Emmanuel – The Future Belongs to the Spirit!

In the RealmsIn the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by Andre Luiz, Emmanuel wrote the Introduction.

The book was published in 1955, this is what Emmanuel tells us:

“The future belongs to the spirit!

Meditating on the future of the earthly community, Andre Luiz has written these few pages regarding mediumship, understanding the growing importance of the spiritual interchange between individuals.

The farther the evolutionary ascent, the more assuredly humans perceive the non-existence of death as the cessation of life.

Now, more than ever, people see themselves as consciousnesses held amid forces and fluids that are temporarily combined for educational purposes.

They are slowly starting to grasp the fact that the grave is the door to renewal, just as the cradle is the access to the human experience, and they realize that their stay on the planet is a journey with a destiny aimed at the stages of Greater Progress.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p.9]

I believe this may have been true in Brazil in the 1950’s, but less so for the rest of the world. In the US I do see many people interested in Spiritualism. What that is precisely, many do not know. It is more of a rejection of an imposition of organized religion than a coherent doctrine, combined with an emphasis on inner improvement.

These emotions contains the kernel on which to build Spiritism. For while Spiritualism is a fine sentiment, it lacks the explanation for all facets of our lives. It lacks the knowledge of the foundation on why we are here and what we are to become, while retaining the quest for inner beauty and perfection.

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