A Peek at Spirit Culture

Beautiful-Angel-angels-24919961-1024-768In the books by Francisco C. Xavier and in the movie Nosso Lar, we usually read or see spirits clothed in simple light-colored tunics. Clothes seem to be utilitarian.

In the book, In the Realms of Mediumship, a Andre Luiz book, psychographed by Francisco Xavier, there is a discussion on thoughts and how they mold the form spirits adopt. When a spirit tells the group:

“Art, as well as science, is much richer in our sphere than in the circle of incarnates, andIn the Realms through art, education is processed more efficiently as far as beauty and culture are concerned. Thus, as we cannot conceive of a dignified  and noble earthly society composed solely of men and women in complete nudity – even with fine tattoos – it is necessary to remember that individuals in our community, despite having a vehicle prodigiously sculpted by mental powers, do not disparage fine clothing with which we express different emotions and distinct manners.” [In the Realms of Mediumship, 2011, p. 97]

I sometimes forget that the culture of the spirit realm must be extremely complex and advanced. When I read passages, such as the above, I visualize social gatherings where each wearable article has a meaning, and the attire of individuals changes throughout the span of the party.

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I wanna see an angel someday!


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