Souls and the Spirit World – Interview with Dr. Michael Newton

DrMichaelNewtonDr. Michael Newton performs LBL (Life Between Lives) therapy for people who are interested in their past lives and their spirit life.

He is not a Spiritist, but his interview could have been taken out of the pages from Allan Kardec’s and Chico Xavier’s books. This is another independent point of view which demonstrates that Spiritism provides the context of people’s experiences with their past lives in hypnosis.

Link to Interview video

From Dr. Michael Newton’s website: Link here

“Home awaits us all; a home where only pure, unconditional love, compassion and harmony exist side by side. Recognize that you are currently in school, Earth school; and when you graduate, that loving harmony awaits you. Some of our classes are exhilarating, some are daunting and for most of us, there is a diverse mixture of both. But know that each experience you have during your current life is enabling your personal, soul growth. No matter what, when school’s out you will return home to the unconditional love that’s there waiting for us all.”

Doesn’t this sound familiar? See the article on your destiny. Spiritism can explain why you are taking your assigned classes and what you can and can’t do about it.

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