The Happiness of Perfected Spirits

Dalai-lamaIn Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book, he formulates a question which reveals what the state of heaven truly consists of. Allan Kardec wishes to know what constitutes the happiness of high spirits? What is the state of happiness of exulted spirits like Jesus and his ministers?

Allan Kardec codified Spiritism in the 1850’s, a time where happiness to the common man is probably similar to what it is today. When people think about what would make them happy they usually desire wealth, material possessions, to be young again, or to be attractive. But when people are studied, the true causes of happiness are discovered: Family and relationships, meaningful work, and positive thinking. Also on the list are gratitude, forgiveness, and giving to others. These are the factors which drive the state of happiness when carefully researched.

Hence, what our culture prescribes for us to be happy is actually at cross purposes to our inner needs; our yearning to be close to those we love, work with passion, and believe in good. Read what the spirits told the mediums who were assigned the question by Allan Kardec:

967. In what does the happiness of perfected spirits consist?

“In knowing all things; in feeling neither hatred, jealousy, envy, ambition, nor any of the passions that make men unhappy. Their mutual affection is for them a source of supreme felicity. They have none of the wants, sufferings, or anxieties of material life; they are happy in the good they do, for the happiness of spirits is always proportioned to their elevation. The highest happiness, itbuddha is true, is enjoyed only by spirits who are perfectly purified; but the others are not unhappy. Between the bad ones and those who have reached perfection, there is an infinity of gradations of elevation and of happiness; for the enjoyments of each spirit are always proportioned to his moral state. Those who have already achieved a certain degree of advancement have a presentiment of the happiness of those who are further on than themselves; they aspire after that higher happiness, but it is for them an object of emulation, and not of jealousy. They know that it depends on themselves to attain to it, and they labor to that end, but with the calmness of a good conscience; and they are happy in not having to suffer what is endured by evil spirits.”

The question is answered in the first three sentences. Imagine a world filled with those you love and revere, where negative feelings didn’t intrude, no jealousy at work, everyone striving for the same outcome. A place where you selected the job you ardently desired and were allowed to be part of a team of like-minded people. Happiness is the same on earth as it is in Heaven, only on earth the obstacles to attain it are immense.

Therefore, the effort to improve your spiritual quotient is worth the price you pay for a clear conscience on earth. Whereas, you may never be rich or powerful while you inhabit a physical body, Spirit-101-Front-smallthe rewards for living a life of love, charity, and fraternity are far beyond any momentary pleasure you shall have on earth.

Learn more about Spiritism in my short introductory book Spiritism 101 – The 3rd Revelation. Discover that you are an immortal soul who shall, one day, rise to the perfected level. It is all up to you.

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