Joke told to a Medium by a Spirit

Understanding Spiritual and Mental HealthThe book Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health, by Divaldo Pereira Franco, documents a lecture given by Divaldo Franco in the US. At the end of his lecture he told a story of a conversation he had with a spirit;

“And then the Spirit told me a joke. Spirits tell jokes! He said that several spirits were having a conversation and one of them told the story of a soul who went to God and asked: ‘Lord, I have no idea of what eternity means. For example, a billion years, how much time is that in the clock of eternity? ‘

God answered: ‘A billion years, one second.’

The soul then asked, ‘And Lord, one billion dollars, how much is that worth to you?’

God answered: ‘A billion dollars, one cent.’

Then the soul asked God, ‘Lord, could you spare me one cent?’

And God answered: ‘Wait, I’ll give it to you in just a second!'”

[page 106]

OK, this is the only joke I have found mentioned in the Spirit world, so far. No matter what you think Spirit-101-Front-smallof the joke, at least it shows there is a sense of humor in the Spirit world.

If you would like to understand Spiritism more, please read my book, Spiritism 101 – The Third Revelation. You will learn that you are an immortal souls, who travels through many lifetimes on earth to learn to become a pure spirit.

One Comment

It was a cute joke, thanks to God he has always last and clinically perfect word, which at times can lead up to smile with kind of Wow.


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