To Suffer Well or Badly – According to the Spirit Lacordaire (Harve, 1863)

In Allan Kardec’s book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, there is an interesting section, Chapter V, Blessed are the afflicted, Section 18, To Suffer Well or Badly. He writes;

lacordaire_gr“When Christ said, ‘Blessed are the afflicted, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.’ he was not referring to those who suffer in general, since everyone on the earth suffers, whether upon the throne or upon straw, But alas! Few suffer well. Few understand that only trials that are borne well can lead them to the Kingdom of God. Discouragement is a fault. God refuses you consolation because you lack courage. Prayer is a support for the soul, but it is not enough. It must be based on a living faith in God’s goodness. You have often been told that God does not put heavy burdens on weak shoulders. The burden is proportional to the strength, just as the reward will be proportional to the resignation and courage. The reward will be greater than the affliction is painful. However, one must merit the regard, and that is why life is full of tribulation.” [Allan Kardec, The Gospel According to Spiritism, p. 109]

I wish I knew this when I was much younger, I wouldn’t have wasted my time whining and complaining to anyone who would listen about all of my “supposed” troubles. After all, why be discouraged, it is negative thinking and does nothing to solve whatever hole you have been placed in. Beside, when you are seeking assistance, who wishes to help anyone who is pessimistic. We have enough dark clouds in our life without inviting other people’s bad feelings. But, to help a person who is happy, even just yourself, is another matter. We enjoy partaking in solving problems when we feel positive vibrations and expect victory at the end.

Lacordaire is correct, to suffer well is a good habit to have, not only for us, but for everyone around us.

According to Wikipedia, Lacordaire is Jean-Baptiste Henri-Dominique Lacordaire (12 May 1802 – 21 November 1861), often styled Henri-Dominique Lacordaire,  he was a French ecclesiastic, preacher, journalist and political activist. He re-established the Dominican Order in post-Revolutionary France. Link to Wikipedia on Lacordaire.

I will leave you with one of Lacordaire quotes; “It is not genius, nor glory, nor love that reflects the The Problem is the Solutiongreatness of the human soul; it is kindness.”

If you would like to learn more about how we should survive and even thrive during our rough spots, read my book, The Problem is the Solution. You will find out that what we must live through is actually meant to improve us.

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