Courage to Place Yourself Second to Serving – Verse 23 – YouTube

Courage to Place Yourself Second to Serving – (verse 23) – “How to Live” with Brian Foster of– from the book “How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism”

The spirit Andre Luiz states that to achieve harmony and inner peace within yourself, you must possess the fortitude to sacrifice your own desires in pursuit of helping others. The messages from high spirits, via Spiritist mediums, don’t demand life in a hair shirt while exclusively tending to the needs of unfortunate people, only that we examine the situation and at times, think about serving first and ourselves second.

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My book to teach you how to ascend in your current life, so you next life will be fashioned more to help you with experiences, instead of harsh lessons: How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism

One Comment

Hey. I’m a fan of this website.
I need to say some things.

What do you all think about Parag Jasani?

I’ve never heard of him until today.

He developed this DOS model that proves mind emerged from the brain and materialism is a fact.
(comments section)

Looks like materialists finally got what they wanted.
They should be happy now! We can forget about OBEs, NDEs, lucid dreams, and other mystical experiences. All of them really are mental illnesses and hallucinations. Forget about the afterlife and afterlife evidence books.
Because this one and only person developed this one and only model that proves materialism is true.
It’s only a matter of time before others let go of spiritual superstitions, quantum woo, and accept this “reality”.

I don’t think so.

The DOS model may have gotten hardcore materialists clinging to this one. Anything that keeps their fairy-tale materialism fantasy alive and lets them sleep at night.
But he sounds like he’s the new Daniel Dennett with the whole “consciousness explained“ thing.
His book is the ONLY book that solves ALL mysteries of consciousness and why we’re here.


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