The Earth Will Not Always be Your Home

LadderToSkyAs you progress up the spiritual ladder, learning to be more loving, selfless, and less materialistic, you may move out of the earth’s sphere as your training ground. Spiritism has revealed to us that there is a progression of worlds. The earth is a planet of atonement, where a relatively immature spirit is sent to rid themselves of their rougher edges, such as the baser emotions of envy, hate, and a thirst for revenge. Once one has reached a spiritual plateau, or, more precisely, graduated from requiring a planet of atonement to remove baser characteristics; a different instructional campus is mandated. Read More.


After my NDE and then: #1) Reading Brian Foster’s books “Explore Your Destiny” followed up with “Spirits and the Spirit Universe” and then #2) Being interviewed by Bryan on podcast radio and then #3) Merging Brian’s information into Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” (the process of Self-Discovery via Self-Development) I now am seeking ways to a) Think out of the box built of conscious belief systems b) Create new ways of thinking, feeling and being at-one-with that which harmonically co-resonates with … the Wisdom of Divinity … co-resonating that echoes and amplifies the … Divinity of Wisdom. Are there any support processes by which I can co-create a Spiritualist Group here in Boise Idaho?


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