Do Not Fear – We must keep moving forward

obstacle-courses-imageLife is not easy. At some time or another we would all like to give up and escape our situation. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t think of the easy way out. It is important to remember that when we wish to give up, or deaden our pain through alcohol or drugs, we do so frequently because we are afraid of what is coming next.

We may be fearful of some great calamity, such as running out of money or facing a failed relationship or the worst fear of all, nothing. The great nothing, the dreading of continuing on like we have done before, nothing new on the horizon, no places to explore, no friends to enjoy it with. All reasonable worries.

In the book, Spiritual Wisdom : Missives of Hope, we are told by the spirit Andre Luiz, that everything, and that includes numbing boredom with our life, is a trial. Each episode includes a lesson and that we must soldier on.

“’Do not be afraid; just have faith,’ says the Lord.

Believe in harmony, justice, truth, and goodness.

We are free and under the protection of watchful laws.

God does not excuse Himself.

Therefore, whatever happens to us is always the best that we are capable of receiving.

In many instances, the unexpected infirmity of the body is an anticipated assistance to the needs of the soul; the deserting affection is an amputation in the emotional world so we may survive through the most useful works we may be performing; the thwarted wish is providence against invisible danger; the organic inhibition is an obstacle to the use of our energies in non-constructive tasks; financial losses are short notices so we may not fall into irredeemable debts; and material penury is a challenge so we may be encouraged to work.

Do not be despondent in the trials that life has brought you.

Earth is a schooling opportunity in whose lessons all of us are both students and examiners ofcaring-for-the-land each other.

It is possible that you are feeling overwhelmed by the siege of many problems today; yet, if you tend to the instructions of love, which trace the right path between humility and service, you will find in the exact course of action that leads to the solution of everything.

However, for such an accomplishment you must not stay in the corner of inertia, collecting stones and thorns that may weigh your heart down or wound your soul.

Forget all that has been sadness or imbalance, and embrace the system of edifying action that renews our destinies.

All individuals who have fought and won, all who have fallen in the shadows and risen again towards the light, suffering, struggling, building, and renewing, have never stopped working.”[i]

Hence, we can’t give up. If we drop out, it solves nothing. It only means that in the next life we shall have to re-experience that what we so detested. Better to soldier on, better to work on our attitude than to work on escaping; for there is no escape, no running away. We are physically unable to flee from the spirit world, for that is our true home and universe.

7Tenets-Front-smallIn other words, keep plugging away, survive day-to-day, and think of the light at the end, the wonderful feeling when all of this has been successfully accomplished.

If you wish to learn more about how the spirit world has our plans laid out for us and work to support and guide us in our life, please read my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.


[[i]]  Xavier, Francisco C., Pires, J. Herculano, Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, SAB, p. 44

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