Never Give Up on Your Faith

Jesus-in-the-home-bookThere is an interesting chapter in the book, Jesus in the Home, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, dictated by the spirit Neio Lucio, which is titled “The Power of the Darkness”.

There was a conversation about temptation, when Jesus talked about a good and charitable person who was a blessing for everyone in the community. Next he described the consternation of the Spirits of Evil as they witnessed the goodness and devotion of the wonderful disciple of Christ.

Then Jesus told his audience:

“After laying out the most dangerous snares to no avail, they decided to send a representative to the Spirit of Darkness to find out what he might have to say about it.burning-at-the-stake

A fellow spirit of blackened conscience took the job and set off.

The Great Adversary attentively listened to the case and told the Lesser Spirit of Evil to make suggestions.

The subordinated said emphatically:

‘Couldn’t we strip him of all his worldly possessions?’

‘No, that wouldn’t work,’ said the perverse guide; ‘for a servant of this caliber, the loss of material resources means freedom. Thus, he would find a thousand and one ways to increase his contributions to humanity’. ” [Jesus in the Home, 2009, p. 147]

The dialog went on in this vein, with each suggestion to bring the servant of God problems being rejected.

Finally the Lesser Demon told the Great Adversary:

“‘Wouldn’t it be best just to murder him without mercy?’

‘What are you saying?’ the wicked Mind responded. ‘Death would be the sweetest of blessings for him; it would lead him to the light of Heaven.’

And seeing that the defeated disciple had become humble silent, the Greater Adversary gave him a meaningful look and advised him glibly:

‘Don’t be so stupid. Go and tell this man that he amounts to zero in Creation, that he is no more than an unknown, tiny grub worm … Give him to understand his own insignificance so that he will never amount to anything, and you’ll see.’

The messenger returned satisfied and put the method he had learned into practice.

It surrounded the brave servant with thoughts of worthlessness regarding his false insignificance, and it fired mental questions at him such as ‘How can you dare believe that your dust-destined deeds have any value? Don’t you feel like you’re a mere plaything of the lower passions of the flesh? Aren’t you ashamed of the animal nature you harbor within your very being? What can one grain of sand lost in the desert do? Can’t you see you’re an obscure speck of clay?’

The brave collaborator stopped all of his activities, and after listening at length to the dangerous insinuations, he forgot that the leafy olive tree grows from a fragile sprout, and disheartened, he lay down on the bed of despondency and humiliation to awaken only at the hour in which death unveiled the infinity of life to him.” [pp. 148-149]

The lesson is, never give up, we may not see the extent of our work and our faith, but it is there. To us our efforts are small and inconsequential, but the transformation of the world must begin with a single soul. Each small step is one more closer to our arrival to a planet of regeneration, where the entire human race can live without the greed, envy, and turmoil of today.

Explore-Small-front-coverEach of us has our destiny planned out, and within our trials there are steps to help others around us to improve. To fully understand what your life on earth entails and how your personal destiny intersects with the world at large, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.


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