Death is Actually Awakening

LeonDenis_ApostoloIn Life and Destiny, a book by Leon Denis,he turns around the common usages of birth and death and explains the process for what it really is;

“Birth is death to the soul. It is imprisoned with it etheric body in the tomb of the flesh. What we call death is simply the return of the soul to liberty, enriched by the acquisitions it has been able to make during the course of its earth life.” [Life and Destiny, Leon Denis, Forgotten Books, p. 119]

For what are we? An immortal soul, our true being is our spirit. That is our essence, while our physical bodies are like a book cover, to be used as a tool for learning and then discarded after the semester is over.

Leon goes further and then describes our dual states in our physical bodies, that of sleep and awake;

“We have seen that the different states of sleep are just so many moments of return to life inout-of-body space. The more profound the sleep the more the soul is emancipated, and the higher its flight, the deepest sleep borders on the first state of the life invisible. In reality, the words sleep and death are inappropriate;  when we sleep on earth, we awake in the spiritual life. The same phenomenon is produced by death; it differs only in duration.” [Life and Destiny, Leon Denis, Forgotten Books, p. 119]

Hence, our life here is but a short interlude, a sonata of music which follows a precise score and has its themes and motifs, and always at some point ends. At times, we may not enjoy all of the notes, but we have no choice but to sit through the entire piece. We might as well try to enjoy and learn as the orchestra plays to the end.

ReincarnationBook-Small-3dTo more fully understand the concepts of reincarnation and the process whereby we plan out our trials on earth, I suggest you read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.




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