The Nature of God – The Intelligence that created Universes and Mankind

regenerativeWorldGod, the Spirituality, the Divine Intelligence, or whatever name you wish to call that which is the be all and end all of everything has always stood outside of our comprehension. Many ask if God exists, then who created God? The answer comes back God is infinite, had no beginning and no end. God is the beginning and end state of everything. Who can really understand that concept? Read More.

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On the Wisdom of Being Humans

As humans, our Experience takes static snapshots called a Perspective that we then file in our Reality album and then tell others that their album is wrong, ignorant and stupid. Then we declare war over the albums.

And when all of the film has been shot and we all leave the dark room we notice our cameras were broken, the world is not black and white, and the birds actual move.

When’s the last time we checked our camera?

My personal problem with that word “God” is what man had done “to” that word.
Words are not real. Words are man-made static, abstract and assumptive maps allegedly representing the dynamic realities about the conscious (together + knowing) manifestations of energy, time and space states of duality.

Ask any theologian, minister, priest, rabbi its, to answer the following math question and take one guess what look he or she is going to give you.
God – Consciousness = ?

God – Energy = ?

Consciousness – Energy = ?

Energy – Consciousness = ?


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