Intuition is the Tape Recorder of your Consciousness

charity2In the book, Liberation, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and inspired by one of our favorite spirits, Andre Luiz, a judge is conversing with Andre’s team leader, while the judge is asleep and is in spirit form. Gubio, the team leader, is explaining to the judge that a person he convicted of a crime is innocent and the case should be reopened. The judge had already taken in the defendants daughter, trying to help her, knowing that he should do more to help the poor souls that he daily comes across in his chambers.

The judge asks Gubio, what should he do about the case. Gubio tells him:

“In the morning you will get out of bed without fully remembering our little conversation, because the corporeal brain is a delicate instrument that cannot bear the load of two spiritlives. Even so you will have new thoughts that are lovely and clear regarding the good you must do. Intuition is the miraculous tape recorder of the consciousness. It will function freely, retransmitting to you the suggestion of this time of peace and light like a bed of blessings, offering you fragrant and spontaneous flowers. When that happens, do not let reason get in the way of the urge to do good deeds. Within the wavering heart, ordinary reasoning fights against the sentiment of renewal, muddying its clean current with the fear of ingratitude or ruinous obedience to established prejudices.” [Liberation, 2013, pp. 175-176]

This passage pierced me right through the heart! How many times have I reasoned away alibertação-3d good deed? How many times have I rationalized why doing nothing is better beggar-womanfor my busy schedule? I am going to attempt to listen more to my inner voice, my conscience and my intuition, to learn to do the right thing, even if it means others around me look at my strangely or even in the face of certainty that those who receive my help react with ingratitude.

When you read books in the Andre Luiz series, the entire plot is intriguing, but sprinkled within his books, are sentiments that have the ability to cut through the fog of incarnate life and reveal truths that have been hidden from us for too long.

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