How We Progress

moralrelativismOne of the worrying aspects of our culture today is the advance of moral relativism. Moral relativism is the view that moral judgments are true or false only relative to some particular standpoint (for instance, that of a culture or a historical period) and that no standpoint is uniquely privileged over all others.( Definition of Moral Relativism)

This philosophy lends people the crutch to rationalize bad behavior. There are a set of Divine Laws that are placed into our conscience and those are the rules we should follow. If one culture has a history of female circumcision, that doesn’t make it right to mutilated a person’s body against their will. Or take the example of China, in the past where they would bind women’s feet. Again, it violated the easily deciphered rule to not do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to you.

While I was disheartened about this phenomenon in our world today, I came across Question 780, in The Spirits Book:

Question 780 – Does moral progress always follow intellectual progress?

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

“It is a consequence of the latter, but does not always follow it immediately”

– How can intellectual progress lead to moral progress?
“By making man comprehend good and evil: he can then choose between. The development of free-will follows the development of the intelligence and increases the responsibility of human action.”

One can almost imagine this answer to be indicative of our times. While we are intellectually and technically progressing at a great rate, the collective morals of our society have seen no corresponding collective forward movement.

Within the arena of philosophy and morals, we are undergoing a decoupling or an unraveling of formally accepted morals. This is a necessary step, to remove provisions against homosexuality or same-sex marriage for instance, which is contrary to the loving Doctrine of Spiritism. This seemingly chaotic swirl of worldwide disagreement of what is fundamentally right or wrong will not last forever, but will coalesce as more advanced spirits come into the world and the lack of spirituality in a background of rampant materialism will be an unbearable state.

One can see the seeds germinating today. While there is an increasing amount of people not actively involved in organized religion, there is a growing legion of souls seeking spiritual fulfillment. They may not know exactly what they are looking for, but they are certain that key elements are missing in the ritual of dressing up and going to church every Sunday. Spiritism is Explore-Small-front-coverwaiting to be discovered. The answers are present and sooner or later each seeker will find them.

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“This is a necessary step, to remove provisions against homosexuality or same-sex marriage for instance, which is contrary to the loving Doctrine of Spiritism.”

I feel the moral obligation to write that homosexuality is an illness whenever I read it somewhere because of all homosexuals or people who are about to become homosexual or bisexual, who are reading articles like yours, which are quite good btw, and perhaps they can conclude that that is something really normal. Many persons like Chico Xavier who had moral authority didn’t condemn it. If we are about to purify ours spirits, we have to cure homosexuals and condemn homosexuality and bisexuality as well.


    I think as a Spiritist, one should love all. Have a certain sexual preference doesn’t harm anyone. That is their choice. If you read The Spirits Book, it says that a marriage is between two spirits, it doesn’t say between a male and a female. The Spirits Book also states that a spirit could come as a female or a male. Hence, I am not surprised there are many flavors of preference.

    One point to think about, is that as we ascend, we combine the male and female characteristics and don’t necessarily identify with one sex or the other.


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