Spirits Can Detect Our Innermost Thoughts and Feelings

errant-spiritsWe live among spirits, they are undetected by the vast majority of living beings. Spirits are constantly around us. Spirits can be from many levels, some are high spirits and are here for our benefit and some are low. The lower spirits, those that reside in the Lower Zone, or in the Abyss, are there to be, at best to be amused, and at worst to incite us to ignore our conscience and choose the wrong path.

The Spirits Book, codified by Allan Kardec, from surveying multiple mediums throughout Europe to find similar answers to important questions, reveals to us exactly what spirits know about our inner thoughts. In Chapter 9, the first section, titled “Penetration of Our Thoughts By Spirits”, we are told of their capabilities:

456. Do spirits see everything that we do?

“They can do so if they choose, since they are incessantly around you. But, practically, each spirit sees only those things to which he directs his attention; for he pays no heed to those which do not interest him.”

457. Can spirits see our most secret thoughts?

“They often see what you would fain hide from yourselves; neither acts nor thoughts can be hidden from them.”

— It would appear, then, to be more easy to hide a thing from a person while living than to hide it from that same person after his death?

“Certainly; and when you fancy yourselves to be hidden from every eye, you have often a crowd of spirits around you, and watching you.”

458. What is thought of us by the spirits who are about us, and observing us?

“That depends on the quality of the spirits themselves. Frivolous spirits enjoy the little annoyances they cause you, and laugh at your fits of impatience. Graver spirits pity your imperfections, and endeavor to aid you to cure yourselves of them.”

In essence, by reading our thoughts, our emotions, analyzing our ratiocination process, spirits may know us better that we do ourselves. Spirits are us, or to turn it around, we are spirits who happen to temporarily inhabit a physical body. A body which greatly inhibits our senses, intellect, and movement. The spacesuit we don when we come into this world purposely restrains our capabilities so we may acquire the emotional and moral lessons we are on earth to obtain.

One may question if being fitted for an inferior suit and immersed in an environment where one is constantly bombarded by mostly poor or downright abhorrent advice is the correct path to acquire lessons of any sort. Upon reflection of our goal, to love, be honest, charitable, fraternal to all in any circumstance, while at the same time remaining focused, direct, and effective in completing any given assignment, then we must conclude that we are in the prefect training ground.

Many, and I include myself in this group, do not particularly enjoy our time on earth. We wish for a better, less stressful life. We want a life where everyone works together without the violence, politics, and stepping over others to acquire more material goods. We wish for a panacea, we wish to live in a regenerative world, the next step up from the world of atonement that we live in now.

Well, the answer is; if you don’t like where you are now, then finish your training.

KindleCoverIf you wish to learn more about Spiritism, learn about what has been told to us by reading 51 Disclosures from Spiritism, The 3rd Revelation.


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