Why We Need to Study Spiritism

collegecampusMany of us, me included, always look for the shortcut. What used to be called, before the advent of the internet, the Reader’s Digest version. We want a quick summary of the facts without bothering to dive into the details. At first glance Spiritism fits nicely into category. After all, the Doctrine can be summed up by the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Live that creed and extend your love and affection for all creatures and you would make great strides in your current life.

There are two main arguments against this approach:

1. Not reading the Allan Kardec books and the available literature by Chico Xavier and others in English, supplies us with only a surface understanding of the importance of living moment by moment how we should comport ourselves. Hence, when we encounter difficult situations we rationalize away the right path and embark on the easy road. Studying fortifies our mind to deter us from making the wrong short-term decision. We tend to forget what has been presented to us in Spiritist literature, that we shall reap a hundredfold what we will suffer through when we do the right thing.

2. Being aware of living in the Spiritist universe under the command of the Spirituality heightens7Tenets-small3D one sense of the warning signs and the subtle interventions that take place, more often than you think. I pursue this topic in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. Suffice it to say, once you come to the full realization of your status, your entire outlook changes. The highs, while nice, are tempered by the knowledge of the superior levels awaiting you and the lows become more manageable with the understanding that whatever you are experiencing is one more assigned task or debt which may be checked off the list.

To those who deeply comprehend why we are here and the part we must play, there is a serenity of being which is a great comfort. The quest for a larger purpose in life is a hole than most of us feel. Spiritism fills that void and displays the target of self and worldwide improvement ahead of us.

jesus-sermon-on-the-mountWhile reading and pouring over books isn’t as exciting as communicating with the loved ones who have passed on or others residing in the spirit realm, until we reach the state of mind to correctly locate ourselves in relation to the general universe our ability to adequately understand what is presented to us from the other side is hindered and may be prone to miscommunication. Spirits tend to communicate with those on the same level, hence to raise the content of the messages, you must first climb the steep hill of knowledge.


Hi Brian:

I have a Spiritist Study Group in Louisville, KY. I wonder whether you have a hard copy of the 7 Tenets of Spiritism so I could take a look and recommend it to my group. I come from a Spiritist Family and I’m trying to divulge Spiritism in KY. Your book seems to link a practical application of Spiritism on our daily lives. Maybe it will help the group to take the Sp Message more easily. Thanks:

Sheila van Leyen Louisville Spiritist study Group

Temperance and Benevolence



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