Remembering Your Past Lives – Sometimes it’s not possible even when you are a Spirit

reincarnation6Remembering you past life when you transition to the spirit realm may not be possible until your mind is free of guilt.

In the book, Action and Reaction, by Francisco C. Xavier, dictated by Andre Luiz a young spirit asks why he can’t recall previous existences:

“Dear Instructor, listening to your learned and ardent words left me wondering about the enigmas of memory … Why this forgetfulness after our physical death? If I had other existences before this last one, whose mistakes I’m now trying to correct, why can’t I remember them? Before I left for the physical realm on the pilgrimage where I was given my present name, I must have left good friends behind in the spirit world, just as those, who, traveling from one continent to another, often leave behind loved ones who don’t forget them … Why this amnesia that keeps me from remembering the friends I surely must have had?”

“Well,” the Instructor remarked wisely, “spirits who rightly attend to their duties in their physical life do, in fact, peacefully recover their memory after leaving the dense body. They reenter communion with the noble and worthy ties that wait for them in the Higher Life so that they can continue their respective work of spiritual growth and sublimation. On the other, for those of us with troubled consciences, the death of the corporeal vehicle does not mean liberation. We may lose the physiological instrument but we remain chained to the invisible prison of our guilt; and guilt my friend is always a black cloud of darkness eclipsing our sight. Regarding our moral failures, our mnemonic faculties are sort of like photographic plates, which, if not well protected, will be ruined.” [Action and Reaction, 2010, pp.27-28]

Hence, our wrongs persist in so many ways, not only must we come back and pay our debts, goldenrulebut even our capabilities are diminished in the spirit world. The penalty for rationalizing away what your conscience tells you is not pleasant.

If there is only one main idea a person derives from Spiritism, it should be that no short-term benefit is worth violating what you know is wrong, BookCover-Reincarnationno matter how enticing the lure of luxury or the size of the treasure, they all are not comparable to the eventual price that must be paid.

Learn all about reincarnation and how your past lives will affect your present one in my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.

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