What is the Hierarchy of Spirits? – Highest Rank – First Order of Spirits

immortal4All of the answers are in Allan Kardec’s The Spirits Book, but for those who like to pursue a subject at a time, I am reprinting the pertinent information here. Here is the broad summary:

“We may place in the first or highest rank those who have reached the degree of relative perfection which constitutes what may be called ‘pure spirits.’ We may place in the second rank those who have reached the middle of the ascensional ladder, those who have achieved the degree of purification in which aspiration after perfection has become the ruling desire. We may place in the third or lowest rank all those imperfect spirits who are still on the lower rungs of the ladder. They are characterized by ignorance, the love of evil, and all the low passions that retard their progress upwards.” Read More.

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For me what is even more IMPORTANT than who takes over the White House (which is important) or what takes over the Senate (which also is important) is the FACT that this nation is Collectively So Unconsciously Emotionally Spell Bound in the Popularity Cults … then the blatantly Defiant Ignorance of what Wisdom’s Statesmanship NEEDS to Look Like.

Our Religions, our Universities and High Schools and Grade Schools and yes … our Culture has horribly failed us as a Nation that has Lost the Meaning of its SOUL.

((( Spirit Of Universal Love)))

Idaho’s CPA

“The cement of this union is the heart-blood of every American.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Lawrence Carson ~ Meridian, ID ~ LawrenceCarson@Centurylink.net


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