Teaching People to be Lazy, Does Them a Great Disservice in This Life

St-LouisIn an excerpt from a communication from St. Louis, in 1858, we are told that people who are lazy and expect something for nothing, will have wasted a chance to improve themselves in their present life.  What does this say about our society today where we actively encourage people to live off the state? Who are we really helping? Of course many need a helping hand in times of distress, but to train people to live their entire lives on handouts is only hurting those who accept that situation.
“St. Louis was actually  Louis IX (25 April 1214 – 25 August 1270), commonly named as Saint Louis, was a Capetian King of France who reigned from 1226 until his death. Louis IX was  a reformer and developed French royal justice, in which the king is the supreme judge to whom anyone is able to appeal to seek the amendment of a judgment. He banned trials by ordeal, tried to prevent private wars that were plaguing the country and introduced the presumption of innocence in criminal procedure. To enforce the correct application of this new legal system, Louis IX created provosts and bailiffs.” [ Wikipedia, St. Louis]

The Spiritist Magazine
Journal of Psychological Studies
June 1858
Moral dissertation dictated by St. Louis to Ms. Ermance Dufaux
(May 5th, 1858)
A man left very early in the morning, going to the market place to hire workers. Well, there he saw two men of the people, sat down, their arms crossed. He then approached one and said: “What are you doing?” The
man responded: “I have no work.” The one who was looking for workers then said: “Take your tool and come to my field, by the side of the mountain, where the southern wind blows; you will cut the heathers and revolve
the soil until darkness come. The task is tough but you shall earn a good salary.” The man of the people took his hoe onto his shoulder, thankful for all that, with all his heart. Since hearing this, the other worker stood up and said, while approaching the owner: “Sir, let me go and also work in the field.” Having asked both men to follow him, he marched ahead leading the way. Later, arriving at the foothill, he split the work in two and left.
As soon as the owner left, the last worker to be hired set the bushes on fire in the part of the glebe he got by chance, revolving the soil with his hoe. The sweat poured from his face under the scorching sun.The other worker imitated him, moaning in the beginning, but soon stopping, sticking the hoe on the ground, sitting by his fellow’s side, watching him.
Well, comes the afternoon and the owner arrives to examine the work. Calling the hard worker he congratulated him saying: “You worked well. Here you have your compensation.” He then sent him off, giving him a silver coin. The other man approached, demanding for his payment, but then the owner said: “Bad worker, my bread will not feed your hunger as you left untouched the piece of land I entrusted you. It is not fair that the one who did nothing be compensated as the one who worked well.”
And then he left, not giving the man anything.
I tell you that neither the strength nor the intelligence of the spirit was given to man to spend his days in idleness, but to be useful to his neighbors. Well, the one whose hands are empty and the idle spirit shall be
punished, having to restart his job. Truly I tell you that when his time comes his life will be put aside as
something useless. Understand this as a comparison. Who among you, having a fruitless tree in the  orchard, will not tell the servant: “Take that tree down and throw it into the fire, for its branches are sterile?”
Well, as the tree will be cut down for its unfruitfulness, also the life of the lazy one will be thrown in the garbage for he has been sterile as for the good deeds.
St. Louis

The above was found at The Spiritist Magazine 1858, on page 136.

Read again the phrase; ” the life of the lazy one will be thrown in the garbage”, how sad to waste an entire lifetime and to have to repeat the lesson over again. We should all think how we should assist people in need without destroying their personal sense of worth and honor, so that they too may travel through a lifetime and have positive experiences to display on their return to the spirit world.

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