The Pandemic will Begin to Dissipate by the end of May – from the spirit Luiz

Psychographed message March 16, 2020. This message was sent via a message board for Spiritist. Where it was psychograph and by whom was not documented. I received this copy on March 21st.  I decided to not publish this message right away because of the lack of documentation about the message and the fact that the spirit Luiz said the virus would dissipate with two months, which would make it the middle to the end of May. Therefore, I determined to wait until the end of May to publish this message, to gauge if the virus is actually well on its way to dissipate. But, a Spiritist from the United States commented on one of my earlier videos about the Pandemic, that his Spiritist group received a similar message. Therefore, I decided to release this communication as soon as possible. Please, understand, that I am still cautious about this message – so we shall see how true it is in a couple of months.

“Psychography 03/16/2020

In health and in sickness, we are always welcomed by the Master and by all light workers.

May peace be made in your home.

The behavior to be followed is that of not exposing yourself unnecessarily.

Within two months, everything that is impure and contaminating in the air will disappear, until it is completely gone.

Some lives will be curtailed. A few will make the journey, because Brazil, South America is not the focus of cleansing spirits committed to morals and compassion.

Old Europe and the Asian continent are saying goodbye to a cycle of darkness and entering a renewing energy that will reach the four corners of the planet.

Keep calm. Everything is already planned by the sidereal teams, which work to raise awareness of humanity and renew the fauna, flora, physics, chemistry, science, energies that until now dominated the Earth.

Pray for yourself, for everyone, for the convalescent Planet.

Think of lilac, silver, pink, green, blue lights illuminating everything that exists.

May the Father in his infinite goodness, forgive and protect us always.


A hug from the brother,


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