Results of an Experiment to Detect the Presence of Spirits

Gary_PhotoI first noticed Dr. Schwartz when I came across a YouTube video, where he gave a presentation to the 7th Annual Spiritist Society in Dallas, Texas. The lecture was on his research into the existence of spirits. Using equipment to detect photons, he invited spirits to go into dark chambers. He showed pre, during, and post measurements. The data clearly illustrated a dramatic rise of photons during the time spirits were inside the dark chamber.[i]

He arranged with a medium to set up a fixed hour for the spirit to enter the chamber. He showed the absence of any photons until the time appointed, then photons were detected. To disprove his colleagues’ suggestions that his positive thinking or the thoughts of his assistants influenced the test, he arranged to have the medium determine the hour of the visitation. He demonstrated that even in this manner the instrument would detect the presence of photons at the time determined by the medium, who did not know the location of the chamber.

Here is a graph of his results: Photo-test-resutls1.emf

What is shows is that only when a spirit is requested to enter the chamber at a specific time, does the instrument detect a large amount of photons as opposed to when the spirit has agreed to not enter the chamber.

The experiment was accomplished by asking two spirits to enter the chamber as separate times, and this is the result:


Again, one can see, when the spirits Sophia and Harry were requested to enter the chamber the instrument detected a greater number of photons than when the chamber was purportedly empty.

Below is a link to the pdf for the experiment. Please read it for yourself.


Does this prove the existence of spirits, no, but it does raise questions of how could a photon detector measure different levels of photons in a chamber that is kept dark, while allowing for leakage into the chamber, the level still rises considerably when spirits are requested to enter at specific times and periods.

This is one more step in revealing the possibility that we are indeed in a world filled with phenomena 7Tenets-Front-smallwe can’t explain. That we live in a world which intersects with spirits, spirits who are able to communicate with a portion of humans with mediumistic ability. Learn how to travel through life swimming in an atmosphere of spirits by reading my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life and discover for yourself the magnificent world we really live in. Find out that you are an immortal spirit and that you too have roamed the earth in spirit form, while between lives.

[[i]] Schwartz, Dr. Gary, 7th U.S. Spiritist Symposium – The Truth About Medium by Gary Schwartz, PhD, YouTube,, (accessed Aug. 2, 2015)


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