A New Spiritist Book – Explore Your Destiny – since your life’s path is (mostly) predetermined

exploreyourdestinyDo you wonder if you have an important call with destiny? That you have been selected for something? A cause of a higher purpose?

Well you have been chosen and the why, when, where and how is the subject of this book.
Your life isn’t one of just survival through the daily grind of life. The ups and downs of what you have been through are all for a purpose. Every key experience you have had, every calamity that befell you and each relationship that went well or bad are part of your overall story. Each major event in your life has been planned.

Have you felt this could be true? Was there even a hint of recognition that certain events occurred for a purpose? And that you were seemingly on a train headed for some unknown destination and you couldn’t get off?

This is because within your deepest thoughts, unconsciously, you recognize that you are part of a greater plan. A plan that has been drawn up with your improvement in mind.

There is an answer to your intuition and questions. The answer is wonderful and your part in the drama you are leading is fascinating. Once you realize the total environment in which you reside in, you will recognize that your life is not dreary, but a heart stopping adventure, a roller coaster ride that drives you forward into an unimaginable future.

Explore Your Destiny is divided into four sections. Each section supplies one more piece of the puzzle for you to place, so you can look at your life’s arc with new insights.

1. Why – Why are we here and why must we live what we are living through right now? It’s the age-old expression, that we all say at one time or another, “Why me?” Well there is a reason and it will be explained to you.
2. When – In what period along your souls timeline is all of this happening? Yes, there is a greater context of your soul, which you may not be aware of. Knowing your relative position in the path to perfection will guide you to understanding your current life.
3. How – How does all of this occur? How does the entire process affect your destiny and actions? What are the rules of the game? Knowing the structure and comprehending the basic laws that direct your life provides you with a point of view that will put everything into perspective.
4. Where – Where is this world that plans our destiny? Are there good places to be and are there bad? Where does the earth fit into the logical structure? You will see where the regions that you are striving to attain are and where you may be living in your not-to-distant future.

I hope that after reading this book you will have a new view of your life. A view that allows you to look at your circumstances from afar and identify the turning points in your personal destiny. I want you to be in that high level observation tower where you can dispassionately evaluate your life and calmly proceed through the good and bad times. Always keeping your eye on the ball of what your true goal really is – Your triumph in the Spirit and Physical worlds.
Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined


It took many years and many events to come to the conclusion my life is predetermined. For me it’s like the movie Final Destiny, even if you think you’ve managed to get off that path, you haven’t. The choice isn’t yours


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