The Affinity of Spirits

afterdeath2In Spiritist literature, one of the Divine Laws is the Law of Affinity. It is revealed in The Spirits Book. The book was codified by Allan Kardec in the 1850’s. Allan Kardec didn’t write the book, he posed questions to high spirits. He employed multiple mediums throughout Europe to ask the same question, without knowledge of each other, and he only used the answer if the medium reported a similar answer as other mediums obtained. Read More.

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Believe it or not, I actually dismissed my personal experiences years ago, before I began trusting them, because I’ve read ONE certain article. I became convinced that consciousness was brain-based because the title says “debunked by science”. And I said to myself “You can’t argue with science. I guess there really is no paranormal phenomena. It’s all illusions, and the result of misfiring neurons, brain damage/trauma, illnesses, wishful thinking, sick brains, and by messing with certain brain regions in a lab.”
Boy was I naive/gullible back then.
This is the article I’ve read:

Many materialists/atheists have been using these arguments. And they still are. Especially the part for NDEs and OBEs.


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