Spiritist – Faith may be increased indefinitely

Nossa-lar-lectureIn the book, Liberation, by Chico Xavier, inspired by Andre Luiz, there is a Spiritist meeting, where all participants are working in harmony. Andre asks if anything could affect the superb functioning of the group.

Andre’s team leader, Sidonio, tells Andre;

“Yes, considered collectively, they are all together right now under this friendly roof and are seeking our spiritualizing company. But that is for only six out of the 168 hours of the week. While here with us, they are enveloped in gentle radiations of peace and joy, of good cheer and hope as they register our edifying vibrations, of which we’d love for them to be sure and permanent bearers, taking them into the daily realm of the human struggle. However, as soon as they are only a little ways from these doors, they accept or send out thousands of subtle thoughts that are much different from the ones we had suggested to them; thoughts that conflict with our work plan; thoughts, which, born from the minds of incarnates and discarnates, flog us mercilessly. Very few understand that faith is a blessing that can be increased indefinitely.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 201]

Hence, being a Spiritist isn’t a part-time job. Spiritism is a Doctrine, a way of life to follow. To be an effective Spiritist, one must continue to work on not just our outward appearance, but most importantly our thoughts. This isn’t easy and takes practice and constant reinforcement. Every little improvement is a small victory.

Why is this important? Andre’s team leader further explains;

“Furthermore, when this or that brother or sister displays an advanced ability to serve thelibertação-3d common good on behalf of the realm of light during sleep, they are usually visited immediately by bad spirits that are interested in extending the realm of darkness. They break down their convictions and newly born purposes with unwholesome insinuations if their minds are not supported appropriately by an intense desire to progress, redeem themselves and press forward.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 201]

We are on a planet of atonement so we may learn to swim in an ocean of temptation. By learning how7Tenets-Front-small to stay on course, no matter what other thoughts enter our minds, we are preparing ourselves for advancement.

Learn how by following the 7 Tenets of Spiritism, you can use the power of the spirit world to help you grow and improve yourself. Spirit mentors are always ready to assist you.

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