain calm, since we free ourselves of negative thoughts and our stress levels decrease, but forgiveness also opens a clear path for us to plan out our next life. With less hindrances and possibilities of vengeful spirits throwing obstacles at us, we can, in a more clear-headed manner absorb and fulfill the tasks assigned to us.


Who and What is God – According to Spiritism

sistine-chapel Who and What is God – According to Spiritism – Understand the Spiritist concept of God. Read More.


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