The Spirit World Tells Us that to Help Ourselves Spiritually Will Help Us Physically

OurDailyBreadIn the book by the spirit Emmanuel and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, we are told that working on our spiritual health will directly affect our physical health. Chapter 51 on page 115 is titled:

Help Yourself

“… preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and healing all infirmities.” (Matt. 9:35)

Heal your cataracts and your conjunctivitis, but correct your eye’s spiritual sight also.

Protect yourself against deafness, but correct your way of registering the voices and various requests directed to you.

Take medication for your arrhythmia and dyspnea, but do not hand your heart over to ruinous impulsivity.

Fight against neurasthenia and exhaustion, but focus on readjusting your emotions and tendencies.

Treat your gastric disorder, but tame your appetite at the dinner table.

Improve your blood’s condition, but do not overburden it with the residue of inferior pleasures.

Combat hepatitis, but free your liver from the excesses you surrender to.

Remove the dangers of uremia, but do not suffocate your kidneys with the poisons in shiny globlets.

Dislodge the rheumatism from your limbs, but also pay attention to what you do with your feet, arms, and hands.

Heal the brain dysfunctions that threaten you, but learn to keep your mind on the higher idealism and noble acts.

Consecrate yourself to your own personal healing, but do not forget to preach the Divine Kingdom to your physical organs. They are alive and can be educated. Without purifying your thoughts and without your will commanding the ship of your organism toward the good, the intervention of human remedies will be no more than a transitory measure for uselessness.

7Tenets-Front-smallOur thoughts affect our health. The more calm and loving to others, then we can also be more loving toward ourselves. Our body reacts to our inner harmony. The spirit world sends us signals and hidden messages to light the way to follow in our life. I explore how I am led by the spirit realm in my book 7 Tenets of Spiritism: How They Impact Your Daily Life. Find out how you too can take control of your life by following a superior power. A force that loves you and desires you to be successful.


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