Past Life Entanglements – How the Spirit World Works to Sort Out Our Redemption

relationshipIn an earlier post, I wrote about a judge and how the high spirit in charge of the team that Andre Luiz was a member, worked to convince the judge to release an innocent person. The story is in the book, Liberation, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and inspired by , Andre Luiz.

To recall, what I wrote before, the judge converses with Andre’s team leader, while the judge is asleep and is in spirit form. Gubio, the team leader, is explaining to the judge that a person helibertação-3d convicted of a crime is innocent and the case should be reopened. The judge had already taken in the defendants daughter, trying to help her, knowing that he should do more to help the poor souls that he daily comes across in his chamber.

The judge agrees to help and Gubio then proceeds to let him know exactly why he should assist Jorge, the innocent man, and his daughter.

“During the last century, you owned a large amount of land and you prided yourself for your position as a master of dozens of slaves. Most of them have reincarnated and make up your group of legal assistants. You owe assistance and care, help and understanding to all of them. However, not all your former slaves fall into the same group with regards to your spirit. Some have stood out in your life drama and are back on your path to make a special impact on you. Jorge, for instance, was one of your slaves, although he was born under the same roof that marked your first cries at birth. He may have been your slave according to earthly codes, but he was your brother according to divine laws, in spite of having been born of a different mother. You never forgave him for such closeness, considered in your home as an insult to the family name, You both became fathers and your son of then and now sexually abused his daughter of then and now, and faced with such bitterness, with utmost scorn for a slave’s sad home, you took condemnable measures that culminated in unspeakable despair for the Jorge of back then, who, aimless and half-crazy, not only took the life of your son, who had invaded his home, but also his own life by committing suicide under dramatic circumstances. However, neither death nor suffering can erase the afflictions of responsibility, which only a renewed opportunity for reconciliation can remedy. Now here you are, once again in the presence of Jorge, whom you have hated needlessly, and the young woman, whom you have promised to look after as your daughter. Work, my volunteer1friend! Take advantage of the years left to you because Alencar (the judge’s son) and your ward will be attracted to the blessings of marriage. Work while you still can. All the good that you do will work on your own behalf, for there is no other pathway to God other than constructive understanding, active goodness and redemptive forgiveness. Jorge, humiliated and disillusioned, has erased his deplorable wrong by having to endure unspeakable moral suffering during a few years of undeserved condemnation and torturous  imprisonment, with widowhood, infirmities and privations of all sorts.” [Liberation, 2013, pp. 177-178]

One can only stand in awe of the analysis and planning to bring all of these souls together at Logisticsjust the right times and in the perfect manner to reconnect the various threads of lives. Then to tie in the prerequisite trials on earth for each individual, 7Tenets-Front-smalldemonstrates the wisdom and power of the spirit world.

Learn more on how to survive and thrive throughout all of your trials on earth and to recognize the assistance given to your by the spirit world by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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