What happens when a person wishes for something bad to happen to another?

invocationIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, by the spirit Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, there is a question about prayer. A spirit student asks the spirit Clarencio an interesting question about prayer, “Could a person bent on committing a crime also be using a type of prayer?”

Clarencio answers;

“Let’s refrain from using the word ‘prayer’ when dealing with imbalance. Let’s use ‘invocation’ instead. Whenever anyone nourishes the desire to commit a wrong, he or she is invoking powers of a low order and is mobilizing resources for which he or she will be held mind-reading2accountable. By means of the unfortunate impulses of our soul, we often lower ourselves to the frenetic vibrations of anger or immorality, and in such a state it is easy to fall into the foul well of crime, in whose den we are instantly connected to certain minds stagnated in ignorance, which become instruments for our low idealizations or for which we become deplorable playthings in the darkness. All our aspirations set energies in motion for either good or evil, and for that very reason we are responsible for their direction. We must carefully analyze the choice we make in dealing with any problem or situation on the pathway set out before us because our thought will sail before us to attract and shape our intended purpose. In every area of existence, life gives us what we really ask for, and we become debtors according to what we have received.” [2011, p. 13]

A theme we always return to; We must learn to control our thoughts. Even trivial occurrences when a person becomes an obstacle in our way, don’t most of us immediately send out bad vibrations toward that person. I know I am guilty of that. There is little difference between that and actively wishing for a wrong to be committed.

Clarencio warns us to be careful of what we want, because we may get it!

He goes on to be more specific on the consequences;

“We can be certain, however, that evil is always a circle closed in on itself, temporarily  holding those who have created it. It’s like a cyst of short or long duration, which finally dissolves into the infinite good as Minds in tune with it start reforming themselves. The Lordlondon-riots-2 puts up with disharmony so that through it the moral readjustment of the spirits who sustain it may take place, since evil reacts on those who practice it, helping them to grasp the excellence and immortality of the good, which is the unshakeable foundation of the Law. We are all master of our own creation, but at the same time, their unfortunate slaves or happy wards. Let us ask and receive, but let us bear in mind that we must pay for everything we get. Responsibility is the divine principle that no one can escape.” [2011, p.14]

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

“Evil reacts on those who practice it”; how true! We have seen time and time again the plight of various acquaintances who attempt to get away with some deed only to end up once more on the short side of life. The rewards of wrong-doing are transitory, the rewards of goodness build on the path to immortal contentment.

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