Scientist find evidence of Life on Earth more than 4.1 billion years ago

regenerativeWorldIn an article on the website Chron, by Seth Borenstein, the link to the article is here. By examining rocks, it is believed that life may have commenced 300 million years earlier than previously thought.

“Researchers examined tiny grains of the mineral zircon from western Australia’s Jack Hills and chemically dated them to when Earth was barely 400 million years old. Inside one of the 160 some grains they found what they call a “chemo-fossil” or a certain mix of carbon isotopes, according to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Think of it as “the gooey remains of biotic life or anything more complicated,” said study co-author Mark Harrison, a UCLA geochemistry professor.

There are different types of carbon with different weights. This carbon residue had a higher percentage of the lighter type of carbon, which is what scientists usually find in remnants of life, the same as if your finger decayed, Harrison said. There are rare cases where this particular carbon signature wouldn’t be from life, but they are exceedingly unusual and only in certain situations.” []

Finding the “gooey remains of biotic life” was predicted in the book, On the Way to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel, and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier. The book was published in 1939 and revealed to us how the spirit realm formed the earth and guided humankind to the present day. Emmanuel tells us:

“We have previously stated that a layer of gelatinous matter had enveloped the earth in its innermost contours. This amorphous, viscous matter was the sacred storehouse of the seeds of life. Protoplasm was the embryo of all of the earth’s living bodies, and as that unshaped matter covered the solidified crust of the planet, the condensation of the mass soon gave rise to the appearance of the nucleus, thereby initiating the first manifestations of living beings.

Earth’s first inhabitants on the material plane were the albuminous cells, the amoebas and all of the isolated and free unicellular organisms, which multiplied prodigiously in the tepid temperature of the oceans.” [On the Way to the Light, Chico Xavier, 2011 – in English, p. 26]

Spiritism lets us know that evolution did indeed occur on our planet. Life was not created in 6 days and  animals weren’t created directly by God in an instant. The evolution of plants and animals was a gradual process. What our scientist don’t yet realize is that the process has been guided by the spirit world. In certain times, like the seeding of the planet and in manipulation of DNA, certain species Explore-Small-front-coverwere promoted and others allowed to decay. All according to plans created, and modified over time, by our spirit guides.

If you wish to learn more about how we are all immortal souls, who are on earth to learn and to, one day, become pure spirits, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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