Message from the Medium Nena Galves Concerning the Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Below is a message from the “Centro Espirita Uniao” (Spiritist Union Center) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is from the medium Nena Galves concerning the current pandemic.

Link to message in Portuguese:

Message from Nena Galves about the Cononavirus pandemic (Covid-19)

“Jesus, our divine teacher, did not need large temples to pray, he did it together with his apostles and founded his gospel in the light of the stars.

We are living a moment for reflection. Nothing is by chance on this planet called Earth. We have an obligation to watch over him. Lately we were distracted from this responsibility, giving much more priority to power and pleasure, without dwelling on our most needy neighbor.

Faith will comfort us together through prayer.

Spiritual friends felt the imminent danger of a great world war. New and powerful weapons created by man could destroy the Earth and the human being.

Epidemics have always come to teach men how to evolve spiritually.

In this new epidemic, the money that would be spent for a great war is being used to support human beings, instead of killing them. It is in the Spirits’ book, Moral laws.

Let us make our home a family temple, praying and watching every day.

Reason and Faith is what the Spiritist Doctrine teaches us. Faith without reason is ignorance. Reason is an attribute that we should always have, especially in difficult times.

Science will provide ways to pass this necessary proof.

We understand that the message of the spiritual plane is to value more human beings and less power and money.

Faith will comfort us through prayer and the assurance that Jesus is at the helm.

May Jesus bless us, today and forever. ”


Nena Galves

Union Spiritist Center

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