The Unspoken Voice from the Divine Plane

Nossa-lar-lectureEmmanuel, in the forward to the book, Between Heaven and Earth, tells us of an unspoken voice that tells all of us:

“The Law is alive and Justice never fails! Let go of evil forever and sow the good each and every day! … Help those around you, thereby helping yourself! Time does not stop and if now you find your ‘yesterday’, do not forget that your

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

‘today’ will be the light or the darkness of your ‘tomorrow’!” [Francisco C. Xavier, 2011, p. 9]

Emmanuel wrote these words before I was born, I am somewhat cross that he didn’t make me remember this as I was preparing to be reincarnated, I could have saved over 50 years of ‘yesterdays’ doing the wrong thing!

Just kidding, I only have myself to blame. I just hope that I can make up for the majority of my previous self-centered existence.

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