What it means to be a Good Husband and Father

ApillarofIronIn Taylor Caldwell’s, A Pillar of Iron, which was psychographed, there is a passage where Cicero’s mother tells a young Cicero what it means to be a true man. She tells him;

“My son, when I advise you concerning your future it will be well if you listen. A true man is known by his control of his appetites, does not lose his temper easily, honors money because it represents labor and confers honor on the possessor, rejects all things which reflect badly on his country, his gods and his family. He has endless patience and calm, and always brings matters to a satisfactory conclusions, good for himself and his family. He is a good husbandman, careful in all things, long-suffering and indifferent to pain. He is never disillusioned because he never suffered illusions and false fantasies and improbable dreams. He does his duty. Above all, my son, he does his duty, prudently and after long thought.” [A Pillar of Iron, Taylor Caldwell, p. 84-85]

What a wonderful passage. I wish I could approximate this description.

I like the part where you honor money for the labor it represents. How much better would it be if we all did that. Respect what people spend or we spend because we worked hard for it, not because some person made a killing on a stock because management squeezed every dime out of its employees and drove the share price up.

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