Only Reincarnation Solves the Problem of Evil

reincarnation7Leon Denis, in his book, Life and Destiny, supplies the central tenet for the purpose of reincarnation;

“It explains the inequalities of human conditions, tastes, faculties, and characters. It dissipates the mysteries and contradictions of life. It solves the problems of evil.” [Leon Denis, Life and Destiny, p. 208]

Knowing the earth is a planet of atonement, where spirits reincarnate to understand and correct their errors, clearly illustrates why there is such inhumanity among us. Spirits who have lived their previous lives on a primitive planet can’t be expected to behave in a civilized manner, they must suffer through many trials here to comprehend the need for honor, love and charity.

Leon describes the reincarnation process, “Through it, order succeeds disorder, light comes from the bosom of chaos – injustice disappears, apparent iniquities of fate vanish, to give way to the majestic law of repercussion, of acts and consequences.” [p. 208]

We are put on the assembly line, so to speak, or more descriptive, a series of filters, where each successive filter, removes one more impurity. We advance one more step toward purity. Leon tells us the results;

“The doctrine of reincarnation brings men more closely together than any other belief in teaching them their common origin and end, and showing them the solidarity which unites them in the past, present, and future, It tells them there are no favorites, but each being is the son of his own works, the master of his own destiny.” [p. 208]

Hence, the criminal you see lurking on the street corner, waiting for their next victim, will one day be more like you. As you were similar to them in your past life. The reprobate that you scorn, may one day be a great missionary of faith. The wheels of reincarnation churn on and on, always crushing that bad instinct, the urge to take what you want, all dishonorable thoughts that now pollute our minds.

celestrial-cityEventually, each one of us will rise out of this muck, this bastion of evil, into a far better world, a regenerative world, where good outweighs evil and we are allowed to improve ourselves in a safer, more secure environment. Where we will learn more lessons; lessons that will open our eyes to worlds that we can’t imagine today.ReincarnationBook-Small-3d

f you wish to more fully understand the process of reincarnation and how you helped plan your current life, read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection. It will reveal to you the plans by the spirit world to enable all of us and the earth to ascend.


Can you please help me get through my fear of pain, suffering, and hell. If I work from this point to focus on living a proper life, for one, is atonement possible in this lifetime, in reincarnation at all that can appease aspects of karma, and how do I face any torture of hell upon death if it is the only way to cleanse my karma.


    The spirit world doesn’t punish us, they educate us. But sometimes the lesson includes bouts of suffering, because that is the only way we truly change our character for the good. If in this life, you are consistently reforming yourself to act in accordance with your conscience, then you are on the right track. Please remember, that for many of us, we plan the trials in our life in conjunction with our spirit mentors. We are the ones who choose the trials we live through. The fact that you recognize you wish to live a proper life, full of caring, love, and charity shows you are on the correct path – have no fear, the spirit world will wish to encourage you. If you have constant fears coming into your mind, these are the results of immature spirits wishing you ill, please pay no attention to these and focus positive thoughts. I suggest you read my book How to Live, so you can get an idea of how to approach your life with the aim of ascending –


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