NDE Meeting in Seattle – Prophesy

On May 10, 2014, I went to a NDE meeting in Seattle and listened to a women talking about her NDE (Near Death Experience). It was fascinating, but the most interesting moment came when she reported her recollection of what the Spirits let her know of the future. Remember, this was a NDE meeting, not a Spiritist meeting, therefore she knew nothing about the Spiritist doctrine.

Doctrine-SpiritismShe said that at some time in the future, she has no idea when, there will be a Physicist, who will be born in either Slovenia or Slovakia, who would move to France at an early age. This man would have a very long name that would be difficult for English speakers to pronounce. Hence, he would be known by his initials and as the Slovenian or Slovakian born French Physicist. He will definitely prove the existence of God.

This is what has been foretold by Spiritism, that Philosophy, Religion, and Science would merge together and support each other in the future.

She also reported she was told there would be three (or five – I can’t remember – I need to take better notes) outbreaks of diseases that would affect the globe.

Update 10/12/2014 – Ebola is now beginning to be a world problem.

KindleCoverThe Seattle NDE meeting website is at: http://www.seattleiands.org/

If you wish to read about more prophecies and revelations from the spirit realm, read my book, 51 Disclosures From Spiritism – The 3rd Revelation.


One Comment

If you are interested in science that does not attempt to prove, or disprove philosophy, or religion, but sticks to explaining the physical universe with classic, laboratory tested physics, take a look at Electric Universe theory at http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/

EU theory does align the universe we see to the past, and the legends and monuments our ancestors left behind. An example is the finding that many ancient petroglyphs depict images that can be created in the laboratory with high energy plasma. Strong evidence our ancestors witnessed aurora 11,000 years ago in a sky we would not recognize today, probably caused by solar flares that nearly wiped them out.

It is a science that fuels our need for philosophy and religion, rather than the sterile, clockwork universe that conventional scientists insists upon. It also presents a concept of all matter in “resonance,” which may help understand things like NDE’s.

I write about it on my website and have links to several other “good,” but “unconventional” science websites, including some using the theory to make accurate predictions of earthquakes and weather – stuff that really matters.



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