You WIll Win – a message from Emmanuel



Emmanuel, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier’s spirit mentor wrote a list of what it takes to win in our short life here on earth. The list in on page 63 in the book, Spiritual Wisdom: Missive of Hope, published in English in 2015.




You Will Win

Do not be discouraged.

Persist a little longer.

Do not cultivate pessimism.

Focus on the good to be accomplished.

Forget the suggestions from destructive fear.

March forward, even across the shadow of your own mistakes.

Advance even if amidst tears.

Work continually.

Edify always.

Do not allow the frost of disenchantment to numb your heart.

Do not be susceptible to difficulties.

Convince yourself that victory is a daily achievement.

Do not give up patience.

Do not believe in accomplishments without efforts.

Apply silence to insults.

Oblivion to evils.

Forgiveness to offenses.

Recall that aggressors are infirm individuals.

Do not allow unbalanced companions to destroy your work or snuff your hope.

Do not belittle the duties your conscience demands of you.

If you have made a mistake somewhere along the way, readjust your perspectives and seek the right way.

Count neither successes nor failures.

Study with the intention of learning.

Do not turn yourself against anyone.

Do not dramatize trials or difficulties.

Maintain the habit of praying so there might be light in your inner life.

Safeguard yourself in God and persevere in the work He has entrusted upon you.

Love always, doing for others the very best within your possibilities.

Act with assistance.

Attend without attachment.

And in this manner you shall win.

If we posses unwavering faith all of the above is possible. I know this is extremely hard to 7Tenets-Front-smallaccomplish. I am not there yet, but as Emmanuel said, make readjustments as you go. Don’t dwell on past errors but look ahead to future accomplishments.

Remember you are not alone. The spirit world is always around us, watching and attempting to help us, even when we don’t realize it. Learn to identify the signals that are sent from beyond. My book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life, with help you decipher the hints and events that push and pull us forward to fulfill our destiny.


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