Someday there will be Psychic Surgery

psychicsurgeryIn the book, Between Heaven and Earth, a team of spirits is helping a confused spirit, who is tied to the household of his granddaughter. One member of the team applies magnetic passes to assist the old spirit to regain his memory. The object of the passes is to reestablish his memory connections so the team may determine what is keeping him in the house in a stupor like state. Read More.


A Tour Guide for Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s On A Journey
“Spirits and the Spirit Universe; Book 2 of Spiritism – The Spirit World Revealed To An Anglican Vicar” – by Brian Foster


After Experiencing (Gnostic @1with Imperiencing) my Near Death / Out of Body Experience. the intensity of my curiosity mandated I read in excess of 130 books on the subject of life’s infinite and eternal methods of purpose, cause, meanings, and that which matters.

This is the second and most recent book of author Brian Foster that I now have and am using as a Visa to make entry into some amazing states of universal being.

Brian is an amazing “Tour Guide,” coaching and inspiring one into some incredible celestial states of being at-one-with … living museums of miracles … mirroring the essence of the SPIRIT of our Eternal SOULS.
If you can sense a Hero’s Calling to go on a private, personal and amazing expedition, I can not recommend this tour-guide enough.

However, his words are not just to be read at a surface level, but rather, are to be used as conscious transporters into the territorial realities they are suggesting we visit.


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