A Nation which drives out God, drives out its Soul



I found another passage in Taylor Caldwell’s, A Man of Iron, which reminded me of Emmanuel. In Emmanuel’s book, On the Way to the Light, he talks about how the spirit realm had first thought of Rome as being the beginning of a world government. He mentions the Roman rule of Law, the role of the family and their dedication to the Gods. Then he speaks of the quest for power and the venality of Rome as men desired more and more.

In the book there is a couple of paragraphs where Cicero’s father, Tullus, tells him;

“Man must have a frame of reference,” said Tullus, “Once Rome had a firm frame of reference compounded of God, country, and just law. So she became strong and mighty, upheld by faith, patriotism and justice.”

“The nation which drives out God drives out its soul, and without a soul a nation cannot survive, We have a Republic, but the Republic is declining. The evil heads of plotting men are already outlined against the sunset of our life, and their swords are visible. What is it that Aristotle said: “Republics decline into democracies, and democracies degenerate into despotisms.’ We have approached that day.” [ p.80]

Tullus, Cicero’s father, explains the progression of Rome from an honorable state into one whocicero1 seeks domination and is full of corrupt politicians who are out only for themselves. Roman rule of law became too constraining for men who sought power, therefore their constitution was slowly degraded to allow more leeway to bribe the populace and open the doors for personal gain.

A Sound familiar? An efficient government expanded to give favors, so the people would show gratitude to the politicians, who in turn would siphon off whatever gain they could get their hands on. The only difference between Rome then and the United States (and most of the world’s governments) now is that we must raise taxes to continue to exploit the people, while Rome could send its armies to enslave whole races to feed the coffers, or drain conquered territories of their assets.


“…compounded of God, country, and just law.” This ‘solution,’ though, is also the problem. It is universally true that war is profitable for the few at the expense of the many, and the best way to start a war is to wrap oneself in the flag, hold up a cross, and declare our cause just and those who oppose war unpatriotic. This happens time after time after time, and we’ve seen examples in very recent history. You’d think we’d know better by now. Yet people continue to use God and patriotism to the most evil ends, and the majority of citizens keep falling for it.

It isn’t taxes that are used to exploit the people, then, but the name of God and the love of country that are used to motivate the citizenry to act against their own best interest – and the interests of humanity.

The last thing the world needs is more theocracies (“a nation founded on God”) and more patriotism. These are the things that are killing people all over the world. What we need is love and compassion for humanity, founded in a personal relationship with God and a spiritual will to do good and not do harm. And in those things, patriotism and nationalistic religion play no part.


    Very well put, nationalistic religions can be harmful. This is why Spiritism does not call itself a religion, but a Doctrine. Where hopefully, someday we are more interested in serving others than ourselves. When people realize the entire arc of reincarnation and why they are here on earth, society may begin to change.

    A point I keep making is that whatever you think you will gain by dubious methods won’t be worth the price in the after life, and the opposite is true, whatever you sacrifice to assist others will be repaid a hundredfold in your spiritual growth.


      We agree on that. and this is also where I disagree with Tullus. Patriotism is a poison. It is the belief system that says I and people who happen to have been born in the same geographic region are better than everyone else. Because of where we happen to live, by birth or choice, our needs and wants are more important than everyone else’s needs and wants. And if someone else gets between us and what we want, we will kill them, because our country of origin makes us superior to all others.

      I don’t think God is rooting for one country over another. I don’t even think he cares about countries. I think He cares about individual souls – and countries don’t have those, only people do. My aim in life has been and is to be the expression of universal love and compassion for all sentient beings, in body or out. And I hope that is a worthy goal, but it is a goal only individuals can pursue. Nations have other aims and interests.


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