Different Levels of Planning Future Lives

Server-farmSpiritist recognize that we are put on earth to travel through a predetermine set of trials. We also have free will in how we chose and react to these trials. While at the same time, the spirit world is busy planning the forward motion of our planet.

They have set many souls on the earth to perform vital tasks, missions with a purpose to advance our society. The complexity of planning must be beyond our imagination. Try and visualize the number of factors that goes into just one life, not to mention the order of magnitude variables when you add in intersections with other lives. I really want to see their server farms!

There is a small hint of the stratification of complexity when it comes to different types of spirit reincarnating.

In the book, In the Greater World, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, the spirit Andre Luiz, encounters his grandfather in a low spiritual plane, in the Lower Zone. He seeks to help his grandfather and realizes that a new life is required to help repair the psychic damage that has been wrought by the grandfather’s past actions.

Andre is told that his grandfather will be reincarnated, and Andre asks if he can count of help from his spirit friends. He is told:

“Of course. Since it will be a reincarnation merely for reparatory activities and no involvement in communal interests, our personal cooperation can be more decisive and immediate. There are many benefactors in this area who provide for a large number of reincarnations in regenerative circles. Let’s see if we can examine our brother’s future situation.” [In the Greater World, 2009, p. 240]

Andre’s grandfather will be reborn into extreme poverty so he can experience hard work in order to “reeducate his aspirations”.

I believe there are two salient points. The first is the reference to “involvement in communal interests”. This implies that whenever anyone interconnects with a incarnated spirit who has been sent with a purpose, the ramifications of that person’s physical life must be analyzed at a higher or more detailed level.

Confidence-intervalSecond, is that for anyone who is planned to enter society at its fringes or at the unseen working class stage, the planning is less centralized. Probably, the number of factors and events are not as laid out in detail or possibly less precise in execution, since a greater amount of variability is perfectly acceptable. In other words, the confidence interval for successful execution is allowed to be lower.

If you wish to learn more about how, why, and where we reincarnate, I suggest you read the ReincarnationBook-Small-3dbook, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

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