Incarnation can be accomplished by the will of a High Spirit – A Virgin Birth

VirginMary-JesusIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, by Francisco C. Xavier, inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz, there is a passage concerning the beginnings of reincarnation in the mother’s womb.

Andre’s team leader Clarencio talks about normal reincarnation, but then he say something very intriguing:

“When the mind has developed certain qualities, perfecting itself on higher rungs of spiritual sublimation, it can throw from itself the elements required for the composition of the vehicles of exteriorization it needs on planes that may be beneath it. In such cases, the spirit is in full control of the laws of agglutination of matter in the field of struggle familiar to us, and for that reason it controls the phenomenon of its own reincarnation without subordinating itself to it.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, p.187]

First the meaning of:  AGGLUTINATION. : a reaction in which particles (as red blood cells or bacteria) suspended in a liquid collect into clumps and which occurs especially as a serological response to a specific antibody. [link here]

A spirit is composed mainly of energy and the higher the spirit the greater percentage of energy. According to Einstein’s famous equation E=mc^2, mass can be changed into energy and energy into mass.

Therefore, I believe what Clarencio is telling us is that a high enough spirit could create, by its own energy, the required elements, compose them into the correct sequence and form a fertilized egg. An egg which could be inside a women’s womb. Hence according to what I read a virgin birth is possible.

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