Reincarnation – Companions from the Past

MissivesofHopeIn the book, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, published by the “Spiritist Alliance for Books”, in 2015, is a collection short articles on many subjects which are reprinted from their original publication in a Sao Paulo newspaper in the early 1970’s.

In one of the chapters, Emmanuel writes about the “Difficult Relative”, who we all know must be present in any larger family.

“Companions from the past return to us claiming service or conciliation, the reformation or assistance that we owe them.

The suffering and battered heart who shares with us the daily road on Earth is invariably that same spirit who made us debtor of great kindness and even greater dedication.

brothers-argumentThe rebellious child with whom you unexpectedly share your life is the brother you injured yesterday with the rashness that threw him in obduracy or to suggestions of revenge: the insubordinate daughter of the present is the young woman from the past in whose feelings you sowed despair and revolt; the present-day enigmatic father is the fellow whom you enslaved to your whims, and whose past life you commanded with violence and tyranny; and the overbearing mother is the former sister yo kept under the weight of oppression. The restless relative, bearer of great impatience, is always the same person who became unstable in remote times as a result of our mistakes, and who now demands recovery at the expense of our care and devotion in the arena of the physical existence.” [p. 14]

While this may not be true of every situation, Emmanuel tells us to treat all with love, care and devotion. Our major task on earth is to repair the harm we did others in past lives, therefore look upon each difficult family member as a challenge to surmount. Turn your disdain into compassion and bring them to your side.

Keep in mind, if you succeed, you may not have to suffer them ever again! Ok, that was some non-spiritist sarcasm, but I couldn’t resist. See, I still have far to go!

Learn all you can about your role and purpose in your life. Explore what reincarnation reallyReincarnationBook-Small-3d entails by reading my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. It will put your life and your troubles into perspective, enabling you to survive and even thrive during the troubling valleys of your life.

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