The College of Colors – Research in the Spirit World

concert_in_heaven_by_sabin_boykinov-d3gl2i0What awaits us in the spirit world? Will we keep learning and improving ourselves? Read about one college which pursues research on the effects of colors.  Read More.


Very informative. Couldn’t understand this part of the sentence: “ but the two former chiefly, together with clothing”. Could you explain, please? Thanks Sheila





    The sentence your are wondering about is “They are for studying the effect of colors as applied to different departments of life, animal, vegetable and even mineral life, but the two former chiefly, together with clothing. For both the texture and the hue of our garments take their quality from the spiritual state and character of the wearer”

    This refers to animal and vegetable – it refers to the color of the fur or skin of the animal and the color of the plant – and how this affects energy through sunlight and other factors. Vale Owen’s mother used the term clothing to denote the outer color.

    I hope this helps. I am impressed you read the article so closely!!!

    Brian Foster


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