Life Goes On…

reincarnation2By Geraldo Goulart

Born, die, revive, such is the law.” — Allan Kardec

On the TV screen a young lady responds to reporter, “- That was a brutality. He was a young man with a great future, he shouldn’t have died…” and this phrase brings us to a reflection: Does anyone deserve death? Or was did she mean to say that young people should not die – as they say young people – because they have the whole future ahead?

Whatever it is, we know that many young people disembody in different situations: by disease, by violence, addictions and other ways. And the study of the “Spiritist Doctrine” explains the meaning of death and why it occurs in certain situations, such as violence. Believing that the death of anyone was unfair or early is a clear manifestation of ignorance of Divine Laws and also of spiritual life, being therefore almost an assertion of spirituality abstinence.

At that same line of reasoning developed by that woman newscaster, newborns would not deserve to die; we should not have stillbirths in hospitals. Also pregnant women should not die…

A popular saying affirms that “death has a thousand excuses …” which means that people seek toTomasz Alen Kopera justify death as if it were a supreme need to quiet their hearts and their relatives affected by the “fatality” of the death of a family member or a very close friend.

It is possible that the real motivation of seeking justification is total fear that death inspires. And this fear comes from ignorance and also the fear that an afterlife may actually exist; hell, purgatory and paradise. And the fear of suffering, ignoring which will be our final station, will transform the figure of death in terrific and malefic tormentor.

One of the biggest benefits that the Spiritist Doctrine gives us is the possibility of obtaining this knowledge, the truth that sets us free, but it does not force us to follow the Spiritist Doctrine. It only presents what is there, allowing our free choice in the matter.

Their teachings enable us to develop an understanding by examining the facts and certify, by our own eyes, its full truth through numerous examples that we see parading throughout our existence.

Someone once said that “dying is like taking a leap in the dark” and maybe it is, but it must be said that the sense of “leap in the dark” only lasts for the period in which we remain distanced from knowledge. To the extent that we go down our reasoning by following the facts and their consequences, we no longer fear death. Little by little, as we accumulate knowledge we grow comfortable with returning home to the spirit realm.

Dying, is in fact, is to revive, to live again, to return to a full life, because we are spirits that live as prisoners of a physical body. Sent to earth to learn during our stay on the planet, like the dragonfly cloistered in his little cocoon. By escaping the cocoon after a time of maturation, during which the body of the old caterpillar suffered its metamorphose, making it light, beautiful and colorful, the butterfly takes flight to a new stage with a new nature. It is the same with us. In each material life, with our Spirit trapped in new body-cocoon, we evolved. Moreover, every passage has its necessary duration.

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What terrifies people is the loss of their physical vehicle in which they express themselves, and what is more valued than our own essence: our spirit! Our reality is that, as stated above, we are spirits that are passing through a transitional period on Earth. Being afraid of death expresses the idea that we are just one body that has a spirit and that spirit would be so fragile, temporal and corruptible as is the physical body. And it is not so.

We err when we say that someone “died so young and still had so much to do“. It is true that death does not mean eternal rest. This understanding asserts, then, that what we did not here will be done at another time, in another place.

Over there, on the other side of material life, in the Spiritual World, friends that preceded us to real life, inform that they go on with their work activities, their leisure and studies, attesting that life goes on.



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