St. Augustine Understood the Power of God’s Will

Saint_AugustineIn St. Augustine’s City of God, he talks about God’s power. In past article’s I have written that the universe was created by God’s will and that creation is ongoing carried on by the will of high spirits. St. Augustine understood this, he writes:

“It is His occult power which pervades all things, and is present in all without being contaminated, which gives being to all that is, and modifies and limits its existence; so that without him it would not be thus, or thus, nor would have any being at all.” [Chapter 25]

He correctly places the first moments to the sole domain of God, but then he states:

“Wherefore I know not what kind of aid the angels, themselves created first, afforded to the Creator in making other things. I cannot ascribe to them what perhaps they cannot do, neither ought I deny then such faculty as they have. But, by their leave, I attribute the creating and originating work which gave being to all natures to God, to whom they themselves thankfully ascribe their existence.” [Chapter 25]

St. Augustine goes on to compare angels to the tenderers of a garden. The soils, air, water, and seeds are all present due to God’s work, but the flowers grow due to the work of the gardeners. Hence, St. Augustine comprehended the eternal work of high spirits. We are their garden and it is us who are nurtured under their watchful eyes.

Therefore, St. Augustine realized that our environment is managed by spirit beings close to God. He calls them angels; Spiritism also calls them pure spirits. Spirits who have traveled through similar gauntlet of trials that we labor under to emerge blemish free.

In another insight, he hints that we start as a spirit and we are deposited into a fetus, when he states:

“We ought not to even call a woman the creator of her own offspring; for He rather is its creator who said to His servant, ‘Before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee.’ And although the various mental emotions of a pregnant woman do produce in the fruit of her womb similar qualities, … – yet the mother as little creates her offspring as she created herself.” [Chapter 25]

All of this was written in Chapter 25, title “That God Alone is the Creator of Every Kind of Creature, Whatever Its Nature or Form”. Without being exposed to the Spiritist Doctrine, St. Augustine took that short passage that Paul wrote and correctly interpolated it to mean the only thing it could mean, that Paul was a being before his birth. And if Paul was an intelligent being before his birth, then we all must have been.

The only leap that St. Augustine didn’t make was the progression of normal Explore-Small-front-coverhuman beings who repeatedly reincarnate to, one day, attain the rank of an angel.

The spirit world is complex in its immensity, yet simple in its dedication to our welfare. Learn where we fit and how we are expected to perform in my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Pre-determined



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