Advice to Discarnates on How to Improve Themselves

jesus-sermon-on-the-mountIn the book, LIberation, psychographed by Chico Xavier, our spiritual friend and author Andre Luiz, is a witness to a high spirit telling discarnates who are trapped in the Lower Zones and what to learn how to ascend, even though they realize they still must pay for their past wrongs.

The high spirit tells them what they should do if they really wish to ascend;

“Do not try to satisfy all your desires. Instead, fraternally serve all who need to be upheld by a strong arm.

Help others instead of seeking help for yourself.

Understand others without expecting to be understood.

Forgive others without asking for your own forgiveness.

Support others without expecting to be supported.

Give without meaning to receive in turn.

Do not look for human respect, which can make you seem better than you really are; instead, in every time and place, seek the divine blessing of the approval of your own conscience.

Do not seek to stand out: above all, perfect your own sentiments more and more without flaunting your vacillating and doubtful virtues.

Act rightly and ignore the meaningless or poisonous comments of inveterate group.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 244]

These poor souls are essentially being told to begin acting and behaving like Spiritist should, for 7Tenets-small3Dsomeday they will work off their debts and be able to take their place in a celestial city.

To discover what the spirit world has in store for us and how they guide us in our lives, you should read my book about living with the influence of the spirits, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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