The Unspoken Voice from the Divine Plane

Nossa-lar-lectureEmmanuel, in the forward to the book, Between Heaven and Earth, tells us of an unspoken voice that tells all of us:

“The Law is alive and Justice never fails! Let go of evil forever and sow the good each and every day! … Help those around you, thereby helping yourself! Time does not stop and if now you find your ‘yesterday’, do not forget that your

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

‘today’ will be the light or the darkness of your ‘tomorrow’!” [Francisco C. Xavier, 2011, p. 9]

Emmanuel wrote these words before I was born, I am somewhat cross that he didn’t make me remember this as I was preparing to be reincarnated, I could have saved over 50 years of ‘yesterdays’ doing the wrong thing!

Just kidding, I only have myself to blame. I just hope that I can make up for the majority of my previous self-centered existence.

The Early Church – What Did the First Christians Believe?

Hail ChristIn the book, Hail Christ!, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel to Francisco C. Xavier, there are passages on what the early church was like for the first Christians. The book is set around 200 AD, the Emperor Caracalla had just died, in 217 AD. Christians were still being persecuted. There was, as yet, no organized Bible, only various writings by disciples and others.

In the book, an old Gaul, Corvinus, is talking to Quintus Varrus, about his experiences;

“I too suffered a great deal when I was still young and decided to work in the faith. I was



repudiated by everyone and forced to leave Gaul, where I was born, and I lived for ten years in Alexandria, where I renewed my knowledge. The church there remains open to the broader considerations relating to destiny and being. The ideas of Pythagoras are kept there in a large study center to real advantage, and after listening attentively to distinguished priests and the most enlightened followers, I was convinced that we are reborn many times on earth and that the body is the fleeting garment of our imperishable soul. The tomb is the resurrection. We will return to the flesh as many times as necessary, until we have gotten rid of all of our inner impurities, like the noble metal which tolerates the purifying crucible until it casts off the dross that disfigures it.” [Hail Christ, Xavier, 2012, p. 47]

The early Christians knew about our immortal souls and our trials on earth. Pythagoras, was a Greek philosopher and mathematician, who live 500 years before Christ. As with Socrates, he believed in the immortal soul and in reincarnation. The Christians of the day, from the stories recorded from Jesus’ disciples led them, like us today, to understand the meaning behind the many references to reincarnation. They incorporated the writings of the great Greek philosophers into their understanding of the message of Christ.

Corvinus explains further;

“Jesus did not just speak to the human being who passes away, but rather to the imperishable spirit. In one step of his sublime teachings, he warns, ‘It is better to enter life maimed than, have two hands, to go into the lower regions.’ [Mk 9:43] Christ is referring to the world as a school where we seek our own improvement. We come to the earth with the problems we need. Trials are a salutary remedy. Difficulties are steps upward on the great ascent. Our ancestors, the Druids, taught that we find ourselves in a world of travels or in a field of repeated experiences so that later on we can reach the stars of divine light to be one with God, our Father. We create suffering by defying the universal laws, and we endure it so we can return to harmonious communion with them. Justice is perfect.Nobody weeps unnecessarily. The stone bears the pressure of the tool that polishes it so that it can shine supremely. The beast is led to confinement to be tamed. Humankind suffers and struggles to learn and relearn in order to grow more and more. Earth is not the only theater of life. Did not the Lord himself — whom we aspire to serve — say ‘There are many dwellings in my Father’s house?’ Toil is the ladder of light to other spheres, where we will meet again like birds, which, after losing each other in winter’s gusts, regroup again in the blessed spring sunshine.” [Hail Christ, Xavier, 2012, pp. 47-48]

Even the Druids knew about our struggles to purify ourselves by our passages here on earth. In fact, the pen name of Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who wrote The Spirit’s Book, was Allan Kardec, his name from another life as a Druid priest.

In another section of the book, Corvinus tells of the early church’s communication with spirits;

“Heed the Master’s teaching and a new light will shine in your soul. In Lyon, many of our brothers and sisters communicate with the dead, who are simply those living in eternity. They communicate with us and support us every day in our duties… In many instances of martyrdom. I have seen companions who preceded us receiving those who were put to death… Consequently, I know that you and I will continue to be together. The church, for me is nothing but the Spirit of Christ in communion with men and women…” [Hail Christ, Xavier, 2012, p. 63]

The early Christians knew how to communicate with spirits and to gain strength and faith through their discussions with the other side. Spiritism was brought to us, to reinvent the teaching of the church to where it began. To purify its goal to spread the message, that we aren’t here to accumulate wealth or gain power, but to learn from our trials. Trials individually customized for each of us, so we can learn the lessons we have failed to learn in the past. And, that any wrong we commit, we shall pay in this life or the next. There is no easy monetary payment to be made to absolve us of our errors.





Questions about Mediumship

regenerativeWorldOn our Facebook group, Spiritism and the Spirit World Around Us (please join – by the way), a person posted a list of questions regarding mediumship. I thought the questions were great. They demonstrated a deep knowledge of the problems and concerns of starting out on the road to being a medium.

Here are the questions:

How does a contact between a medium and a spirit-being come about?

How do you prepare a mediumistic session?

How do you prepare the location of the mediumistic session?

What are the means you work with?

What are the possibilities you employ to reduce radio and TV frequencies?

How do you educate and instruct the medium?

What are the preparations the medium undergoes?

In what way do you help the medium with the preparations?

How do the participants of the session help the medium?

How does the person in charge of the session prepare himself/herself?

Does the person in charge help the medium with the preparations, and if so, in what way?

Does the medium consciously feel and experience his or her own energies?

Does the person in charge feel and experience his other own energies?

Is the same person in charge a medium?

What is the spiritist-scientific approach to self-knowledge in order to prepare a medium?

How does a medium get rid of the energies to which he or she is exposed on a daily basis?

How does a medium discharge his or her own energies, accumulated through behavior and, which hinder the mediumistic work?

How does a medium energetically prepare for the mediumistic session?

How does the person in charge energetically prepare for the mediumistic session?

How do the other participants prepare?

What is the difference between a mediumistic and a spiritist session?

What indications have your Spirit Guides given you in respect of these questions?

In the true spirit of Spiritism, instead of answering each one, and probably getting the answer incorrect, I will point out the various resources in which these questions (and more) are fully discussed and answered.

Plus, I would like to point out that in many of the Andre Luiz series of books, these types of inquires are touched upon.

The list of books one should read to explore the world of mediumship and to understand the spirit world on the other side of the line are:

1. The Book on Mediums – by Allan Kardec, available on Amazon and on PDF.

2. In the Domains of Mediumship – by Francisco C. Xavier, available on Amazon.

3. Disobession – by Francisco C. Xavier and Waldo Viera, available on Amazon and on PDF.

4. We are all Mediums – by Odilon Fernandes and  Carlos Baccelli, available on Amazon and on PDF.

The Mediums Book

The Mediums Book

DomainOfMediumshipDisobsession v2


What is your Opinion? – Analyze the Communication of a High Order Spirit to Nosso Lar

workers-ofpthe-life-eternalIn the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, there is a chapter detailing the events when a guest speaker from a high order world, gave a lecture to spirits in Nosso Lar. Ordinarily, this is not a mystery, the speaker arrives and speaks, but this instance was different. Even for people who believe in Spiritism. I want to layout the occurrence and look for opinions on what did the exchange mean about the differences between the orders of the Spirit world. Read More

What it means to be a Good Husband and Father

ApillarofIronIn Taylor Caldwell’s, A Pillar of Iron, which was psychographed, there is a passage where Cicero’s mother tells a young Cicero what it means to be a true man. She tells him;

“My son, when I advise you concerning your future it will be well if you listen. A true man is known by his control of his appetites, does not lose his temper easily, honors money because it represents labor and confers honor on the possessor, rejects all things which reflect badly on his country, his gods and his family. He has endless patience and calm, and always brings matters to a satisfactory conclusions, good for himself and his family. He is a good husbandman, careful in all things, long-suffering and indifferent to pain. He is never disillusioned because he never suffered illusions and false fantasies and improbable dreams. He does his duty. Above all, my son, he does his duty, prudently and after long thought.” [A Pillar of Iron, Taylor Caldwell, p. 84-85]

What a wonderful passage. I wish I could approximate this description.

I like the part where you honor money for the labor it represents. How much better would it be if we all did that. Respect what people spend or we spend because we worked hard for it, not because some person made a killing on a stock because management squeezed every dime out of its employees and drove the share price up.

Have You Been Told you are Unique? We really are!

telepathyA favorite saying is that “we are all unique”. Sounds like an empty expression that is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. But according to the Spirit world, we really are unique; we each have a radiation signature that is not the same of anyone else in the universe.

Read more.

A Nation which drives out God, drives out its Soul



I found another passage in Taylor Caldwell’s, A Man of Iron, which reminded me of Emmanuel. In Emmanuel’s book, On the Way to the Light, he talks about how the spirit realm had first thought of Rome as being the beginning of a world government. He mentions the Roman rule of Law, the role of the family and their dedication to the Gods. Then he speaks of the quest for power and the venality of Rome as men desired more and more.

In the book there is a couple of paragraphs where Cicero’s father, Tullus, tells him;

“Man must have a frame of reference,” said Tullus, “Once Rome had a firm frame of reference compounded of God, country, and just law. So she became strong and mighty, upheld by faith, patriotism and justice.”

“The nation which drives out God drives out its soul, and without a soul a nation cannot survive, We have a Republic, but the Republic is declining. The evil heads of plotting men are already outlined against the sunset of our life, and their swords are visible. What is it that Aristotle said: “Republics decline into democracies, and democracies degenerate into despotisms.’ We have approached that day.” [ p.80]

Tullus, Cicero’s father, explains the progression of Rome from an honorable state into one whocicero1 seeks domination and is full of corrupt politicians who are out only for themselves. Roman rule of law became too constraining for men who sought power, therefore their constitution was slowly degraded to allow more leeway to bribe the populace and open the doors for personal gain.

A Sound familiar? An efficient government expanded to give favors, so the people would show gratitude to the politicians, who in turn would siphon off whatever gain they could get their hands on. The only difference between Rome then and the United States (and most of the world’s governments) now is that we must raise taxes to continue to exploit the people, while Rome could send its armies to enslave whole races to feed the coffers, or drain conquered territories of their assets.

Seara Fraterna – Disobsession Medium Meeting – My Observations

I was at a Medium’s meeting at the Seara Fraterna Spiritual Center in Rio de Janeiro, in July 2014.

Disobsession v2It was a meeting to help discarnated spirits. The process is to help spirits living in a state of unbalance. This is not a type of medium meeting where spirits from deceased family members, etc are communicated with to ease the pain of still living family.

Andre Luiz dictated a book on how to conduct disobsession meetings.In the book he explains the exact process, roles, and training required to accomplish this great mission of mercy.

The meetings are all done by volunteers who mostly work during the day and then they meet at night to help our discarnated brothers and sisters, who need assistance to regain their facilities so they are able to get back on the path to improve themselves.

For those of you that have read Andre Luiz’s books, such as The Messengers or Workers of the Life Eternal, what I witnessed at the meeting followed the pattern of disobsession medium meetings in the books quite closely.

The meeting started with one of the persons saying a prayer to start the meeting. Next, the mediums talked about their experiences since the last meeting. After the previous information was digested, one of the mediums read passages from one of the spiritist books. They kept their discussions and readings to a strict timetable.

At the appointed hour, the lights were dimmed and the mediums, heads bowed in silence, awaited the first contact. There were papers and pens ready at the table to receive any written messages. There are two types of mediums at the meeting. A trance medium, is the one the spirit connects with and speaks through their voice.The other type of medium is the counselor medium, who engages in conversation with the spirit.

A male trance medium started talking, all conversations were in Portuguese, in which I am not totally competent, therefore I may misrepresent some situations.

The trance medium started shaking and then he said, “Untie me! Untie me! Why am I restrained?”

A counselor medium came over to sit by the trance medium and put his hand on the trance medium’s arm and said,” Please calm down, calm down, everything will be fine.”

The spirit kept yelling to be free, finally the counselor medium told the spirit to go back to sleep and try to contact the group another day when he was able to communicate.

Another episode was when a women spirit talking through a female trance medium. Immediately she began complaining about her life in general.

“How could someone study, go to school, be educated, and wishing to be a good wife and yet spend a long time locked in her own house by her husband. And if that is not enough, her husband then marked her face with a red-hot iron. He burned all of my face.”

Then she cried and said she was sad. She seemed to believe her face was still disfigured, even thought she has left her physical body.

Next her husband possessed another trance medium and he said, “I feel very terrible I did this, but you know during those times the husband totally owned his wife.”

I immediately thought; this must be a couple from many years ago, when women had no rights.

The counselor medium told him, “I understand your regret.”

The husband responded, “Yes, you are right. All I want is her forgiveness. I am very regretful.”

This is a very tragic situation, the wife lives in constant anger of what was done to her and the husband can not move on due to his realization of his horrible behavior. Her absolute anger is understandable, but it reached a point that her negative thoughts are detrimental to her own health. Who knows how many decades both have been merely existing in this twilight zone. They seemed locked in the lower regions, unable to progress through forgiveness and love.

The last case I will try to summarize is a male spirit who came and told everyone at the meeting how hypocritical and stupid we all are. Then he said, “All of you are fools, you think you are superior to us?”

“No, we don’t think that, we just want to give you help and love”, the counselor medium replied.

“Who are you to give love. Only Jesus reached the high level of love, no one else.”, he said in a loud voice.

“We are here in empathy to learn, how about you?”, said the counselor medium, trying to find the key to start a constructive dialog.

He thought for a while and said, “Do you think we also don’t have empathy. I have love within my group”

“Are you happy with your life?” asked the medium.

“I accept my life the way it is.”, he replied

The counselor medium, sensing he was not open to any type of positive conversation, told him, “OK, so why are you here? If you don’t want to listen, then I will have to ask you to let others come.”

Then he laughed and left.

The meeting was like this for the entire two hours, short dialogs with spirits who required assistance. Some spirits, we were told, would come back many times. All spirits were directed to the meeting by spirits from the higher regions attempting to help those trapped by negative emotions or many other causes. Meetings such as these are just one way lost souls are comforted and guided to get back to the path of improvement.


What is happiness to a good person?

ApillarofIronIn Taylor Caldwell’s, A Man of Iron, there is a passage;

“To a good man happiness in this world is of no importance, and no reality. This is not our home. A good man can find happiness only in God and in the contemplation of Him, even in this world. Even then, it is a happiness over-laid with sadness, for the soul cannot truly be happy separated by its flesh from its God.” [Taylor Caldwell, 1968 3rd edition, p. 80]

The passage above, was told to Cicero by his father, who in one paragraph explains the feeling of our existence on earth.

In our physical forms we are only capable of fleeting moments of real joy or happiness. It is extremely difficult to maintain a constant positive outlook, much less a high level of love and contentment.

I believe this is deliberate. We are meant to be here to work and learn. Our true reward is back home in the spirit world. Where we shall be enveloped in joy when we once more see our friends and family.

Not to say, we shouldn’t seek out moments of happiness and feel the warmth of satisfaction with our families, just that for some of us, less advanced, less sure of ourselves, this is a complex task.

geraldo-olderWhy am I reading this book? Because in a lecture by Geraldo Lemos Neto, he said that the book was reputed to have actually been psychographed, but the author felt that at the time, in 1965, no one would believe her. Although the concept of psychographing a book was accepted in Brazil during the sixties, in the United States, it would have been a new concept and Taylor’s book would. Most likely, not have been successful.

It may be my imagination, but the prose reminds me of Emmanuel’s writing. Or it could just be that now I deliberately look for Spiritist concepts in everything I read, hence I find similarities in different Spiritist influenced books.

Three Levels of Life in Every Individual – According to Emanuel Swedenborg

SwedenborgIn Emanuel Swedenborg’s book, Heaven and Hell, at marker 468 [2], he talks about three levels of life, he writes;

“Our rational ability is opened at the first level by means of civic truths, at the second by moral truths, and at the third level by spiritual truths.”

He goes on to say, that knowing the truths is not enough, you must live them. Not only live them, but spiritually love them.

Civic Truths – Love what is fair and equitable.

Moral Truths – Love what is honest and upright.

Spiritual Truths – Love what is good and true in regard to heaven and the church.

Swedenborg extols us to not love them because they make us feel better or superior to our fellowtruth humans, but because of our affection for the truths. Truths that become part of our conscience, embedded in us so we may retain these feelings in subsequent lives and build upon them.



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