If Anyone has Ears let them Hear – What does this mean?

You have read where we are not on earth for just one life, but many. Each life adding more to our conscience and instincts. While we are imprinted with the complete set of Divine Laws, as we mature our conscience grows in its ability to comprehend the laws in ever-increasing circumstances. Every new birth, we come armed with a better governor, analyzing and letting us know the advisability of each move we take. We become more aware of the danger signs ahead of us. We feel more deeply when we have done the wrong thing. We are more satisfied when we have committed a good deed.

The Natural Laws of God are implanted in us. They are part of every spirit. We have the right to ignore them, but they are always there and our conscience provides detailed interpretations for each code, each regulation in the pantheon of laws.

Therefore, we don’t need books like the one I have written, we have no requirement for dogmas or rituals. The Bible is superfluous and all of the literature written by saints and others telling us how to behave and think aren’t necessary. For we contain the complete code within us. We just don’t listen.

This is why the Bible and other teachings are important. Not to expose a new set of divine laws, but to convince our minds, our emotions, our passions to reflect for a moment and listen to our conscience.

Our path to ascend is tattooed inside us. A mark we can never erase. The map to happiness and bliss is clearly defined. Each road sign is unambiguous. We only have to heed the directions supplied us. How many times have you read in the Bible, where Jesus said, “If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.” This is precisely what was meant. If you would just listen to what you are saying to yourself, you will know!

listenTo improve, listen, have ears to hear. Instead of rushing to work, help that old lady across the street. Instead of saying something mean about your co-worker, help them succeed. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, bring someone else up from their troubles.

As you ascend spiritually, you shall also become more tranquil, more relaxed, and a fuller human being – you shall radiate a beacon of light and warmth to your family and others around you. There are steps laid out by the spirit world to accomplish a state of serenity; read my book How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism.


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