Seara Fraterna – Spiritual Center in Rio de Janeiro

searaFraternaWe were able to visit a Spiritual Center, while in Rio de Janeiro. They started in January, 1954 in a person’s house. They were able to rent a location in 1972, and ten years later they bought the building pictured below.

The place was full of the most wonderful people. They have a well-rounded organization. The spiritual center provides the following services;

1. Study of Spiritism – Organized study groups, plus a talk almost every night on a different subject.

2. Passes – After the talks and even at specific times during the day, people are able to have passes (where a Spiritist transfers energy to your body to assist your physical, mental and spiritual health)

3. Mediumship – Mediums meet to help incarnates (meaning we who are in the physical world) and discarnates (spirits).

4. Mental Hygiene – This is a service for those people who need help in their personal life. The center provides passes, mediumship, nutrition for the body and soul. They will map out a plan to enable a person to get back to harmony.

5. Juvenile Education – They have classes for children on Saturdays.

6. Assistance for the Needy – They collect food and distribute it to the less fortunate.

There are more services they perform, but the above are a good indication of the breadth of work accomplished in the name of Spiritism. Their website (in Portuguese) is

It was wonderful to see the number of people at the Center. It is difficult to describe the caring atmosphere, where all are welcome, where preconceptions are absent and your spiritual health is all that is important. Truly they are providing the vision for Spiritual Centers for the rest of the world.


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