When People do things that make us angry

angerI was talking to a group of people about the difficulty of controlling our thoughts and the need to remain calm and understanding in all circumstances. The discussion was proceeding along the lines of ways to step outside yourself and analyze the situation first when one of the group said, “But there is this one person who deliberately does things to make me mad.”

Everyone instantly had the same look of recognition; we have all been there and darn it, if that individual would stop doing that, all would be right. It is, as if that person was performing an illegal act and deserved to be arrested, and, by the way, we all know force is needed when apprehending a criminal. So, reacting angrily is really the right thing to do. And besides if you don’t they won’t stop doing it.

Except it’s not. A voice inside my head said, “That’s your problem, not theirs. The spirit world is watching you, not them. This is a test and guess what; you just failed it.” But, that response would have been too harsh and would not serve to expose exactly why our reaction is more important than the deed which causes it.

When we are young we solve problems by just taking what we want or making a big noise in protest. The same goes for young spirits. Physical action or a verbal assault is the first remedy for any given situation. As we mature, we learn how to manage more situations in a civilized manner. The only problem is we haven’t learned how to handle all situations without evoking a strong negative emotional response. Myself included!

What we are actually seeing in those occasions where we react to the red flag is the part of the test where the professors expect most to fail. Questions are posed to separate the truly gifted from the adequate. Questions which have not been reviewed during the lecture, but if the student was diligently studying on her or his own, they could be mastered.

Therefore, welcome the chance for that annoying inquiry or comment that sends you to the darkest regions of your emotions. As soon as your blood rises, tell yourself, oh shit! This is a test and I can pass it! Challenge yourself to find ways to either brush it off and accept the behavior or work with the person to come to an understanding. Then push further and think of that person with love and 7Tenets-Front-smallkindness, knowing that we are all in a learning mode here on the campus called Earth.

Learn about the trials we must suffer through and how all of this is meant for our own good, by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. We are surrounded by guardian angels and spirits who wish us well on our journey. Read how we are sent signs to put us on the right path.

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This is excellent. Thank you!


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