Conjuring in the 1st Level of Heaven

conjuring-magic-melissa-kraussWhen you are released from your outer casing and free from its dense shield, you are once again a spirit. You are now thinking with your spirit brain, instead of a poor receptor of images, thoughts, and memories. You are now in a universe where mere thought translates into action.

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According to “Spiritualists” what is the difference between “a Spirit” vs. ” a Soul?”


    I am not sure, in reading Spiritist literature, I haven’t noticed a difference. That doesn’t there isn’t a difference, just that I haven’t research it. In my writings I use the two interchangeably.


      In all of my readings I have yet to read anyone commenting on it either. In my personal experience – as you and I have discussed, I sense the SOUL as the accumulative lessons that life and desire has accumulated, sort of like a Library … a Living Library that generates energetic frequencies that I sense are reflections of my Spirit. In other words for me – so far, I sense the SOUL is also like an acronym Spirit Of Universal Love … that is my eternal home that I am in the process of designing, building, remodeling and making loving, truthful, compassionate, etc. But that is just me. Any Ideas ? ? ?

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And as I emailed you a few days ago I am thinking that the SOUL has as a minimum the following self-developed attributes.A Proposed Book: “On Navigating The Geography of Your Mind”

Part I – Principle Attributes of One’s SOUL:

The Character Strength of one’s SOUL = [ 1 – Curiosity + 2 – Courage + 3 – Commitment + 4 – Competency + 5 – Compassion + 6 – Camaraderie ]
To me these are the attributes that can not be gained from a pen and paper book … but only from one’s experiential book of life. ? ? ?


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