Why we can’t have a memory of our previous lives

familyproblemsIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, a woman, Antonina, asked why we can’t have a living memory of previous lives? Why couldn’t we meet the people we love from other incarnations?

Clarencio, the dispenser of much good advice tells Antonina:

Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

“In our present spiritual condition, we don’t know how to orient our desires toward what is best. Our love is still an insignificant fragment of light buried in the darkness of our egoism, like gold hidden in the earth in infinitesimal portions in a huge amount of ore. Just as the fibers of the brain are the last to be consolidated within the physical vehicle in which we incarnate, a complete memory of our past lifetimes is the last altar we set up in the temple of our soul, which on this planet is still in early phases of development. That is why our memories are fragmentary … Yet, from lifetime to lifetime, from ascent to ascent, our memory gradually changes into an imperishable vision on behalf of our immortal spirit.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p. 57]

There you have it, once again we find out that we here on earth are too immature to be able to be granted the full powers of a spirit. We can protest, but it would be like our kids whining to us, “But I am grown up!”, in a completely childish manner.

There is a way. Sorry to tell you, it involves hard work and the presence to maintain a good and loving attitude throughout all of your trials. A long road, but one with magnificent rewards.

ReincarnationBook-Small-3dTo learn more about how reincarnation works, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. It explains how you determined the trials and body you have now so you can come to earth to learn and ascend to a higher spiritual level.




You’re thousands years old… It’s a blessing to have no memory of all the bad things you ever did to your (now) loved ones.


“immature?” that sounds pejorative, derogatroy somehow..how about, “we have not evolved yet to the point where we can fully understand and appreciate the totality of our experience.”..sound different and more respectful?


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