Decline of Aggressive Empires – An Explanation in one paragraph

thdeclineofEmpireI love history and am always fascinated by the rise and decline of Empires. There are many theories as to why there is a recurring quick expansion and then eventual decline. From over stretched supply lines, hubris, economic over regulation, disease, to awakening other countries to create a counter to the growth of a potential enemy, have all been postulated as factors contributing to an empire’s disintegration.

Andre Luiz, in the book Nosso Lar, psychographed by Chico Xavier, is present during the outbreak of World War II, when Germany invade Poland in 1939. Andre wrote about his realization of how the spirit realm influences the political arena.

“I then began to understand that the higher zones of life turn in righteous defense against the wiles of ignorance and darkness that gather to spread anarchy and its resultant destruction. My fellow workers informed me that in events of this nature, aggressor countries naturally turn themselves into powerful nucleuses of centralization for the forces of evil. Without being aware of the immense dangers to which they are exposing themselves, such peoples – except for the noble and wise spirits in their midst – become intoxicated by their contact with the perverse elements that they have summoned from the dark realms. Once-productive groups of individuals become automatons of crime. Infernal legions descend upon the great centers of collective progress, transforming them into areas of perversity and horror. But while the forces of darkness take hold of the aggressors’ mind, spirit groups with noble intentions help the victims.” [Nosso Lar, Francisco C. Xavier, p. 244]

Hence, as a country becomes an aggressive nation, subjugating other people and countries, the spirits who are locked in the lower regions flock to be present and encourage wrongs to be committed. Using the same logic that trapped them into the netherworld in the first place, they are at first victorious, without understanding the long-term faults of evil. As the natural laws of God proscribe, evil is not sustainable, it is a temporary phenomena which melts over time by the heat of love.

Fall of the Soviet Union, 1991As the spirit world assists the victims, good spirits increase their fervor and effort to combat a real and present illustration of evil. Even within the corrupted societies, people either fight back, or refuse to follow and become passive instruments, demonstrating no initiative to prolong a culture they find repulsive. A glaring example of this is the fall of the Soviet Union, where collectively the people brought the entire economic engine to a standstill by simply doing only what they were told.

There are still many facets to exactly how empires over the course of our history have expanded andExplore-Small-front-cover declined, but I thought Andre Luiz’s comment an interesting glimpse into the thinking of the spirit world.

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